Arizona Streaker Jacen Lankow Regrets Not Doing Jared Allen Sack Dance

Jacen Lankow has became infamous after pulling one of the most impressive stunts by a streaker that we’ve ever seen. The University of Arizona senior interrupted the UCLA-Arizona football game Thursday night when he ran onto the field dressed as a referee. A fight between the teams ensued, and Lankow was taken in by campus police. Now, thanks to KVOA-TV in Tucson, we know Lankow’s motivation.

Lankow told the TV station he came up with the idea while getting his oil changed over the summer. He says he wanted to do something really big before he graduated and this was it.

“It’s my last semester,” Lankow explained. “I’ve had a clear record so far. I just wanted to do something for fun. Good clean fun — nobody got hurt.

When asked about the possibility of punishment from the school, Lankow admitted he was worried.

“If I got expelled, my mom would be pissed!”

Contrary to what you would believe, Lankow insists he wasn’t drunk. In fact, he says he didn’t have anything to drink.

But his biggest regret from the infamous night?

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