Jaguars created ‘standing encouraged’ sections at EverBank Field

everbank-fieldThe Jacksonville Jaguars made a conscious effort to improve the fan experience at their home stadium, EverBank Field. More than $60 million was spent on improvements that include two new scoreboards and poolside cabanas.

While the franchise has taken steps to increase the level of enjoyment Jaguars fans have while attending home games, it has also requested a curtailment of one form of expressing excitement.

As SB Nation’s Big Cat Country shared, the Jaguars sent a letter to fans kindly reminding them to be courteous and refrain from an excessive amount of standing and cheering.

“The Jaguars have received multiple reports of individuals standing excessively without respect to other fans in the area. To be courteous to fans around you when you are standing and cheering for the team, we ask that you please stand with the flow of the game, making sure not to block aisles or prevent the flow of traffic.”

The letter also reinforces the standing policy in the Fan Code of Conduct and notes two “standing encouraged” sections have been created for those who prefer to be up out of their seats more frequently.

An increasing sentiment among NFL fans is that they enjoy watching games in the comfort of their own home, for various reasons. Harsh winter weather keeps fans away in some parts of the country. Raucous fans fresh off a few hours of tailgating with alcohol ruins the game for some.

In Jacksonville, fans are growing tired of staring at the backs of those in the rows in front of them. It’s obviously gotten bad enough the team felt the need to send a letter about it.

Jacksonville Jaguars selling poolside cabanas for $12,500 at EverBank Field

everbank-fieldThe Jacksonville Jaguars have finished 22nd, 24th, 20th, and 31st in the NFL in total home attendance the past four seasons. The team’s performance on the field has, of course, contributed to that with the Jaguars having a 19-45 record over that span.

With that all in the past, the franchise has it’s sights set on substantial renovations for EverBank Field that will reportedly cost around $63 million and make the venue one of the league’s best.

Among the upgrades will be 50-person poolside cabanas that will run $12,500, according to Don Muret of Sports Business Journal.

In the event the Jaguars aren’t among the better teams in the NFL in the near future, there’s the minor consolation for fans that EverBank Field will have plenty of amenities to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

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Jaguars unlikely to draft quarterback in first round?

Chad Henne JaguarsThe 2014 NFL Draft looks like it will be quarterback-heavy early on because so many teams picking at the top need QBs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean every team that could use a new QB will be taking one in the first round.

The Jacksonville Jaguars on Friday re-signed Chad Henne to a two-year deal. That move might be enough to keep them from drafting a quarterback in the first round where they pick fourth overall.

Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union reports that a source told him the Henne deal means the Jags likely will not take a quarterback until the second round, or perhaps the third or fourth.

Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles and even Derek Carr have been mentioned as quarterbacks who could go in the top 10. In addition to the Jags, the Texans, Browns, Raiders, Vikings and probably even the Bucs could all use new quarterbacks, and all of them are picking in the top 10. But even if they need QBs, does that mean they’ll reach for one if they don’t feel the quarterbacks are good enough? The Jags might not be, which tells me they don’t think any of these guys are a better long-term plan than Henne. That’s kind of sad.

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Denver Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars exchange barbs on Twitter

Peyton-Manning-BroncosThe Denver Broncos are starting to remind people of the 2007 New England Patriots. After hanging 51 points on the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, Peyton Manning and company are now averaging an incredible 46 points per game. The Patriots were “only” averaging 36 points per game after five games in ’07.

Things get much easier for the Broncos in Week 6. Their next opponent, the Jacksonville Jaguars, is still seeking its first win of the season. On Monday morning, the Broncos’ official Twitter account took a moment to remind followers of how different things have gone for the two teams this season.

The person in charge of the Jags’ Twitter account did not appreciate the stat:

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Dozens of Jacksonville Jaguars fans show up to Tim Tebow rally


Jacksonville Jaguars fans are willing to try anything to turn their misfortunes around. The team was 2-14 last season and looks like it could somehow be even worse in 2013. Positions of need include quarterback, among many others. And many Jags fans are wondering why that quarterback can’t be free agent Tim Tebow.

Despite a number of reports over the past year that the Jaguars have been close to signing Tebow or were aggressively trying to acquire him in a trade, the team has denied ever having interest. On Monday afternoon, dozens of fans showed up in an attempt to force the front office’s hand. Here’s another photo of the angry mob:

Did I say dozens? I meant a few. Well, maybe more than a few. A bushel? Can we use the word “bushel” to describe people? It seems appropriate in this situation.

I think it’s safe to say that letter from Chuck Norris is the best chance Jags fans have of seeing Tebow as their signal-caller.

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Orlando TV station apologizes for having to show Jacksonville Jaguars game


Maurice-Jones-Drew-JaguarsThe Oakland Raiders defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars by a score of 19-9 on Sunday. Unless you gambled on the game, there is probably very little that could have made you care about the outcome. WKMG Channel 6 in Orlando is clearly aware of this.

As the Orlando Sentinel pointed out, the NFL considers Orlando to be a secondary television market for the Jaguars. Therefore, the league requires WKMG to air all of Jacksonville’s road games during the season. On Sunday, that meant the CBS affiliate’s viewers had to watch Terrelle Pryor and Chad Henne battle it out instead of enjoying a duel between the Manning brothers.

During the early game between the Indianapolis Colts and Miami Dolphins, WKMG decided to apologize in advance for the game they were going to be showing later that afternoon.

“In accordance with NFL policy, WKMG must carry all Jacksonville Jaguars away games,” a message across the bottom of the screen read. “We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Honesty is the best policy. Almost all NFL fans wanted to watch the New York Giants and Denver Broncos, but there was nothing WKMG could do about it. Just as there is nothing they will be able to do about the other seven away games the Jags play this season. Football fans living in the Orlando area may want to consider switching to DirecTV.

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New Jaguars helmets look pretty sick in the sun (Picture)


The Jacksonville Jaguars released all new uniforms for the 2013 season on Wednesday. Naturally, there was plenty of mixed reaction to the new threads. People are afraid of change, so criticism is always a given when a team releases a new look. Having said that, I personally think the new helmets look awesome.

As one Reddit user pointed out, they look even better in the sun. For the most part, it has been college football teams that roll out sick new helmets like these on a year-to-year basis. If the Jags’ new helmets are a glimpse into the future of NFL uniforms, I think we’re heading in the right direction.