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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Articles tagged: Jacksonville Jaguars

Report: Jaguars won’t let Justin Blackmon leave for CFL

Justin Blackmon has been arguably one of the biggest wastes of talent in football over the past several years, and the Jacksonville Jaguars aren’t about to let him stop wasting it in the CFL. Earlier this month, the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts reportedly acquired the rights to Blackmon. In order for Blackmon to be able to…Read More

Jaguars created ‘standing encouraged’ sections at EverBank Field

The Jacksonville Jaguars made a conscious effort to improve the fan experience at their home stadium, EverBank Field. More than $60 million was spent on improvements that include two new scoreboards and poolside cabanas. While the franchise has taken steps to increase the level of enjoyment Jaguars fans have while attending home games, it has…Read More

Jaguars unlikely to draft quarterback in first round?

The 2014 NFL Draft looks like it will be quarterback-heavy early on because so many teams picking at the top need QBs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean every team that could use a new QB will be taking one in the first round. The Jacksonville Jaguars on Friday re-signed Chad Henne to a two-year deal….Read More

Denver Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars exchange barbs on Twitter

The Denver Broncos are starting to remind people of the 2007 New England Patriots. After hanging 51 points on the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, Peyton Manning and company are now averaging an incredible 46 points per game. The Patriots were “only” averaging 36 points per game after five games in ’07. Things get much easier…Read More

Dozens of Jacksonville Jaguars fans show up to Tim Tebow rally

Jacksonville Jaguars fans are willing to try anything to turn their misfortunes around. The team was 2-14 last season and looks like it could somehow be even worse in 2013. Positions of need include quarterback, among many others. And many Jags fans are wondering why that quarterback can’t be free agent Tim Tebow. Despite a…Read More

New Jaguars helmets look pretty sick in the sun (Picture)

The Jacksonville Jaguars released all new uniforms for the 2013 season on Wednesday. Naturally, there was plenty of mixed reaction to the new threads. People are afraid of change, so criticism is always a given when a team releases a new look. Having said that, I personally think the new helmets look awesome. As one…Read More

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