Surprise! Jaguars Lead the AFC South

How many of you actually realized that the Jacksonville Jaguars currently lead the AFC South? Many people had the Jags picked to finish last in the division, but shockingly enough, they’re actually tied for first 11 weeks into the season. I’m inclined to call the Jags the worst first-place team in the league, but the Chiefs and Seahawks might also have something to say about that argument.

Pundits and fans figured the Jags had to move past coach Jack Del Rio and quarterback David Garrard entering the year. They were thought to be a team on the decline and expected to record their third straight losing season. Despite winning six games, they haven’t drifted far from those predictions. The Jags have lost fantastically in their four defeats and they have the worst point differential amongst all first-place teams in the league (Seahawks included). The only team with a worse point differential in the AFC is the Buffalo Bills.

In losses to the Chargers, Eagles, Titans, and Chiefs, Jacksonville was outscored 138-39 and looked like a team that would be drafting in the Top 10. Yet the team managed to win Sunday despite committing six turnovers, and they knocked off the Texans on a miracle Hail Mary. I don’t think anyone will confuse the Jags for a standout team, but they further confirm how crazy the NFL can be. Through two-thirds of the season, the Jags are shockingly in first place. As David Garrard said, Thanks Peyton.

Mike Thomas, Jaguars Beat Texans With Unbelievable Hail Mary (Video)

This is why you always give the hail mary a try.  David Garrard, Mike Thomas, and the Jacksonville Jaguars put together the play of the year to beat the Houston Texans 31-24 on Sunday in Jacksonville.  We’re talking hail mary, tipped ball, knocked down, game over, not so fast.

As the clock hit 0:00 with the score tied at 24-24 and overtime looming, Garrard tossed up a 50-yard hail mary toward Mike Sims-Walker and Mike Thomas.  The ball was knocked down by the Texans’ defensive backs.  Actually, knocked down would imply it hit the ground.  That didn’t happen.  It probably should have, but Thomas caught the ball in once-in-a-lifetime fashion and the Jaguars won the game.  Words can’t really describe the play, so I recommend checking out the David Garrard to Mike Thomas hail mary video here.

Jacksonville Going All Out for Monday Night Football with ‘Teal Monday’

As much as we talk about fans getting screwed over — e.g. Red Sox fans seeing parking prices go up — it must be recognized when a team and city does something great for its citizens. The Jacksonville Jaguars are hosting the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football this week (I know, you can’t wait for it), and the city is going all out for the game. Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton has declared the day as “Teal Monday” in Jacksonville and is encouraging all citizens and companies to show their Jaguars pride by attending the game, wearing teal and closing businesses early.

They have several different promotions planned for the game. Fans wearing Jags t-shirts will get a free drink at the team’s official tailgate. Several downtown bars will offer happy hour prices all night. They’ll be selling Jags t-shirts for $5 and offering $1 beer specials at the pregame tailgate. Also, and I’ve never really heard of this before, they are inviting all the fans to sing the National Anthem (calling it the 12th man). The whole evening sounds like it will be a lot of fun and has me so amped up I want to fly out to Jacksonville for the game!

It’s no secret that the Jags are hurting when it comes to fan support. They were ranked dead last in terms of popularity as a team based on a recent Harris Poll, and they had trouble selling tickets last year. This is exactly what a team should do to try and energize a fan base. Just think, the swell of fervor is due in large part to the thrilling win over the Colts.

Josh Scobee the Hero for Enigmatic Jags

Through four weeks of the NFL season, there might not be a more enigmatic team than the Jacksonville Jaguars. They beat the Denver Broncos 24-17 in their opener, but then they proceeded to get hammered 38-13 at San Diego and 28-3 at home against the Eagles. Quarterback David Garrard has always been significantly better at home than on the road, but even that discrepancy can’t explain the pathetic showing against Philadelphia. Their 1-2 record and consecutive blowout losses had them a 7-point underdog at home against the mighty Colts, who were second in the LBS Power Rankings. Jacksonville managed to get things turned around and pulled off a 31-28 win in one of the biggest shockers of the weekend.

The Jags really made a move when they got the ball with seven and a half minutes left and the game tied 21-21. Starting at their 43, Jacksonville drove down to the 3-yard line but then were moved back because of a false start penalty. Despite the penalty, Garrard found Maurice Jones-Drew for an 8-yard touchdown on a critical 3rd down play that made the difference between a three or seven point lead.

Even with their lead, the Jags tried their best to blow it. Cornerback David Jones dropped what should have been a game-ending interception on a second down pass by Peyton Manning. The Colts converted on a 4th down to keep their drive going and ended up scoring a game-tying touchdown with 48 seconds left. The game appeared to be heading to overtime but Jacksonville moved the ball 36 yards to the Indy 41, setting up a 59 yard prayer to win the game. Somehow, kicker Josh Scobee barely eked the ball over the crossbar to give the Jags a 31-28 win.

The win proved that the Jags aren’t nearly as bad as they showed the previous two weeks, but they’re too inconsistent to be considered a playoff threat. The Colts showed they can put up points, but giving up 31 points proves their defense has some holes. As for Josh Scobee, his kick was the third longest game-winning field goal in history. That was one heck of a boot.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/John Raoux

Worst Rookie Hazing Haircuts: Jaguars or Broncos?

It would seem that horrible haircuts have emerged as the favorite form of rookie hazing across the NFL over the past couple of weeks.  The first team to grab our attention by butchering rookies was the New England Patriots, but we’ve since stopped feeling bad for the Pats newbies after seeing what the Jaguars veterans have done to their rookies.  Then there was Tim Tebow’s Friar Tuck look, which was original and hilarious in my opinion.

The Broncos weren’t only targeting Tebow, however.  Their other newcomers also got the clippers.  I’m going to say the Patriots rookies got off easy, so let’s take a look at the Jaguars and Broncos to determine who has gotten the worst rookie hazing haircuts so far during training camp.  Granted, the Broncos’ rookies don’t have to deal with haircuts that are in the shapes of male genitalia, but the veterans still managed to do a number on their scalps.  Here are some photos of the Broncos and Jaguars rookie haircuts, courtesy of Busted Coverage:



Who am I kidding? The Jaguars got it way worse.

Photos: Other Great Denver Broncos Rookie Haircuts Other Than The ‘Tebow Monk’ [Busted Coverage]

On Second Thought, Pats Rookies Should Count Their Blessings

Earlier this week, we told you about the Patriots veterans giving rookies bad haircuts as one of their preferred methods of rookie hazing during training camp.  After seeing that, we couldn’t understand what Dez Bryant was so upset about.  Bryant wasn’t asked to carry several sets of pads like Travis Ivey and Tim Tebow, and he got to keep all of his hair.  After seeing the images above, I’ve decided the last place I’d want to be in America over the past week is the Jacksonville Jaguars training camp.

The Jags veterans have taken to shaving shapes of male private parts in the heads of their rookies, among other ridiculous designs.  Here are some pictures of the Jaguars rookies’ shaved heads, courtesy of Busted Coverage via Uche Nwaneri’s Twitter:

NFL D*** Haircut Rookie Hazing Photos: Jacksonville Jaguars Vet Uche Nwaneri Can Handle The Shears! [Busted Coverage]
Photo Credit: Uche Nwaneri on Twitter

Tiger Woods Gets Made Fun of at Jacksonville Jaguars Game

Another gem was unloaded by Extra Mustard on Monday. It appears that there was a skit put on at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium Sunday when the Jags played the Texans. Yes, that’s a person in a tiger costume wearing a red shirt and black hat getting chased by a blond wielding a golf club. Sound familiar?

Man, that’s just cold. I guess you can say they were playing to the local audience with that one. It’s full-on Tiger joke time now making you think people are just compensating for all the years of kissing Woods’ butt.