JaMarcus Russell Life Coach John Lucas Gives Up on Him

When the topic of draft busts comes up twenty years from now, it would be hard to imagine the name JaMarcus Russell going unmentioned.  Russell was the top overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft.  He signed a six-year, $62 million deal with the Raiders that included $31 million in guaranteed money.  A 65.2 career passer rating later, he and Oakland have absolutely nothing to show for it.

Russell has been called a “binge eater” and had his jersey torched by Raiders fans.  When Hall of Fame wide receiver and fellow Raider Tim Brown tried to give him guidance early in his career, JaMarcus refused.  Between the purple drank scandal and no NFL team even wanting to speak to the former LSU Tiger, Russell’s career was as close to dead as it could get.  Now that his life coach, John Lucas, has given up on him, the end has likely come.

Sources told Yahoo! Sports on Tuesday that Lucas has parted ways with Russell and asked him to leave Houston.  Considering Lucas has helped plenty of athletes with drug addictions and other problems, he must really view Russell as a lost cause.  JaMarcus worked hard when he started meeting with Lucas but his motivation started to slip and began wearing on his life coach back in December, according to the sources.

The idea of a life coach is to help a person out of a tough time that they can’t get themself through.  When a life coach gives up on you, that is the ultimate signal that you’re all alone.  I don’t wish the worst for Russell by any means, but I think it’s safe to say his NFL career is completely over.

Man Flees Cops, Gets Arrested and Tells Them He’s JaMarcus Russell

JaMarcus Russell has a hard enough time staying out of trouble as is. It sure doesn’t help when you have other law breakers blaming crimes on him too, but that’s what happened late Wednesday night. According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, a 21-year-old man was pulled over in his Kia for not having current registration. We’ll let their report take it from here:

The trooper smelled marijuana inside the car at the time of the stop, and asked the driver and his passenger to produce identification … The driver provided a license, but the passenger did not have identification and told the trooper that his name was Jamarcus Russell and provided a date of birth.

After the trooper asked him to step out of the car, he fled on foot and was chased by two troopers while another trooper stayed with the driver.

“JaMarcus Russell” who was later identified as Calvin Golden, had an active warrant out for his arrest, so that’s why he fled the police. Just the fact that he was able to run away from the police should have been a dead giveaway it wasn’t JaMarcus Russell. That, and the fact that his bong toss earlier in the evening was intercepted.

Shoot, if something ever happens with me and the cops in the future, I’m going to have to keep this one in mind. Remember folks, LBS says: get in trouble, blame it on JaMarcus Russell. You can’t go wrong.

Might Jerry Jones Bring in JaMarcus Russell for the Cowboys?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has signed Terrell Owens, Tank Johnson, and Pacman Jones when they were castoffs in the NFL. He traded up to draft Dez Bryant whom people felt had character issues. Even after Ryan Leaf stunk it up for the San Diego Chargers, Jones gave the bust a last chance in Dallas, as Ben Maller pointed out. As recently as Monday night, Jerruh even described his gambling management style, saying he makes high-risk moves.

So with Tony Romo out and Jon Kitna and Stephen McGee on the roster as the team’s quarterbacks, might Jerry Jones bring in JaMarcus Russell for a look?

I think it makes all the sense in the world. JaMarcus was doing interviews last week, likely to keep his name in the news so teams didn’t forget about him in case of injuries. He was also trying to rebuild his image which was crippled by poor play, a bad work ethic, weight gain, and the positive codeine test.

Jerruh is all for the splashy move, and there are a number of reasons why it make sense for him to bring in JaMarcus. Out of the NFL and declared a bust, Russell may have the motivation to prove he still can play. The Cowboys have three Pro Bowl receiving options and a 4th in the making between Miles Austin, Jason Witten, Roy Williams, and Dez Bryant. That’s much better than Chaz Schilens, Johnnie Lee Higgins, and Ronald Curry. If Russell can’t make it work in his second chance and with those receivers it will never happen. Lastly, the Cowboys are 1-5 and going nowhere with Jon Kitna. Jerruh can get JaMarcus for nothing and see if the former number one overall pick can live up to his talent. If Jerry hasn’t already thought about it, I guarantee it will happen as soon as it’s presented to him.

Tim Brown Piles on JaMarcus Russell

Fresh off his arrest for carrying sizzurp, former Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell has become one of the biggest punching bags in all of football. He’s been called a “binge eater” by a former coach, and had his passion questioned by at least one former teammate. The biggest knock against Russell while he was with the Raiders was that he had no desire to work hard and get better. People have said that Russell wasn’t too interested in advice and it didn’t help that his organization wasn’t allowing people to help him either. Former Raiders star wide receiver Tim Brown was the latest to pile on. Here’s what he told the National Football Post:

“I tried to talk to him early on in his career, but there was no interest on his part,” Brown told the National Football Post earlier this week during an NFL Players Association forum on Capital Hill. “You can only do so much.”

Sounds about right. I mean why would Russell have any interest in learning from someone with nearly 15,000 career receiving yards and 100 career touchdown catches? There’s no way someone who’s been to nine Pro Bowls would know about what he’s talking, right? Hearing comments like this makes it even less surprising that Russell is out of the league. I’ll be surprised if he winds up back in.

Tim Brown said JaMarcus Russell didn’t want his advice [National Football Post]

Raiders Fan Burns Russell Jersey

I know, I’ve been taking a lot of shots at JaMarcus Russell lately.  It’s not his fault the Raiders were stupid enough to take him with their first overall pick when LBS knew they shouldn’t.  And yes, I spent a good chunk of my efforts yesterday breaking down why Russell doesn’t stand a chance of starting for an NFL team any time in the near future — or ever.  But I just came across a video that is pretty funny and I had to share it — especially in lieu of one of JaMarcus’ ex-coaches calling him a “binge eater”.  Out of all the reasons to complain about Russell, the guy in this video clearly takes the most issue with his weight, which I thought was hilarious.  Also, if I’m not mistaking, the number and letters on this jersey are stitched, meaning it was probably relatively expensive so this guy must absolutely despise the ex-Raider.

Jersey burning has been a go-to move for fans in the past when players leave, or they are generally unhappy with them.  Packers fans torched Favre’s jersey after he signed with the division rival Vikings, but that was for a much different reason.  Fans were unhappy that the greatest Packer in history left Green Bay to sign with arguably their most hated rival — not angry at him because he wasted their time like Russell’s jersey burners. Here’s the video of a Raiders fan burning JaMarcus Russell’s jersey, courtesy of You Been Blinded via Sports by Brooks.

SbB Live
Raiders Fans Burn JaMarcus Russell Jersey [You Been Blinded]

Will JaMarcus Russell Ever Start Again?

Al Davis has finally come to his senses.  Well, at least regarding former first-overall pick JaMarcus Russell, whom the Raiders finally released Thursday afternoon.  Russell’s release of course makes him a free agent and raises an obvious question — who wants him?  My guess is a quarterback with a scouting report that includes more about buying jewelry, eating too much, and a lack of effort on the field than it does about physical abilities and on-field success will have a tremendous amount of trouble finding a suitor for his services — if you want to call them that.

The Raiders have shelled out more than $36 million to Russell since drafting him with their first overall selection in the 2007 Draft.  They will pay him $3 million more this season after cutting him, but the move also saves them $6.45 million.  Simply put, Russell should consider himself lucky he’s already made a fortune because no team is shelling out even close to big bucks to add him to their roster this off season, in this economy, with this type of uncertainty surrounding the NFL’s labor agreement.

Let’s have a little fun with this anyways.  Is there a chance that any team would take a shot at adding perhaps the biggest NFL Draft bust this decade?  Here’s a division-by-division quarterback analysis that might help shed a little light on whether or not Russell has even a fraction of a chance of being a starter in the NFL again.

[Read more...]

JaMarcus Russell Is a ‘Binge Eater’

Not to pile on Raiders destined to be released quarterback JaMarcus Russell, but allow me to pile on. Russell has taken heat for spending “more time in the jewelry store than the film room” and for being the biggest bust this side of Ryan Leaf, but even more details to his flakiness were revealed over the weekend. The San Francisco Chronicle via Rotoworld has some details on Russell as revealed in an episode of Outside the Lines:

One anonymous ex-coach calls Russell a “binge eater”

Jon Ritchie, a former Raider who didn’t play with Russell, said he heard that Russell fell asleep in meetings. Former teammate Dominic Rhodes verified that, and it also came out the Russell would sometimes take breaks from meetings, forget to come back and need to be fetched. “I don’t think he has the mindset to be great,” Rhodes said.

That last quote from Rhodes is like the understatement of the century. The surprise isn’t what these people said but rather the reports over the weekend that Russell was the best looking quarterback at Oakland’s minicamp (after the first day). At least that’s some good news; you figure if Russell had any modicum of pride he’d be out to prove everybody wrong. I sure hope so.

Ex-teammates rip JaMarcus [San Francisco Chronicle]