Jameer Nelson does ‘Big Ball Dance’ after hitting game-tying shot

The Orlando Magic lost to the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday night, but they were able to push the game to three overtimes thanks in part to Jameer Nelson. The veteran point guard hit a clutch jumper with 11.2 seconds left in regulation to tie the game at 101-101. What he did next is what we really care about.


After tying the game, Nelson busted out the “Big Ball Dance.” For those of you who are somehow unaware of the origin of the dance, we cleared that up for you a few years back. Here’s a video that helps explain why we love it so much.

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Jameer Nelson calls out Dwight Howard for being unprofessional

Dwight Howard Jameer NelsonJameer Nelson responded Wednesday to Dwight Howard’s disparaging comments about the Orlando Magic, calling the center “unprofessional” for his remarks.

In a recent interview with KCAL/CBSLA, Howard said he took a team in Orlando “full of people nobody wanted” and led them to the NBA Finals. Howard was probably exaggerating for effect because he was trying to remind everyone of what he’s accomplished in his career, but his negative portrayal of his former teammates is not going over well.

Nelson and Howard both began their NBA careers in the 2004-2005 season with the Magic and were teammates their entire careers until Howard was traded to the Lakers in the offseason. Though they were extremely close in Orlando, the relationship appeared to become strained last year when the two reportedly got in a fight. It looks like they still have some tension.

“At some point, when are you [Dwight] gonna as a man, when are you going to take ownership and stay out of the media in a professional manner?” Nelson said of Howard Wednesday, per the Orlando Sentinel.

“I would be less of a man to comment on certain things that people comment on about me and my teammates. We had a great run as a group, as core guys, and he was a part of it (reaching the 2009 Finals) and for him to say things about anybody in a negative manner, that’s up to him.

“That’s his opinion. If that’s how he feels, that’s how he feels.”

Like I said, I really don’t think Dwight thought carefully about his comments. I think he just said them to prop himself up. If he really thinks about them, he’ll probably realize how wrong he was. GM Otis Smith did a great job drafting or bringing in lesser-known players like Marcin Gortat and Courtney Lee, but don’t even try to tell me that nobody wanted Rashard Lewis or Hedo Turkoglu, or that nobody would have wanted Nelson at the time.

Howard tries to present himself as a jovial fella everyone should love, but that reputation keeps disintegrating because of his actions.

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Dwight Howard reportedly ‘nearly came to blows’ with Jameer Nelson during season

Dwight Howard Jameer NelsonNow that the Magic appear willing to oblige Dwight Howard‘s wishes to send him elsewhere, we’re hearing more about Howard’s exponentially growing discontent with the Magic.

We already knew about Howard’s alleged displeasure of Stan Van Gundy. But in recent days we’ve learned about new incidents ranging from the predictable (his reported asking for a trade for the millionth time — or maybe the billionth time; I’ve lost track) to the downright outrageous (the hilarious report about his accusing the Magic of “blackmail”).

And now we’re hearing about Howard reportedly having a physical altercation with Jameer Nelson last season. Oy vey. Here’s HoopsWorld:

Several of Howard’s teammates are hoping for his departure as well. Toward the end of last season, Howard came close to a physical altercation with teammate Jameer Nelson at the Magic’s practice facility. Howard was sidelined with a back injury at the time, but nearly came to blows with Nelson for unknown reasons, according to sources. The two players had to be separated.

There comes a time when you trade a superstar not because you have no chance of re-signing him but because you just want to get rid of a headache.

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Dwight Howard: Jeff Van Gundy’s not our coach, so what he says doesn’t matter

Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson made headlines when Jeff Van Gundy, who was commentating for ESPN, made a big fuss during Wednesday’s Magic-Knicks telecast about them not participating in the Magic huddle during a timeout in the latter stages the Magic’s 108-86 blowout loss. On Friday, Howard, Nelson and Magic coach Stan Van Gundy commented on the episode, expressing some regret but conceding that it didn’t deserve the backlash it received.

“Jeff Van Gundy’s not our coach, so what he says doesn’t really matter. What Stan says matters,” Howard said.

“I probably should have been in the huddle,” Nelson added.

“It’s my job to get in the huddle, to be a leader.”

Van Gundy said he didn’t see Howard and Nelson away from the huddle, but acknowledged that it’s something that happens plenty of other times across the league. He added that he didn’t address the incident with his co-captains but said, “It’s not a good thing.”

“We were down by 30,” Howard said. I’m pretty sure the reason we lost wasn’t the fact that me and Jameer weren’t in the huddle. There’s no need to make a big deal about it. We could have been in the huddle. We should have been in the huddle. But it’s over with.”

Apparently everybody seems to have learned from this. But, sadly, it looks like Howard misses the point. This isn’t about winning or losing. This was about being respectful to your teammates and coaches and having the proper decorum in the face of defeat. Both players should have been up with their teammates. Don’t expect Howard and Nelson to make the mistake again.

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Atlanta Hawks Leave Tickets for Jameer Nelson to Chicago Bulls Series

Back on April 10th, the Chicago Bulls beat the Orlando Magic 102-99. The game took place just before the regular season ended at a time when playoff seeds were already determined. After the loss, Magic point guard Jameer Nelson said to Derrick Rose “catch you in the second round.” Here’s that video:

Hearing Nelson say that was pretty stunning because he was guaranteeing both teams would win their first-round series. Chicago took care of business against Indiana, but the Magic lost to the Hawks in six games. Don’t think for a second that Hawks employees forgot about Nelson’s guarantee. They let him hear about it.

Hawks P.R. man Arthur Triche left tickets at will call for Nelson to attend Game 1 of the Hawks-Bulls series … as a spectator. Here’s a picture of the tickets Triche tweeted out courtesy of TNSP Sports Net:

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Jameer Nelson Smacks Teammate

A friend just directed my attention to a great video he came across on YouTube.  There’s such a thing as getting caught up in the moment during an intense part of a game or getting carried away with your celebrating, but at what point does a teammate get pissed off?  I understand Jameer Nelson is a starter and one of the most important players on the Orlando Magic, but does that mean he gets to smack the bench players in the mouth when he gets excited?  Fast forward to about the 50-second mark in this video if you’re interested in seeing Jameer Nelson smack his own teammate in the mouth after hitting back-to-back three pointers in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

The best part is Nelson just carries on like he didn’t even do it.  No extension of the hand to indicate it was a mistake.  No “my bad” type moment between teammates.  It seems as though he’s either too in the zone to realize, or he’s taking the stance of, “I’m a superstar, you’re a bench player, you got smacked in the mouth — deal with it.”  The shots were no question huge, and they helped prevent the Magic from being swept.  While I’m sure he was going for the hand and missed, would it kill him to acknowledge that he just clubbed his own teammate? I know, I don’t understand what it’s like to hit a big three in an NBA game. In any event, this is one of those clips I find myself watching over and over again.

Video Credit: YouTube user rudythetech

Magic Considering Having Jameer Nelson Play Against Lakers

Now that they’ve reached the NBA Finals, a potential once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the Magic are trying to break out all the stops. With that in mind, they’re entertaining the idea of having point guard Jameer Nelson suit up for the series. Team president Bob Vander Weide is looking for any edge possible against the Lakers:

“The chance to get an all-star point guard on the floor for 15 minutes a game … you’d have to look at that.”

The Magic had ruled [Nelson] out for the season and the playoffs, and as late as a week and a half ago General Manager Otis Smith said there was no chance of Nelson making a return. “That was a week and a half ago,” said Vander Weide, who said he wanted Nelson to take another MRI and consult with doctors.

I don’t care how clean the MRI comes back, there’s no way you could bring him back all cold and rusty and then thrust him back into competition — at the highest level no less. What kind of shape would he be in? Would he be able to run up and down the floor? Would he be able to guard someone? How would his shot look after four months off and no training program? This seems to be a pretty dumb idea. Now the reason they’re so desperate to bring him back is because he dominated the Lakers during the regular season. Nelson went for 27 and 28 points in both of Orlando’s wins against LA, shooting 59% against them from the field and 58% on three-pointers. I don’t care if he was MJ against them, bringing him back all ice-cold would be a terrible idea. They have to roll with what they have right now and hope it’s good enough. I think it will be.