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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Articles tagged: Jameer Nelson

Jameer Nelson calls out Dwight Howard for being unprofessional

Jameer Nelson responded Wednesday to Dwight Howard’s disparaging comments about the Orlando Magic, calling the center “unprofessional” for his remarks. In a recent interview with KCAL/CBSLA, Howard said he took a team in Orlando “full of people nobody wanted” and led them to the NBA Finals. Howard was probably exaggerating for effect because he was…Read More

Atlanta Hawks Leave Tickets for Jameer Nelson to Chicago Bulls Series

Back on April 10th, the Chicago Bulls beat the Orlando Magic 102-99. The game took place just before the regular season ended at a time when playoff seeds were already determined. After the loss, Magic point guard Jameer Nelson said to Derrick Rose “catch you in the second round.” Here’s that video: Hearing Nelson say…Read More

Jameer Nelson Smacks Teammate

A friend just directed my attention to a great video he came across on YouTube.  There’s such a thing as getting caught up in the moment during an intense part of a game or getting carried away with your celebrating, but at what point does a teammate get pissed off?  I understand Jameer Nelson is…Read More

Magic Considering Having Jameer Nelson Play Against Lakers

Now that they’ve reached the NBA Finals, a potential once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the Magic are trying to break out all the stops. With that in mind, they’re entertaining the idea of having point guard Jameer Nelson suit up for the series. Team president Bob Vander Weide is looking for any edge possible against the Lakers: “The…Read More

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