Jameis Winston crab legs theft video released

Jameis Winston crab legsThe Jameis Winston crab legs theft video was posted Thursday by the Tampa Democrat, giving us the chance to finally get a visual image of the legendary tale we’ve all heard about. Unfortunately, it’s nowhere near as exciting as it sounds. All it is is a dude walking around a grocery store. Really inspiring stuff, I tell you. In all your years on this planet, I bet you’ve just been waiting and waiting for a video of a casually-dressed Jameis Winston cruising around a supermarket in sandals while ordering crab legs.

About the only funny part of the video was seeing the reaction of some of the people early in the video upon realizing Jameis Winston just walked by. Now they not only can tell their friends they saw Winston at the store, but they can say they saw Winston the night of the great crab caper!

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Jameis Winston police report indicates theft was intentional

Jameis Winston crab legs

I swear to you that when I first heard that Jameis Winston was cited for allegedly stealing some gourmet seafood from a grocery store, I thought it had to be a prank. I had this “Animal House” vision and figured Brother Boone was behind Winston, stuffing the guy’s sweater with crab legs as a joke. Because no sane person actually takes the time to order seafood from the deli counter, specify what kind of seasoning they want on it, and then walk out with the grub.

Who leaves that kind of trail? Apparently Winston does.

Tallahassee.com obtained the police report from the incident and there is one detail that makes it seem pretty obvious that the theft was intentional.

According to the police report, Winston went to the seafood counter to order his food — 3 pounds of crab legs with Old Bay seasoning and one pound of steamed crawfish with Cajun seasoning. He took a spin around the market and went back to pick up his food. He also grabbed some butter before making his way out of the store. But the tip-off about the theft came from security video, which apparently shows Winston appearing to “pause in front of a Leon County deputy who was working in-store security detail at the time.” The belief was that the pause was an attempt by Winston to avoid walking in front of the deputy because he knew he was stealing.

Winston was initially suspended from Florida State’s baseball team for the theft, but he was reinstated after doing 20 hours of community service.

[Also see: The Jameis Winston crab legs memes are already fantastic]

Helmet smack to College Football Talk

Restaurant pokes fun at Jameis Winston with Famous Jameis crab special

Jameis Winston Dantannas

Two days after Jameis Winston was cited for allegedly stealing king crab legs from a grocery store, the jokes are still coming.

First we had all the brilliant photoshop and meme pictures. Then we had an Alabama grocery store label a pack of king crab legs the Jameis Winston kind. And now we have this.

Dantanna’s in Atlanta, which is an upscale sports bar specializing in surf & turf, offered a “Famous Jameis” special on Friday. The special includes one pound of steamed snow crab legs, Heisman hash browns, Seminole grilled corn and citation citrus butter. Gotta love the alliteration with the Heisman hash browns and citation citrus butter. Oh, and the five finger discount line was pretty good, too.

Had they done this a few days later it would have been old, but the jokes are still solid now. Then again, I’m not sure Winston will ever die this down. I mean who actually gets busted for stealing king crab legs? C’mon son!

Photo: Twitter/Dblk19

Jameis Winston king crab legs all the rage at Alabama grocery store

Jameis Winston king crab legs

You knew that once such an absurd story as Jameis Winston getting busted for stealing king crab legs came out that it wasn’t going to die easily. I mean the possibilities for jokes were just endless.

First we had all the great memes and photoshops of Winston stealing the king crab legs. And now we have this.

Jack’s Foodland in Eva, Al., threw some funny stickers on their king crab legs Thursday and labeled them “Jameis Winston king crab legs.” The items were listed for $19.79 per pound, though store manager Eric Smith says it was just done as a joke.

“We didn’t actually put them out for sale,” Smith told For The Win. “With all the jokes going around about Jameis Winston and everything, we decided to print out some stickers as our own little joke and I put it on my Facebook and it kind of blew up from there.”

You know that just about everyone would want to buy a package of those bad boys. That’s how they do it in the SEC.

Photo credit: Twitter/mkimbaa

Phil Simms on Jameis Winston crab leg incident: We all did dumb stuff in college

Jameis WinstonHall of Fame quarterback Phil Simms is not all that worried about Jameis Winston trying to swipe some crab legs from a local supermarket in Tallahassee. On Thursday, TMZ caught up with Simms and asked him about Winston being issued a citation for trying to shoplift some gourmet seafood.

“I’m not going to look into it too deeply because he’s a young kid,” Simms said. “We all did stuff in college that we all regret. We’re all geniuses after the fact — he looks like he’s a good kid, so I don’t know. I’m not reading too much into it.”

The issue with Winston is that his name has wound up in the headlines for the wrong reason on numerous occasions. We all know about the alleged sexual assault incident. There was also an issue at a Burger King restaurant last summer where Winston was accused of stealing soda using ketchup cups. Simms doesn’t see any of that affecting his draft stock.

“Will it hurt his draft value?” he said. “I would say no. It’ll be a big, fat zero. This time next year when he comes out the only argument is going to be will he be the first pick, the second or maybe the third or whatever.”

If Winston can stay out of trouble from here on out, Simms will probably be right. That said, NFL teams care about everything — just ask Johnny Manziel. If nothing else, Winston is in for some pretty tough interviews when he declares for the draft.

Marquez White: Jameis Winston wouldn’t steal if FSU fed us more than one meal a day

Jameis WinstonFlorida State basketball player Marquez White understands why Jameis Winston tried to steal food. Despite the NCAA recently passing a rule that gives athletes unlimited access to snacks and meals, White claims athletes are not fed enough.

Shortly after word surfaced that Winston had been cited for stealing crab legs from a supermarket, White went on a Twitter rant about the NCAA and the university mistreating players.

White’s story might be a little more inspirational if Winston hadn’t attempted to steal crab legs. He didn’t get caught trying to shoplift a loaf of bread so he could make a sandwich. He tried to make off with gourmet seafood. Give me a break.

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The Jameis Winston crab legs memes are already fantastic


Leave it to famous Jameis Winston to hijack the news headlines during a week in which Donald Sterling seemingly had that market cornered. The Florida State quarterback was reportedly given a citation on Tuesday after he was caught shoplifting crab legs from a Publix supermarket in Tallahassee. The meme creation began almost instantly.

We knew Twitter wouldn’t disappoint with this one. In many ways, that was just too damn easy.