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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston accuser Erica Kinsman swears her drink was tainted

The woman who accused Jameis Winston of rape more than two years ago revealed her identity in a new documentary called “The Hunting Ground,” which dives into the issue of sexual assault on college campuses. In addition to maintaining that she was raped, Erica Kinsman also suspects she was drugged. According to Marissa Payne of…Read More

Marcus Mariota dusted Jameis Winston in 40-yard dash (Video)

Marcus Mariota ran one of the most impressive 40-yard dashes you will ever see from a quarterback at the NFL Scouting Combine on Saturday, posting an unofficial time of 4.52. Jameis Winston? Not so much. Winston, who is not really known for his speed, ran a 4.97. To give you some perspective, Peyton Manning ran…Read More

Jameis Winston admits he likes to eat, cracks fat joke (Video)

Jameis Winston spoke with the media Friday at the NFL combine and addressed the issue about his weight. Winston exuded confidence and even cracked a joke about how good he looked. “You thought I was fat! But I’m proving everybody wrong. I look good and I know it!” he joked. Later in an interview with…Read More

Jameis Winston’s hand size, weight are issues for NFL teams

The NFL combine is going on this week, which means teams get several days to examine football players and poke and prod them until they are satisfied. It also means that the focus shifts from what really matters — how the players perform on the field during game settings — to how they perform on…Read More

Jameis Winston was fat – lost 17 pounds training for combine

Maybe there was something to that photo of Jameis Winston looking fat after all. Over the weekend a photo of Winston looking overweight circulated on Twitter. Winston’s QB coach George Whitfield Jr. said the photo was over a month old and made him look fat because of the leash tied around his waist. But the…Read More

Jared Lorenzen posts photos comparing his body to Jameis Winston’s

A photo of Jameis Winston appearing to look overweight made its way around the internet recently and caused buzz about the quarterback’s condition with the NFL Scouting Combine rapidly approaching. As it turns out, the photo was taken in early-mid January and was brushed aside as not being a big deal by Winston’s quarterback coach….Read More

Jim Harbaugh preparing Jameis Winston, Bryce Petty for NFL combine

Jameis Winston and Bryce Petty turned to a familiar face as they prepare for this week’s NFL combine in Indianapolis. The two quarterbacks, who trained with QB guru George Whitfield in San Diego the past several weeks, arrived in Ann Arbor to work with new Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh as they prep for the combine….Read More

Jameis Winston fat photo totally overblown

A photo of Jameis Winston appearing to be overweight circulated on Twitter Saturday, but the reaction to the photo was totally overblown. The photo is posted above and shows Winston with a belly hanging out over his shorts. Of course, most people missed that had something tight around his waist that bunched all his weight…Read More

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