James Harden gets in argument with reporter, calls him ‘weirdo’

James HardenJames Harden is struggling, and that is one of the reasons the Houston Rockets have put themselves in an extremely vulnerable position as they head to Portland in an 0-2 series hole against the Trail Blazers. Harden was just 6 of 19 from the field in Game 2, finishing with 18 points and five turnovers. He scored 27 in Game 1 but still hit just 28.6% of his shots.

Harden has picked a terrible time to go ice cold, and a reporter reminded him of that on Wednesday night. He didn’t like when he was asked why he can’t seem to put the ball in the basket.

“It’s basketball – making shots,” Harden said before quickly moving to the next question, according to The Oregonian’s Mike Tokito.“I’m not worried about my offense. It’s basketball. You’re gonna miss shots. It’s basketball, like I said.”

After Harden had finished answering questions, he circled back around to the reporter who had apparently ticked him off. That reporter was NBA.com’s Frank Blinebury. Tokito described the uncomfortable exchange.

But when his media session in the Rockets opulent locker room ended, Harden went back at the reporter, asking if he had ever seen a player not play well before. The reporter answered that the struggle seemed unusual for Harden and was coming on a major stage, the playoffs.

The two went back and forth for a while, with Harden asking the reporter if he’d ever seen a basketball game before, then demanding to know whom the reporter was. The exchange got testy enough that team officials stepped in to usher Harden out.

As he left the room, Harden called the reporter “weirdo.”

In Blinebury’s defense, he was simply doing his job. Perhaps he should have focused his attention more on the fact that the Rockets can’t stop LaMarcus Aldridge (46 points in Game 1 and 43 points in Game 2), but Harden is supposed to be Houston’s best scorer. He was 3 of 14 from beyond the arc in Game 1. You can understand his frustration, but you can also understand why a reporter would ask about his struggles. Harden is one of the main reasons the Rockets are in a massive hole.

Was James Harden partying hard all weekend?

James HardenJames Harden has been a huge disappointment for the Houston Rockets in their first two Western Conference playoff games, both of which they lost at home to the Portland Trail Blazers.

Harden has gone 14-of-47 (29.7 percent) in the first two games including a 3-for-14 performance from 3-point range in Game 1.

Even though Houston is down 0-2, it’s not time to write off the Rockets yet. They’re dangerous and could very easily win two in Portland, especially if you figure that LaMarcus Aldridge will cool off and Harden might heat up. But is there a reason why Harden hasn’t been at his best the past two games?

Nate Fitch, best known as Johnny Manziel’s close friend and business manager, is well connected and tweeted this after Game 2:

We consider Fitch to be a reliable source otherwise we wouldn’t have felt comfortable posting this.

This isn’t the first time a player struggling in the playoffs was ascribed to their partying. Rihanna said last year that JR Smith was slumping for the Knicks in the postseason because he was hungover from partying at clubs all night. Smith of course denied the charge, but few people believed him.

Let’s just hope this isn’t the case for the Rockets’ sake. And let’s hope that Houston maintains good focus on the road where it’s even more tempting to go out and party, otherwise this could turn into a sweep.

James Harden has a cringe-worthy terrible defense lowlight video

James HardenFew will dispute that James Harden is one of the most explosive and talented offensive guards in the NBA, but we also acknowledge that he leaves a lot to be desired defensively. To cement that point, someone created a defensive lowlights video featuring some of Harden’s worst defensive moments from the season.

In nearly every clip, you see Harden just completely losing his man on defense, which allows the opponent to get an easy bucket. Either that, or he’s just making a casual defensive stop attempt. It’s like bro, put a little effort in on the defensive end. I mean even if it’s just for show.

Yikes. As great as Harden is on the offensive end, his defense is so bad it really keeps him from being a complete overall player.

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James Harden complains about money costing him friends, family


Think it’s all fun and games when you’re making $15 million a year? Well, it’s not. Just ask Houston Rockets star James Harden, who took to Instagram on Friday to share some emotional thoughts about money.

“Money is a powerful thing,” Harden wrote alongside the photo you see above. “Losing family and friends over it. I didn’t sign up for this.”

Most people don’t want to hear athletes complaining about money, but this is a real issue. Family and friends come crawling out of the woodwork looking for handouts, and some even alienate you because you refuse to give them money for no reason. Harden isn’t the only professional athlete who feels that way.

Evan Turner, James Harden get into it (Video)

Evan Turner and James Harden got up close and personal with each other during Friday night’s Indiana Pacers-Houston Rockets game over a bit of nonsense. Things only calmed down after the referees separated the two. It also helped when David West stepped in to make everyone back down.

The incident occurred in the third quarter with Houston up 73-50 on Indiana. Turner got a steal and was quickly fouled, which prevented him from having an easy transition basket. Still, Turner continued to head toward the basket anyway for fun, but Harden got in his way to keep him from putting in a layup.

That led to Turner pushing Harden, Harden stepping to Turner, and the two going nose-to-nose with each other. Double-technicals were handed out for the incident.

You think they were just talking about setting up belated Valentine’s Day plans?

Evan Turner James Harden

James Harden wears cowboy hat to game after attending rodeo

James Harden cowboy hat

Attending a Houston rodeo on Thursday got James Harden in a cowboy mood, because the Rockets guard showed up to his team’s game on Friday wearing that great cowboy outfit.

And if you think that picture is good, you’ll love this one, which is infinitely better:

Photo via Twitter/Rockets

Dwyane Wade flops big time after James Harden fakes him out (GIF)

Dwyane Wade James HardenDwyane Wade was beat by James Harden during Tuesday night’s Houston Rockets-Miami Heat game, so he reached into his bag of dirty tricks to bail himself out.

After Harden caught him with a fake and got past him, Wade pretended like he was hit by a flailing Harden arm and went down for the count. I’m pretty sure this was at the end of the first half and Harden was called for an offensive foul on the play. Hopefully the NBA will review the play and hit Wade with a flopping fine.

And come on, Wade, what’s up with that? Did you see Mario Chalmers pulling any of that crap when Harden just abused him off the dribble on this play?

Maybe Wade learned the move from LeBron, a known flopper who says “any way you can get an advantage.

GIF via @_MarcusD_