Paul George defends Ray Rice, says Janay Palmer hit him first

Ray Rice RavensEveryone is entitled to their own opinion, but professional athletes should have enough common sense to know that if they have an opinion supporting Ray Rice it needs to be kept quiet. Indiana Pacers star Paul George didn’t seem too worried about that when he reminded his Twitter followers on Thursday that Janay Palmer hit Rice first.

While George made sure to specify that he doesn’t condone hitting a woman, he made it clear that he believes Rice should not be suspended indefinitely because, in George’s opinion, the former Baltimore Ravens running back was provoked.

Naturally, George has already deleted the tweets and issued an apology.

First of all, we have no idea what happened leading up to the elevator incident. You can’t conclude that Palmer attacked Rice from the footage that has been shown, because we don’t know when the confrontation started. We do know that Rice spat on his now-wife twice before he punched her and rendered her unconscious.

But let’s say Palmer did attack Rice. Does what he did constitute defending yourself? Of course not. He’s an NFL player. He could have easily restrained Palmer without clubbing her in the head. George certainly isn’t the only person who feels Rice was provoked, but he should have kept his opinion to himself.

Ray Rice spit on Janay Palmer twice, told security she was drunk

Ray Rice fiancee elevatorRay Rice spit on wife Janay Palmer twice before knocking her out inside the elevator, and then he told security she was passed out from being drunk, according to a report.

ESPN’s Outside the Lines spoke with multiple employees who worked as security at the Revel hotel in Atlantic City the night Rice and Palmer were arrested for their fight.

According to the report, security members who viewed the video multiple times say Rice spat on Palmer twice — once before they entered the elevator and another time once inside the elevator. The first spit caused Palmer to turn around and slap him with her left hand. The second spit caused her to lunge at him in retaliation. That resulted in Rice knocking her out.

“The first thing he [Rice] said is, ‘She’s intoxicated. She drank too much. I’m just trying to get her to the room,'” a staff member at the Revel hotel told Outside the Lines.

They also delivered this bombshell, which makes it seem like it wasn’t that easy for Janay to go back to Ray immediately.

“When she regained consciousness she said, ‘How could you do this to me? I’m the mother of your kid,'” the same staff member told ESPN.

Outside the Lines also says that the video released by TMZ Sports was recorded on someone’s cell phone, which could explain why it’s somewhat choppy. The video security got to see was much more clear.

Lorenzo Taliaferro wishes the best for Ray Rice, Janay Palmer

Lorenzo-TaliaferroBaltimore Ravens running back Lorenzo Taliaferro retweeted a tweet from Arian Foster on Tuesday morning that seems to indicate he supports Ray Rice. Although, Foster would like us to be careful how we interpret what he posts on social media.

Foster sent a series of tweets explaining how he grew up in a household that struggled with domestic violence. Here is the one that Taliaferro, who is a backup running back with the Ravens, retweeted.

A report on Monday indicated that Rice lied to his teammates about what happened with Palmer in the elevator and that he had lost their support because of it. There’s a difference between defending someone and supporting them, but Taliaferro’s retweet at the very least indicates that not all of the Ravens are angry with Rice.

As for Foster, he sent out a few more tweets about forgiveness before lashing out at a media outlet that accused him of “defending” Rice.

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Janay Palmer blames media, not Ray Rice, for pain and suffering

Ray Rice girlfriend fiancee Janay Palmer

When you see the video of Ray Rice hitting his wife Janay Palmer and knocking her unconscious, it becomes very difficult to understand why she has been so supportive of him throughout the entire ordeal. Palmer was reportedly part of the reason Roger Goodell only suspended Rice for two games initially, as she pleaded with the NFL commissioner for a light punishment. On Tuesday morning, Palmer went on the offensive against the media.

“I woke up this morning feeling like I had a horrible nightmare, feeling like I’m mourning the death of my closest friend,” she wrote on Instagram, as transcribed by Deadspin. “But to have to accept the fact that it’s reality is a nightmare in itself. No one knows the pain that the media & unwanted [opinions] from the public has caused my family. To make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing. To take something away from the man I love that he has worked his ass of for all his life just to gain ratings is horrific.

“THIS IS OUR LIFE! What don’t you all get. If your intentions were to hurt us, embarrass us, make us feel alone, take all happiness away, you’ve succeeded on so many levels. Just know we will continue to grow & show the world what real love is! Ravensnation we love you!”

While many will admire the love that Palmer and Rice seem to have for one another, the way she has defended him almost makes you cringe. An argument is one thing. Heck, even if Rice shoved Palmer off of him to defend himself, the situation would be a bit different. The fact that he hit her and knocked her out and then dragged her out of the elevator like it was nothing is truly disturbing. Palmer shouldn’t be blaming the media for Rice losing his job.


Ray Rice knocked wife Janay Palmer out with punch (Video)

Ray Rice fiancee elevatorThe original video we saw of Ray Rice dragging his unconscious then-fiancee Janay Palmer out of a casino elevator over the winter left plenty of questions unanswered. While witnesses said they saw Rice and Palmer fighting, Rice’s attorney urged the public to wait for the entire story and all of the footage before passing judgment. We now have the entire elevator video, and it is worse than many expected.

Surveillance footage obtained by TMZ shows Rice striking Palmer in the face multiple times with his left hand and landing a knockout blow. This is obviously the video police reportedly had in their possession shortly after both Rice and Palmer were arrested for domestic assault.

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The video also shows that Rice and Palmer were arguing and got physical with one another before getting on the elevator. Palmer came storming over to Rice, who appeared to yell something in her face, and then swatted him in the head with her left hand.

Regardless of who started the argument, the punch Rice threw is sickening. Even if Palmer was the aggressor initially, he could have easily defended himself without knocking her out.

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TMZ also reports that the NFL saw the footage of Rice knocking Palmer out before settling on just a two-game suspension for the Baltimore Ravens star. The league must have known the video would get out, which probably explains why Roger Goodell admitted he made a mistake and has since amended the NFL’s policy on domestic violence.

Rice and Palmer got married a day after the incident took place.

Ray Rice’s wife reportedly pleaded with Roger Goodell for light punishment

Ray Rice girlfriend fiancee Janay Palmer

Ray Rice has been suspended for the first two games of the regular season for his involvement in a domestic violence incident with his wife Janay Palmer at a casino over the winter. Given that the public was shown a video of Rice dragging an unconscious Palmer out of an elevator and police reportedly had footage of the Baltimore Ravens running back knocking her out, many felt a two-game suspension was far too light.

Palmer, who was Rice’s fiancee at the time of the incident, has been nothing supportive of Rice since his indictment. In fact, Peter King of The Monday Morning Quarterback reports that Palmer pleaded with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to go easy on Rice.

Rice’s wife, a source said, made a moving and apparently convincing case to Goodell during a June 16 hearing at Goodell’s office in Manhattan — attended by Rice, GM Ozzie Newsome, club president Dick Cass of Baltimore; and Goodell, Jeff Pash and Adolpho Birch of the league — that the incident in the hotel elevator was a one-time event, and nothing physical had happened in their relationship before or since. She urged Goodell, the source said, to not ruin Rice’s image and career with his sanctions.

Plenty of people feel that Rice should have been suspended for at least four games, as evidenced by the change that was made to his Wikipedia page last week. Was Palmer the reason Rice got off with what seems like a slap on the wrist?

Jonathan Lehman of the New York Post confirmed that Palmer met with Goodell and company, noting that her “impassioned plea” was “instrumental in limiting the length of Rice’s league suspension.”

If there was no video of the incident, I could understand Goodell being influenced by Palmer’s apparently convincing speech. But there is footage of some of the assault, and it makes Rice look really, really bad. There’s no question he is fortunate to have escaped with a two-game ban.

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Ray Rice marries fiancee Janay Palmer day after indictment

Ray Rice girlfriend fiancee Janay Palmer

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was formally indicted in a New Jersey court on Thursday. He will face on count of third degree aggravated assault for an incident that took place last month where he allegedly struck his fiancee Janay Palmer and was later seen dragging her unconscious body out of an elevator. Or, should we say, his wife Janay Palmer.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Rice and Palmer got married Friday night in a private ceremony. Apparently the two have patched things up, and the fact that police allegedly have a video that shows Rice knocking Palmer unconscious could not keep them from continuing their life together.

Police originally charged both Rice and Palmer with simple assault, but the charges against Palmer have been dropped. John Harbaugh said earlier this month that the two were working through their issues and were attending a couples seminar together.

Rice could face three to five years in prison if he is found guilty of third degree aggravated assault. Between winning the Super Bowl, being arrested and getting married, the 27-year-old veteran has had an action-packed last year or so.

Photo: Instagram/Janay Palmer