Jared Remy allegedly beat other jail inmate with chair, bar of soap

Jared Remy

Jared Remy, the son of beloved Boston Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy, is in jail awaiting his August trial for allegedly murdering his girlfriend. While in jail last week, he allegedly beat another inmate using a chair and bar of soap, The Boston Globe reports.

Last week the Middlesex sheriff’s office said Remy beat another inmate on Thursday. A source told The Globe that the weapons used were a chair and bar of soap.

Remy is set to be arraigned later this month on nine charges related to the assault. That’s a lot of charges for one assault.

Any chance the other inmate just wanted to see him pick up the bar of soap?

Jerry Remy’s daughter Jenna had a crazy arrest in July

The bizarre and alarming behavior of Jerry Remy’s daughter Jenna has a whole new meaning in light of her brother’s horrible actions on Thursday.

Jerry Remy NESNJared Remy, the son of the beloved Boston Red Sox broadcaster, was arrested and charged with stabbing his girlfriend to death at their home on Thursday night. In our write-up on the murder, Steve DelVecchio mentioned that it has been an extraordinarily difficult past few months for the Sox broadcaster (pictured at right).

Jenna Remy was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, resisting arrest, wanton malicious defacement, and misdemeanor breaking and entering, after police were called to her ex-boyfriend’s apartment on July 25. Larry Brown Sports obtained a copy of the police report from the incident, and it’s quite a doozy.

Police were called to the Somerville, Mass., home of Remy’s ex-boyfriend, who complained that Jenna was outside trying to break in. When police arrived, they saw the back screen door indented and kicked in, and they found Jenna inside standing in the dark, talking on her cell phone. They noted that she seemed to be on some substance. Police asked Jenna to come outside, but there was a delay so they entered to try removing her from the home. That’s when things got crazy.

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Jenna reportedly tried to break away from police, so they handcuffed her. Police state that Jenna kicked one officer in the butt as he bent down to pick up her cell phone. She also supposedly kicked another officer in the groin on two occasions. The police tried administering a burst of pepper spray to subdue her, and one of the officers got sprayed in the process. She was “screaming and jerking her body about in a tumultuous manner” as the officers tried taking her out of the home.

Jenna was taken to the police station and ended up facing that litany of charges listed earlier. Ready for this? She and her ex-boyfriend had broken up around June 2011, which was over two years earlier.

Remy’s boots were taken by police as evidence. While being booked, she told police that she was under the influence and said something to the effect of admitting that she was a drunken fool.

The Somerville News first reported details of the arrest.

Jared Remy spent time in jail for beating up ex-girlfriend in 2005

Jared Remy

Jared Remy has been arrested and charged with stabbing his girlfriend Jennifer Martel to death on Thursday night at their Waltham, Mass., home. Remy has an extensive criminal past, including previous incidents of domestic violence.

Not only did Remy appear in court this week for alleged assault and battery committed against Martel on Tuesday night, two days prior to her death, but he also beat up a previous girlfriend in 2005.

Remy, then 27, was arrested at his father’s home in Weston, Mass., and charged with assault and battery committed against his ex-girlfriend, and resisting arrest.

According to a 2005 Boston Globe story, police in Waltham “said [Remy] grabbed his girlfriend by the hair, threw her to the ground, threw a cell phone at her and kicked her in the back, stomach and face. He also allegedly punched her in the eye and hit her in the stomach” on Nov. 7, 2005.

Police said in their report that when they arrived they found the girlfriend bleeding from her nose and mouth and saw blood on the kitchen floor.

Remy was held in Middlesex Jail for at least 81 days, according to The Globe. He was found guilty and ordered to serve a year in Middlesex House of Correction. The sentence was suspended while he was placed on probation.

The Globe says Remy has been prosecuted at least 14 separate times in Waltham courthouse since 1998.

Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy’s son Jared arrested and charged with murder


Jared Remy, the son of beloved Boston Red Sox broadcaster and former Sox second baseman Jerry Remy, was arrested on Thursday night and charged with murder after he allegedly stabbed his girlfriend Jennifer Martel to death in their apartment.

Remy is scheduled to be arraigned on Monday at the same courthouse where he appeared on Wednesday after being accused of assaulting Martel. He had been released on personal recognizance after Middlesex District Attorney Marian T. Ryan said the bail recommendation from Martel’s camp was “based on a totality of circumstances.”

According to the Boston Globe, Waltham police responded to a call from Remy’s apartment complex at about 9 p.m. on Thursday night. They found Martel bleeding from multiple stab wounds on the back patio of the couple’s apartment. Martel’s daughter was reportedly home at the time her mother was killed.

Some of you may know Jared Remy, an avid weightlifter, from a steroid scandal that took place when he worked as a security staff member for the Red Sox several years ago. He and a second staff member were found to have used steroids, which led Major League Baseball to investigate whether he helped supply players with performance-enhancing drugs during the 2008 season. No players were implicated, and Remy later admitted to using steroids but claimed he never gave drugs to any of his coworkers. He was fired in 2009.

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The past year has been very tough for Jerry Remy, who is also battling lung cancer. Back in July, Remy’s daughter Jenna Remy was arrested and brought up on several charges after she allegedly broke into her ex-boyfriend’s house and had to be pepper sprayed to get her under control.

Remy will likely miss some time in the Red Sox booth in the wake of the latest tragedy.

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