Jarrod Saltalamacchia Hits a Broken Bat Home Run (Video)

It’s not very often that we come across a broken bat home run in the baseball world.  Something has to give when a wooden bat breaks, and one would think it would be power.  Hitting a ball out of the park and shattering your bat must take an incredible amount of strength, which is why it is shocking to see it happen twice in a one-month span.  If Mark McGwire or Sammy Sosa cranked a broken bat homer we wouldn’t be fazed, but for this Rockies’ minor leaguer and Jarrod Saltalamacchia to do it within a month of each other is pretty impressive.  Check out the Jarrod Saltalamacchia broken bat home run video, which was passed along to us by Jose3030:

That’s a short porch in right at Fenway, but that takes nothing away from the feat.  Considering most of Salty’s bat landed beyond the first base bag, that’s a great display of power.  The further we get into the season, the more promise and pop the Red Sox catcher is showing.

The Real Reason Texas Traded Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Let’s be serious here. No team wants to trade the player with the longest last name in Major League Baseball history.  When a guy has that going for him, he’s going to be someone.  However, when he looks too much like your poster child, you have no choice but to unload him.  We all know the Texas Rangers and the media love Josh Hamilton.  The reason they got rid of Jarrod Saltalamacchia wasn’t to get two minor leaguers from the Red Sox, it was to make sure they avoid any confusion going forward.

Is it just me?  Look at the two pictures.  Trim Salty’s hair up a little and I’d say they’re pretty close to twins.  They couldn’t afford to keep him on their Major League roster in case anyone confused him for Hamilton and Hamilton became upset.  Texas is looking to make a playoff push this year.  They can’t have those types of distractions.  So there you have it.