Jason Babin rips off Andre Ellington’s hair, holds up dreadlocks

Jason Babin Andre Ellington

Jason Babin gave Andre Ellington a bit of a haircut on Sunday.

Babin pretty much scalped Ellington after making a tackle to stop the Arizona Cardinals running back on a third-down play during the third quarter of Sunday’s game. The Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end made the tackle and took out a few of Ellington’s dreadlocks. After getting up from the ground, Babin looked at his hand and realized that he had some dreads. He cast them aside and carried on.

Hopefully for Ellington’s sake those were extensions, because that probably was pretty darn painful.

Here’s a look at the play:

For reference, here’s what Ellington’s hair looks like:

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Jason Babin says he laughed when Andy Reid told him he had been released

In a somewhat shocking move on Tuesday, the Philadelphia Eagles released defensive end Jason Babin. Last season, Babin was the anchor of the Eagles defense when he recorded a career-high 18 sacks. He had only 5.5 sacks this year prior to his release and was one of the more highly-paid players on a defense that has completely lost its identity.

Like most of us, Babin was surprised to learn he had been cut. However, he said he took it quite well when Andy Reid called to give him the bad (good?) news.

“One, any time you see Andy Reid come across your caller ID, you know [laughs] it’s probably not a good thing,” he told Jonathan Coachman on ESPN Radio, via The 700 Level. “But two, [laughs] all I could do was was — almost — I laughed. I was like [while laughing], ‘Alright, coach. if that’s what what you gotta do.’ It was just — I don’t know — caught me off guard.”

Some people tend to laugh when they’re nervous or angry, but Philadelphia is 3-8 and has lost seven straight games. Babin should have little trouble finding work coming off an 18-sack season, so part of him is probably relieved that he no longer has to look at fans with bags over their heads or listen to them chant nasty things at the players and coaches. Being granted freedom from those burdens may be worth temporary unemployment.

Jeremiah Trotter tells Jason Babin to stop worrying about ‘vile’ Eagles fans

Jeremiah Trotter took aim at Jason Babin for complaining about the lack of support from Eagles fans.

Babin, who is in his third season with Philadelphia, ripped Eagles fans for being disloyal and chanting “vile things” during the team’s home loss to the Falcons last weekend.

Trotter played eight seasons with the Eagles over three different stints. He thrived as a member of the organization, reaching the Pro Bowl four times during his career — all when he was with Philly. As a player who was successful with the team, he felt the need to set Babin straight.

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Jason Babin rips Eagles fans for chanting ‘vile things’

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Jason Babin took to Twitter on Tuesday to talk about loyalty. It was no coincidence, as the Eagles had just come off a 30-17 home loss at the hands of the Atlanta Falcons and the fans were understandably frustrated.

“LOYALTY: loy·al·ty: noun, plural loy·al·ties: The state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations,” Babin wrote. “There are 17 teams with the same record or worse than us. Thanks for being loyal fans…….We’ll get it right.”

What inspired the mini-rant? Babin says he heard Eagles fans chanting some horrible things at Andy Reid, the coaching staff and his teammates during Philly’s loss to Atlanta.

“Some of the most vile things I’ve ever heard,” Babin said according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Talking about people’s wives and kids and chanting them. I just thought there’s no place for that in the NFL.

It was upsetting that a few bad apples were chanting that kind of stuff. I don’t even want to repeat what I heard, it was that bad. And I’ve got a pretty high threshold for adult jokes.”

No wonder Matt Ryan’s family members thought it would be best to hide their identity while they cheered him on. Fans can be ruthless at times, and any team with high expectations that begins the year 3-4 should expect to hear some boos and negative chants. That being said, there’s no reason to talk about the families of players and coaches if the fans truly were doing that. Like the time Eagles fans reportedly made Casey Matthews’ family cry, that qualifies as crossing the line.

Jason Babin duped by Bleacher Report trade suggestion

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Jason Babin was duped on Wednesday by a trade suggestion from the sports website “Bleacher Report,” and began to wonder if he was traded to the Ravens like the article suggested.

The Eagles are on a bye week and made a big move on Tuesday when they fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo. Michael Vick’s starting job is in question, and it appears that everyone associated with the organization is on alert — including Babin.

Babin retweeted a tweet and asked if the trade was real:

The problem is this wasn’t a trade report coming from Jay Glazer or Adam Schefter, or even some Philadelphia media outlet; this was just the writing of a fan operating as a “featured columnist” for Bleacher Report.

The trade suggestion came from an article titled “5 Realistic Moves That Philadelphia Eagles Could Make at NFL Trade Deadline.”

If you were lucky enough to come across the article — formatted as a slideshow so Bleacher Report can get five clicks/pageviews for every user who comes across it — you would have seen that the article was not rooted in fact.

The article suggested the following moves:

Darryl Tapp to Buffalo for OT/G Chad Rinehart
Chris Polk to the Green Bay Packers for a Sixth Round Draft Pick
Cullen Jenkins to the Atlanta Falcons for a Third Round Pick
Phillip Hunt to the New York Jets for a Fifth Round Draft Pick

If you happened to get to slide six of seven, you would have seen: “Jason Babin to the Baltimore Ravens for a Third or Fourth Round Draft Pick.”

That’s when we get to the problem of user confusion. See, your average Internet user cannot distinguish between fact and fiction, report and speculation, news and fodder, and reliable sites vs. unreliable ones. Google doesn’t help matters by placing these stories at the top of search results. And Babin’s laziness — and I get it, he’s a professional football player, not an expert on sports on the Internet — contributes to the problem.

What was just written as a traffic-raking gimmick article gets confused for a real trade report, leaving Babin wondering. That’s the Internet for you.

Vince Young, Jason Babin: Eagles Are Dream Team, Miami Heat of NFL

The Philadelphia Eagles have made the biggest noise since the NFL lockout ended. They signed free agent Nnamdi Asomugha, backup quarterback Vince Young, defensive lineman Jason Babin and Cullen Jenkins, and they acquired Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in the Kevin Kolb trade. They’ve added a talented group of players to a team that reached the playoffs last year. They’re easily one of the top teams in the NFC and a Super Bowl contender. But if you hear the way the new players tell it, we might as well already hand the Eagles the Lombardi Trophy.

When asked to describe the players the Eagles have brought in, Vince Young said “dream team.” He continued “From Nnamdi [Asomugha] to [Dominique Rodgers-] Cromartie, to Jason [Babin] to myself, I know they are going to do some more things … It’s just beautiful to see where we’re trying to go.”

He wasn’t the only newcomer to raise the stakes for Philly.

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