Video: Cowboys Fan Creates ‘Don’t Ice Bailey’ Remix of Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has been roundly criticized for calling a timeout and icing kicker Dan Bailey at the end of the Dallas-Arizona game Sunday. We said it was inexcusable. Garrett says he wouldn’t change anything about the way things played out in regulation. It’s a weird statement by Garrett, considering the poor decision was a major factor in his team’s loss. Maybe if he’d known he was about to become the subject of a Vanilla Ice parody video, he would have reconsidered:

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Jerry Jones Calls Out Orlando Scandrick, Cowboys Coaches for Dumb Penalties

Give the Cardinals credit for clawing their way back against the Cowboys on Sunday and coming away with a tough overtime victory, but an argument can certainly be made that Dallas gave the game away.  If you are looking for a scapegoat, look no further than head coach Jason Garrett for icing his own kicker and costing the Cowboys the game-winning field goal.  Jerry Jones, on the other hand, pinned much of the blame on special teamer Orlando Scandrick and the Dallas coaching staff for dumb penalties at critical moments.

“You can’t touch people in the back,” Jones said according to MySanAntonio.com. “That’s got to be coached. You cannot touch people in the back on kicking. And I’m not being critical of anybody. I’m just … the call was a good call. He hit him in the back.”

That can’t happen and has to be coached, but don’t worry because Jerry isn’t being critical of anyone.  Whether you agree with Jones for publicly scolding his players and coaching staff or not, he’s right.  One of the block in the back penalties — which Scandrick insisted was a bad call — negated a 35-yard return by Dez Bryant that would have put Dallas at the Cardinals 25-yard line.  Mistakes like that can’t happen.

Jerruh can be annoying and try to involve himself in the X’s and O’s a bit too much at times, but personally I’d rather hear him call his team out after a tough loss than call it one of the best games he’s ever seen his quarterback play.

Jason Garrett Ices Kicker Dan Bailey, Cowboys Lose to Cardinals

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett made an enormous mental mistake at the end of his team’s game against the Cardinals Sunday that cost his team a victory.

With seven seconds on the clock in a tie game, Dallas kicker Dan Bailey set up for a 49-yard field goal attempt that likely would have won the game. Bailey booted the ball straight through the uprights. The only problem is that a timeout was called right before the snap, and it came from his own sideline. Jason Garrett signaled for a timeout, effectively icing his own kicker.

Of course, you might guess what happens next. Bailey’s second field goal try hooked to the left and fell short, sending the game into overtime. The Cardinals then won on a dump-off pass to LaRod Stephens-Howling who went 52 yards to the house.

In a game filled with mistakes, none will compare to Garrett’s coaching gaffe. Not only did he screw up his own kicker, but the Cowboys allowed nearly 20 seconds to run off before spiking the ball, leading to the eventual timeout. They should have run another play prior to the attempt, but they used poor clock management.

Garrett reportedly took the advice of kicking coach Chris Boniol to call the timeout. He apparently wanted to get a “clean operation” on the field goal attempt. Whatever their excuse, it was a poor decision.

Another thought is that Bailey took it easy on the second field goal attempt because he believed the Cardinals would also call a timeout to ice him. For the Cowboys, the only positive aspect of Sunday’s loss was that the Giants lost too, keeping Dallas atop the NFC East.

Jimmy Johnson and Terry Bradshaw Question Jason Garrett as Cowboys Coach

No team in the NFL has underachieved more than the Cowboys over the last few seasons. They look like a legitimate playoff contender before each season begins. With weapons like Tony Romo, Miles Austin, and Dez Bryant, the Dallas passing attack should be one of the best in the league. For whatever reason, they haven’t been able to put it together. Before the Cowboys improved to 4-4 with a win over the Seahawks on Sunday, Fox analysts Jimmy Johnson and Terry Bradshaw questioned head coach Jason Garrett’s ability to lead the team.

“He needs to become a head coach,” Johnson said according to the Dallas Morning News. “It may be time to think — not for this year but for next year — hire an offensive coordinator to call the plays and be the head coach.”

This is the same Johnson who called Mike Singletary nothing more than a motivational speaker for the 49ers, so he might be onto something once again.  Bradshaw questioned whether or not the Cowboys players respect Garrett enough for the team to be effective.

“He is not my kind of guy to be a head coach,” Bradshaw explained. “That’s not the kind of coach I want. I know he’s smart…a lot of guys are smart out there but I like a guy who gets in people’s face, a guy like Jimmy, a guy like Chuck Noll.”

The truth is it’s too early to tell whether or not Garrett is the right man for the job.  He certainly helped turn an abysmal Cowboys season around last year, and he only has eight games under his belt in his first full season as head coach. There are bound to be plenty of people who share T.O.’s opinion of Garrett, but Dallas fans should at least give him a chance to lead this team to the playoffs before writing him off as head coach.

Jason Garrett Doesn’t Want Dallas Cowboys Hazing Rookies

Jason Garrett is changing policy with the Dallas Cowboys when it comes to hazing rookies. “The young guys are part of our team,” Garrett said Sunday, “and they certainly need to get themselves acclimated in a lot of different ways, and our veteran players are in charge of welcoming them to the NFL in a very positive way.”

“There’s not going to be anything demeaning in any way that a rookie has to do. We don’t believe in that.”

Garrett said this was not a response to the Dez Bryant pad-carrying incident that received so much attention last season. He said this is what the staff believes in.

Garrett’s decision is a clear departure from the previous regime. Even though he was the offensive coordinator for the Cowboys since 2007, it was not up to him to issue team-wide policies — that was Wade Phillips’ job. Phillips was known as a players’ coach so it’s no surprise he let them do their thing when it came to hazing.

Even though we enjoy posting goofy haircuts rookies receive from hazing, I respect Jason Garrett’s policy. Rookies are part of the team and the veterans should do their best to make them feel that way.

Jason Garrett Compares Defining a Physical Team to Defining Pornography

Sports reporters have a tendency — one that can be very annoying — to harp on cliches when asking coaches questions.  Coaches must get tired of answering questions like, “Do your guys lack toughness?” or, “Does your team need to learn how to close out games?”  Questions like those are tough to answer because they are nearly impossible to measure.  For Jason Garrett, trying to measure the physical play of a team is like trying to determine who’s being more physical in a porno movie.

Sportress of Blogitude called our attention to the fun analogy Garrett decided to throw at everyone on Tuesday.

“It’s hard to define but you know what it is when you see it; it’s a physical sport,” Garrett said according to the Dallas Morning News. “At the end of the day, you need to be the one doing the hitting rather than being the hit-ee. It’s little bit like the description of pornography from years back. It’s hard to define it. But you know what it is at the end of it. It’s hard to define it. I think you know who is more physical.”

Wait, pornography “from years back?” Is Garrett admitting he’s a fan of porn by telling us this?  Can we assume that since he was talking about it being tough to tell with porn back in the day that it’s easier to tell who is the more physical one in modern porn? Or does that just mean he doesn’t watch porn anymore so he doesn’t know if the analogy would apply to 21st century skin flicks?  These are the questions…

Jason Garrett Has a Dress Code, Marion Barber Already Violated It

Earlier we told you that the Cowboys may be interested in bringing in Jon Gruden to coach the team next season.  One of the reasons we think that might be a good idea is that, simply put, Gruden wouldn’t take any b.s. from anyone on the team.  He’s not a pushover like Wade Phillips or Brad Childress and would have a better shot at keeping a locker room together than Phillips would.  Jason Garrett is trying to show he can be that guy, too.

According to Pro Football Talk, via the NFL Network’s Albert Breer, Garrett has imposed a dress code for his team that requires shirts and ties be worn on game day.  Breer says that Marion Barber already violated the dress code by showing up in jeans and an untucked shirt.  Apparently there are a lot of Cowboys — not just Garrett — who are very unhappy with Barber for breaking the new policy already.

The question for fantasy owners is whether or not Barber will be disciplined.  If Garrett wants to prove he’s head coach material and can turn the Cowboys around, he might bench Barber for at least a quarter.  If Garrett expects a 1-7 team to respect him, he has to show them they’re going to do things his way or they aren’t going to do them at all.  We’ll try to update if anything becomes known about Barber’s status before game time.