Jason Hill Thinks Darrelle Revis Is Overhyped Because He Plays in New York

Most New York football fans had never heard of Jason Hill before this week. Now, all of them will probably know his name.

The little-known Jaguars wide receiver said Wednesday the reason the Jets players get a lot of attention is not because they’re better than other players in the league, but because they play under a bigger spotlight.

“This is a league full of great players. I think sometimes they get overhyped. I talked to Drew [Coleman], Drew played there. He says it’s just the aura of New York. They got a big media. That’s not the Jacksonville paper, that’s the big New York Times paper so they get more pub. That’s what it is.

“It’s a game that we all play. He been playing the game, Revis, just as long as I’ve been playing. This is a game full of good players making plays. He just made a lot more plays on TV than we’ve made being here in Jacksonville. He’s a good player. We respect him. Hopefully he respects us because we’re going to bring it just like they’re going to bring it.”

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