Writer Jason Reid questions John Wall for getting tattoos

John Wall chest tattoo

Washington Post sports writer Jason Reid wrote a column critical of John Wall on Monday for the Washington Wizards point guard’s decision to get several tattoos — and share photos of them on social media — when he previously billed himself as a player with a clean-cut image.

Welcome to the Colin Kaepernick debate, part II.

Last month, we posted photos that showed Wall’s new chest tattoos. The former No. 1 overall pick recently got the tattoos and had them strategically placed on his body so that they are not visible when he is wearing his basketball jersey. Wall’s tattoo artist even noted that Wall is following the strategy of Kevin Durant by getting “business tattoos.”

[Photos: See John Wall's new tattoos]

Reid does not argue against the merits of tattoos. Instead, he says Wall’s change in attitude towards tattoos raises questions about the 22-year-old’s mindset.

Reid writes:

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