Jason Richardson gained some weight this offseason

Jason Richardson fat

Is that Jason Richardson or Khalid El-Amin?

Richardson underwent knee surgery in April and probably hasn’t been able to do much exercising as a result, which likely explains why he’s gained some pounds like he’s on that Baron Davis training program.

Richardson was acquired by the Philaelphia 76ers prior to last season in the four-team trade that sent Dwight Howard to the Lakers. J-Rich is hoping to be ready for action in January or February. Hopefully he’ll be back in shape by then.

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Jason Richardson sprained his ankle on a cameraman and is fuming about it

Jason Richardson left Sunday’s game between the Philadelphia 76ers and New York Knicks after just 107 seconds after spraining his ankle when he accidentally stepped on a cameraman situated courtside at Madison Square Garden.

Richardson, who is in his first season with the Sixers, was driving to the hoop and missed a layup that was defended by Carmelo Anthony. His momentum took him out of bounds where he accidentally backed into the cameraman, rolling his ankle.

Richardson limped off the court and was reportedly wearing a walking boot after the game, per CSN Philly. He was so upset he tweeted the following message after the game:

Richardson is out for Monday’s Sixers-Knicks game in Philly.

“It ballooned up a lot,” Richardson said about the swelling in his ankle. “It’s just some soreness and I’m going to keep it under control.”

Hopefully he won’t miss too much time.

Filming the game for TV is pretty important, but it’s not more important than being a hazard to the safety of players. I’ve said for a while that cameramen and photographers need to be off the court more than they are, but between courtside seats and that, it’s obvious that’s not a priority to the league.

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Jason Richardson Sneaks Onto Court Mid-Play to Guard Celtics Player (Video)

Magic guard Jason Richardson noticed that his team only had four players on the floor at one point during the third quarter of Monday night’s loss to the Celtics, so he jumped off the bench mid-play and guarded Boston center Greg Stiemsma. Richardson knocked the ball out of Stiemsma’s hands, but it went out of bounds. Apparently what happened is J.J. Redick was supposed to check in for Richardson, but he didn’t alert the scorer’s table, so he was forced to go back to the bench until the next stoppage. Richardson thought Redick was in the game, but once he realized Redick was on the bench, he sneaked onto the court for the play. Here’s the video:

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Jason Richardson and Zaza Pachulia Fight (Video)

Atlanta Hawks center Zaza Pachulia and Magic guard Jason Richardon were ejected in Game 3 Friday night for engaging in a mini-fight. Dwight Howard and Zaza had been mixing it up all game and Dwight started things by flailing a hand at Zaza. Pachulia got in J-Rich’s face with a headbutt so Richardson responded with a slap. Both players were ejected for the remaining 2:22 in the game and could face a suspension for Game 4. Here’s a video of the Jason Richardson-Zaza Pachulia fight:

The Hawks ended up winning things and it’s hard to argue the Magic weren’t suffering without J-Rich at the end of the game. Pachulia is a real pest and his annoying play got the best of Orlando which they just can’t let happen.

UPDATE: They’ve both been suspended for Game 4 of the series.

Magic Roster Makeover: Trade Lands Gilbert Arenas, Brings Back Hedo Turkoglu

The Orlando Magic were dominating the NBA to begin the season, and then December came.  Something has gone wrong for the Magic lately, and it has resulted in five losses over the last six games.  We’ve known for a while that the Magic were interested in acquiring Gilbert Arenas, but we didn’t know they were going to blow up their roster to make it happen.

Pro Basketball Talk called our attention to a lot of dealing the Magic did on Saturday.  First, Orlando sent Vince Carter, Mikael Pietrus, and Marcin Gortat to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for Jason Richardson, Hedo Turkoglu, and Earl Clark.  When that deal was finished, the Magic then traded Rashard Lewis to the Washington Wizards to get their boy Gilbert Arenas.

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Jason Richardson, Dunk Champion, Misses Game-Tying Dunk

The Suns and Spurs kicked off ABC’s NBA Sunday in San Antonio. It was a close game the entire way but the Spurs maintained a slight lead the entire fourth quarter. Phoenix’s best chance to finally catch the Spurs occurred in the final minute when Jared Dudley stole an errant pass from Steve Nash. Dudley pushed the ball ahead to Jason Richardson who was on a fastbreak and headed to tie the game at 107 with an easy dunk. That was until the rim got in the way. Check out the video:

Yes, that was J-Rich, the same guy who won the dunk competition in ’02 and ’03, who drew iron on a potential stuff. No doubt he’s thoroughly embarrassed by the miss but there’s no way to guarantee that the Suns would have went on to win the game had he made it. That was a crappy way to see your five-game winning streak come to an end though.

In Which Jason Richardson Does His Best Jeff Gordon Impression

What is it about athletes getting busted for speeding that appeals so much to me as a story? Maybe it’s because of the careless, reckless nature of these stories, and how stupid they are (the incidents, not necessarily the players). Take Josh Howard and Kenyon Martin for instance, who left their better judgment at home when they decided to try out for amateur roles in the remake of Speed Racer. What’s the appeal there? And if you’re Jason Richardson of the Phoenix Suns, you may not have outdone K-Mart’s 101 in the 30, but you score bonus points for having your three-year-old son in the backseat without a belt:

Scottsdale police clocked Richardson, 27, traveling at 67 mph in a 40-mph zone of the 6500 block of East Camelback Road before the vehicle turned onto 64th Street. Police said Richardson then reached a speed of 90 mph in a 35-mph zone of the 5400 block of North 64th Street at about 8 p.m., when he was pulled over. The officer noticed that Richardson’s son was not in a child seat in the back seat.

For that, the team suspended him a game. The bright side is that J-Rich wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol and that he admitted to speeding up front with the officers. The downside is pretty self explanatory. Maybe he was just trying to get home in time to catch Desperate Housewives. Can’t imagine why that wouldn’t have worked with the officers.