Jay Bilas on Twitter exposes NCAA for profiting off athletes’ names

Jay Bilas, a former four-year starter at Duke and current college basketball analyst for ESPN, absolutely crushed the NCAA for its hypocritical practices. Bilas is a staunch advocate for collegiate athlete rights and frequently points out the NCAA’s flaws. On Tuesday, Bilas took it to a new level via his Twitter account.

Bilas exposed the NCAA for profiting off the names of its star athletes while punishing the athletes for doing the same. His takedown of the NCAA came in the context of the organization investigating Johnny Manziel for allegedly getting paid to sign autographs. Bilas pointed out that the NCAA’s official store leads you to specific player pages if you search for some star athletes. For instance, take a look at what happens when you seach “manziel” on the NCAA’s shop:

Bilas left this one out, but there is a Texas A&M Heisman shirt being sold at the NCAA’s official shop that mentions Manziel by name in the item’s description:

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ESPN experts Jay Bilas, Dick Vitale, Digger Phelps, Hubert Davis make their Final Four picks

You see them on the GameDay set analyzing college hoops games every week, so naturally you’re wondering who they all picked for the NCAA Tournament. Shortly after the brackets were released on Selection Sunday, ESPN experts Jay Bilas, Dick Vitale, Digger Phelps, and Hubert Davis began arguing and analyzing the tournament. With less than an hour to digest everything, the crew didn’t have a chance to predict the entire tournament, but they did make their Final Four selections. Those are below.

Jay Bilas went all chalk, picking all four No. 1 seeds to reach the Final Four. He has Kentucky beating Syracuse in the finals.

Dick Vitale had a few surprise teams in the Final Four. He picked Kentucky, (2) Missouri, (3) Florida State, and North Carolina to reach the Final Four. He picked Kentucky over North Carolina in the final game.

Digger Phelps also picked Florida State to reach the Final Four. He chose Kentucky, Michigan State, (3) FSU, (2) Kansas. He has Michigan St. over Kansas in the final game.

Hubert Davis‘ picks must be prefaced with the fact that he is partial to his alma mater, North Carolina. Like Bilas, Davis went all chalk picking all four No. 1 seeds to reach the Final Four. He has his school North Carolina beating Michigan St. in the final game.

Two analysts have Kentucky winning it all, and two have Michigan St. in the final game. Syracuse seemed to be the least popular top seed among their expert crew. Check back throughout the week to see the NCAA Tournament picks from the LBS staff.

Jay Bilas References NBA Draft Drinking Game During Wingspan Mention (Video)

The same phrases are uttered ad nauseum on draft night. It doesn’t matter if it’s the NBA or the NFL draft, you hear all the same words to describe prospects. It’s usually “upside,” or “freak ability,” or “intangibles,” that are commonly mentioned. Our friend Matt Moore listed all the key phrases before the draft on twitter, and he wrote about it last year. The Sports Bank also created a drinking game for this year’s draft. Well one of the common gimmicks is taking a drink anytime the word “wingspan” is mentioned. The joke is so widespread that analyst Jay Bilas referenced it on TV, as Miami radio host Jorge Sedano pointed out. Check out the video:

We’ve given Bilas a hard time in the past, but after seeing that, I may have to give him a break. He’s definitely a good sport.

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LBS > Jay Bilas, Cornell Fans

When Kentucky and Cornell met in the East Region semifinals on Thursday night, much more was at stake than a position in the Elite Eight. I’m not even talking about coaching jobs, playing careers, or fan excitement. Nope. I’m talking about credibility, maddening predictions, and domain names. I’m talking about Jay Bilas’ prediction that Cornell would reach the Elite Eight coming up short.

Two weeks ago when the brackets were revealed on Selection Sunday, I slammed Bilas for his absurd prediction that Cornell would advance to the Elite Eight. While Cornell surprised me by beating Wisconsin and advancing to the Sweet Sixteen, they ultimately came up way short of his proclamation, butting their collective heads against the impenetrable roadblock that is Kentucky. Had Cornell won and advanced to the Elite Eight, I promised to change the site’s name to Jay Bilas Sports for a week and apologize to the man personally for my sharp criticism. Think I was worried? I didn’t even break a sweat as Kentucky hammered Cornell 62-45, holding the Little Magenta to 33% shooting and only 24% on three pointers. Kentucky made Cornell look like a silly, scrappy, unathletic opponent when they went on a 30-6 run to close the first half. Even though the 17-point margin is satisfying enough for me to puff my chest out, it would have been much worse if Cornell hadn’t resorted to the hack-a-DeMarcus strategy (a smart plan albeit).

In case you weren’t keeping track of this story (believe me, I know you weren’t), my Bilas post started getting peppered with comments from Cornell fans, Bilas supporters, and LBS haters, all laughing at me and telling me I would have to get a new website name ready. Well, to all of you, I would just like to say kiss my big fat brown bag. This is why I went off on Bilas in the first place. Saying Cornell would reach the Sweet Sixteen is one thing. Telling me they’re going to the Elite Eight by way of Kentucky is a complete other notion. The Little Magenta was good enough to stun us with wins over Temple and Wisconsin. They were completely over-matched against Kentucky. Any basketball fan or analyst knew that was the case. That was the difference between the sane and the insane.

Crazy Jay Bilas Has Cornell in Elite Eight

I’ve seen a lot of nonsense before in my life but I haven’t seen as many ridiculous notions as the one Jay Bilas suggested on Selection Sunday. Analyzing the brackets for ESPN, Bilas revealed his pick of Cornell to reach the Elite Eight in the East Region. I know March Madness got its nickname because of the improbable upsets in the tourney and the insanity it causes for fans making picks, but nonetheless I think it’s nothing short of absurd to say Cornell will reach the Elite Eight.

Can they beat Temple in the first round? Possibly. Wisconsin in the second round? Unlikely — not the way the Badgers play defense. If they got some help from Wofford, yeah, Cornell could reach the Sweet Sixteen, but I doubt that would happen. Then, should Cornell reach said Sweet Sixteen, they would theoretically have to beat Kentucky to reach the Elite Eight. That would never happen in the college basketball universe as I know it.

I know March is about picking upsets and finding sleepers, but calling Cornell to the Elite Eight is something reserved for Ivan from Ithaca who calls my radio show, not supposed credible analysts like Jay Bilas. I know ESPN encourages their analysts to go out on a limb with predictions but it should never get to the point where it hurts one’s credibility as this likely will for Bilas. If Jay turns out to be correct, I’ll rename this site Jay Bilas Sports for a week and apologize to the man personally. If not, I reserve the right to question Bilas’ credibility moving forward. By the way, Jay, the reason why everyone’s picking chalk isn’t necessarily because they’re afraid of picking upsets; it’s because all the good teams got jammed in the Midwest for some inexcusable reason.