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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Jay Bilas

Jay Bilas wore Grateful Dead shirt during ESPN broadcast

ESPN’s broadcast of the Arizona-Colorado game Thursday evening featured Dave Pasch, Jay Bilas, and Bill Walton as the broadcast team. In a departure from the norm, Bilas blessed viewers with a Grateful Dead t-shirt. Bilas is one of the more popular basketball analysts in ESPN’s stable of personalities. He’s also one of the network’s most…Read More

Jay Bilas on Twitter exposes NCAA for profiting off athletes’ names

Jay Bilas, a former four-year starter at Duke and current college basketball analyst for ESPN, absolutely crushed the NCAA for its hypocritical practices. Bilas is a staunch advocate for collegiate athlete rights and frequently points out the NCAA’s flaws. On Tuesday, Bilas took it to a new level via his Twitter account. Bilas exposed the…Read More

Jay Bilas References NBA Draft Drinking Game During Wingspan Mention (Video)

The same phrases are uttered ad nauseum on draft night. It doesn’t matter if it’s the NBA or the NFL draft, you hear all the same words to describe prospects. It’s usually “upside,” or “freak ability,” or “intangibles,” that are commonly mentioned. Our friend Matt Moore listed all the key phrases before the draft on…Read More

LBS > Jay Bilas, Cornell Fans

When Kentucky and Cornell met in the East Region semifinals on Thursday night, much more was at stake than a position in the Elite Eight. I’m not even talking about coaching jobs, playing careers, or fan excitement. Nope. I’m talking about credibility, maddening predictions, and domain names. I’m talking about Jay Bilas’ prediction that Cornell…Read More

Crazy Jay Bilas Has Cornell in Elite Eight

I’ve seen a lot of nonsense before in my life but I haven’t seen as many ridiculous notions as the one Jay Bilas suggested on Selection Sunday. Analyzing the brackets for ESPN, Bilas revealed his pick of Cornell to reach the Elite Eight in the East Region. I know March Madness got its nickname because…Read More

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