Charles Woodson: We don’t need luck against Jay Cutler, he’ll throw it to us

Thursday night in Green Bay couldn’t really have gone any worse for Jay Cutler and the Bears offense. After passing all over the Colts in Week 1, Chicago was confident it could enjoy similar success against the Packers. The Packers are not the Colts, and the 23-10 final reflected that.

Earlier this week, Cutler and Brandon Marshall basically said Green Bay’s defenders would be making a mistake if they tried to get physical and play press coverage against the Chicago receivers. Considering Cutler finished the game with a modest stat line of 11-for-27 passing, 126 yards, one touchdown and four interceptions, I think it’s safe to say the Packers knew what they were doing.

“I don’t know if we took (Cutler’s comments) personal,” Charles Woodson said after the game according to the Chicago Tribune. “But we thought it was kind of funny, that all of a sudden they were the team to beat because they got a couple of new guys. They had no answers up front.

“Jay is a guy, he’ll give you a chance. You just have to be in position. It’s the same old Jay. We don’t need luck, Jay will throw us the ball. Proof is in the pudding.”

Woodson couldn’t be more right. In seven career games against the Packers, Cutler has thrown 15 interceptions compared to only eight touchdowns. His QB rating of 60.5 against Green Bay is by far the lowest against any team he has played more than two games against. The Packers defense has figured out a formula for beating Cutler and the Chicago offensive line, and obviously the addition of Marshall did not crack the code.

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Jay Cutler on Packers physical press coverage: ‘Good luck’

The 2012 installment of the Packers-Bears NFC North rivalry is set to kick off on Thursday, and there are plenty of enticing story lines. For starters, the Packers will be looking to rebound from a tough loss against San Francisco and cannot afford to drop their first two home games of the season. Aaron Rodgers did not look like the same guy who threw 45 touchdowns and only six interceptions last season, although the Niners are the toughest defense in the NFC. To make matters worse, Green Bay could be without Greg Jennings (groin injury).

Then, there are the Bears. Jay Cutler seems to have a renewed confidence with his old buddy Brandon Marshall in town. He showed that on Tuesday when asked about the Packers potentially jamming his receivers and playing press coverage.

“Good luck,” Cutler said according to CSNChicago.com. “We invite press coverage. We invite man.”

Brandon Marshall, who has already made a very bold prediction about the Bears, echoed Cutler’s confidence.

“It’s all about matchups,” the receiver said. “I’m 6-5, 230 pounds and there’s not too many DB’s walking around that big. If they want to get physical, I do welcome that.”

Cutler and Marshall each had a big game against the Colts, but it was the Colts. They aren’t exactly an NFL powerhouse anymore. Confidence is a good thing, but they would be wise to not look too deeply into Green Bay’s loss to the Niners. If anything, that game will only serve as further motivation for the Pack in a game they already knew they had to have.

Earl Bennett: Jay Cutler is best QB in the NFL, better than Aaron Rodgers

Earl Bennett and Jay Cutler have a relationship that dates back to college, where the two played together at Vanderbilt. This season, the Bears would like to get more out of both of them. Bennett’s production was solid in 2009 when Cutler first arrived in Chicago. He caught 54 balls for 717 yards that season, but he has fallen off a bit over the past couple seasons and totaled only 381 yards last year. Cutler has also been disappointing and has not come close to duplicating his terrific 2008 season with the Broncos.

Despite the underwhelming production, Bennett feels as though Cutler is the best quarterback in the NFL.

“We have the top running back arguably in the league, top quarterback, the receiving corp is deep,” Bennett told Adam Schein and Rich Gannon on SiriusXM NFL radio Monday according to Around the League.

Schein then took the opportunity to ask Bennett if he was saying he thinks Cutler is better than Aaron Rodgers. Jay’s old buddy gave a very definitive answer.

“Of course,” he replied.

If Cutler is ever going to break out with the Bears, this has to be the season. He should be more comfortable with receivers like Bennett and Devin Hester, and the Bears have reunited him with his favorite top-flight receiver in Brandon Marshall. Perhaps Bennett is simply trying to suck up to Cutler after angering him by revealing the sex of Jay and Kristin Cavallari’s baby. Whatever the case, Cutler simply is not even close to as good as Rodgers and about five or six other quarterbacks across the league.

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Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari mad at Earl Bennett for revealing their baby’s sex

Bears wide out and noted NFL dress code breaker Earl Bennett is reportedly facing the wrath of Jay Cutler and his fiancee, reality star Kristin Cavallari.

As you may recall, Cutler knocked up Cavallari and are expecting their first child this summer. The couple was hoping to keep the baby’s gender under wraps, but Bennett had to go and blow that up when he was a guest on WCSR with Terry Boers and Dan Bernstein earlier this week.

“New toys, a baby on the way — he’s having a boy,” Bennett said. “I am excited for Jay. It’s a great time.”

Whoops! Here’s more from Hollyscoop:

Needless to say, the Hills star and the Bears quarterback are less than pleased.

A source close to the couple tells Hollyscoop, “They are not happy that something so personal was revealed on a radio show, especially Jay – he didn’t want anyone to know what they were having.”

Looks like a certain Bears receiver needs to get a totally amazing baby shower gift. I’m guessing a bjorn isn’t going to cut it.

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Jay Cutler defends Brandon Marshall, says he will babysit him in Chicago

The latest news surrounding Brandon Marshall likely has Bears fans feeling mixed emotions about their new acquisition. When Chicago pulled off a trade for Marshall earlier in the week, they gave Jay Cutler the deep threat receiver he has wanted over the past three seasons. Almost immediately after the trade was completed, however, news surfaced that Marshall could be in trouble off the field again, as he has been accused of hitting a woman at a club in New York over the weekend.

As they await the outcome, Bears fans can relax knowing that Cutler fully plans to babysit Marshall next season.

“We’ve remained close, we’re going to get even closer now that he’s back with us as a Bear,” Cutler said during an interview with ESPN Chicago. “I’m going to keep every eye I have on him, making sure he’s doing the right thing. That’s not a problem with Brandon right now. He’s matured. He wants to do the right thing. It’s just a shame that his past still haunts him, but that’s what happens, everyone makes mistakes. Brandon is still learning from them and growing, and like I said, we have a heck of a guy, a heck of a player and I think Phil (Emery) made quite a splash on Day 1 (of free agency).”

The above quote came after Cutler called out ESPN Chicago’s Waddle and Silvy for questioning Marshall as a person on their Twitter account. Clearly, Jay believes Brandon is innocent and that the alleged incident from last weekend will blow over. The chemistry Marshall and Cutler had on the field in Denver is undeniable, but Bears fans have every right to wonder about their new receiver’s character. It makes sense for Cutler to defend Marshall, but even he knows why people in Chicago are concerned.

Jay Cutler granted his wish to reunite with Brandon Marshall

Less than a month after pointing out that the Bears could use some size at wide receiver, Jay Cutler got his wish. Chicago traded two third-round picks to the Dolphins in exchange for Brandon Marshall.

Marshall and Cutler were teammates on the Broncos from 2006-2008 and shared plenty of offensive success. Marshall caught over 100 passes and 1,200 yards in 2007 and 2008, and scored a combine 13 touchdowns. Cutler targeted Marshall a league-leading 179 times in 2008. He clearly feeds the potentially troublesome receiver enough to keep him happy.

The two also seem to have incredible chemistry. At least that’s how Marshall described their relationship during a January radio appearance.

“It’s hard to find that and sometimes it’s once in a lifetime,” Marshall said, “…when you take two guys and put them on the field together and they have that chemistry, that’s what’s almost impossible to find. I can’t explain it. That’s why I said it’s almost painful to think about.

“We’ll line up there and we’ll get a coverage and he will just look at me and I’ll know exactly where he wants to adjust my route. You don’t find that. It got to a point where coaches, they didn’t know what we were doing so we’ll install a whole play and they’ll give us a play on the front side and put me on the back side and they’ll tell us just do what you all do and just make it work. We had a lot of freedom in our offense, and we made it work and chemistry was great. It was something special.”

Jeez man, Brandon was getting all Sixteen Candles on us there. So yeah, now he gets to rekindle his romance with Jay. I don’t know how you could dislike this deal for the Bears. Two third-round picks is not that much, especially for a talented player like Marshall. It’s actually a great deal for them, one that can make a huge difference.

Jay Cutler would like Bears to add receiver over 6’2″, thank you

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was a good sport and called into a Chicago radio show Monday to wish one of the hosts happy birthday. He also talked about his former Broncos teammate Brandon Marshall, and said he’d love to have another receiving weapon on the Bears.

When one of the hosts asked Cutler what he thought of free agent receiver Vincent Jackson, who’s 6’5″, Cutler told The Waddle & Silvy Show “Anyone really over 6-2 at this point is going to look good.”

The comment made sense — of Chicago’s receivers, only Roy Williams (6’3″), is over 6’2″. Their other options are all 6’0″ or below.

Cutler also said he’s like most quarterbacks who aren’t happy “unless we’re getting offensive guys year in and year out, more toys to play with.”

I wouldn’t view Cutler’s comments negatively and I hope they’re not perceived that way. Cutler was giving a friendly interviewed and said he’d like more offensive toys when prompted. He didn’t come out and demand management make some moves, but he said he’d like some. And what quarterback wouldn’t? Chicago doesn’t have many strong receiving options so bringing in one should be a priority.