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Saturday, November 18, 2017

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Jay Cutler would take ‘less than starter money’ to join Texans?

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler may end up being forced into retirement due to a lack of interest, but there is reportedly one team he would be willing to play for at a discounted rate.

According to ESPN’s Ed Werder, who says he has “spoken to people involved,” Cutler wants to continue playing and might consider taking less money to play for a contender like the Houston Texans.

Since the Chicago Bears released him, the only realistic suitor for Cutler that has been mentioned is the New York Jets, and they recently signed Josh McCown to a one-year deal. The Texans have a need at quarterback with no options beyond Tom Savage, but they will likely try to address that need in the draft first. If they end up missing out on one particular quarterback that Bill O’Brien supposedly loves, they might end up giving Cutler a look.

Bears reporter would be ‘surprised’ if Jay Cutler did not retire

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler has generated hardly any interest on the free agent market, and it is starting to look like he has taken his last snap in the NFL. In fact, one reporter who covers Cutler’s former team expects that to be the case.

Jeff Dickerson, who works the Chicago Bears beat for ESPN, wrote on Monday that he would be “surprised” if Cutler doesn’t retire. Dickerson cites many reasons, the most notable of which are Cutler’s age (he’ll turn 34 later this month), recent injury history and career earnings, as the quarterback has made over $100 million playing football and has a wife who is a successful television personality.

The New York Jets were one of the only teams that was linked to Cutler, but even they went in a different direction when they signed 37-year-old Josh McCown to a one-year deal. The Houston Texans were also said to have some interest, but they would rather give Tom Savage a chance to win the starting job and possibly address the QB position in the NFL Draft.

It probably doesn’t help Cutler that one of his former teammates recently questioned his leadership ability, but comments like that are nothing new. The reality is Cutler is an average QB who has played at an above-average level in spurts during his career. No team is going to look at him and think he is a solution to a problem, and that is typically bad news when you’re injury prone and on the wrong side of 30.

So long, Smokin’ Jay?

Antrel Rolle questions Jay Cutler’s leadership

Jay Cutler

A month into free agency, Jay Cutler is still available, and there are even questions about whether he will continue playing football.

Cutler was once viewed as a franchise quarterback, but that luster has been lost over the years as the QB has battled injuries, inconsistent play, and an inability to consistently win.

Now one of his former teammates is questioning his leadership.

During an appearance on “Good Morning Football” Thursday, Antrel Rolle was asked to compare his former quarterbacks, Eli Manning and Cutler.

“He was a little bit more laid back. He wasn’t a front-row leader,” Rolle said of Cutler. “Neither was Eli Manning, but Eli has a way about himself to lead every guy. I just felt like, honestly, if Jay involved himself more with the team, more with his receivers, I think he’d get more better results on the playing field.

“Like I said I just honestly feel like he would get much better results if he involved himself more in the team collectively, with all individuals. It doesn’t have to be offense, defense, special teams, but just everyone as a collective unit, I think he would get more out of his game for himself.”

Rolle, who played with Cutler on the Bears in 2015, also said he wasn’t surprised that Cutler is still available.

Whether it’s his toughness, leadership, or body language, Cutler’s qualities as a quarterback and traits as a person have long been in question. It’s stories like these that probably contribute to him considering retiring. Why continue to deal with it all given the money he’s made and the family he has at home?

Report: Lack of interest could force Jay Cutler into retirement

Jay Cutler

The market for free agent quarterback Jay Cutler just isn’t there, and he may have played his last game because of it.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport told Good Morning Football that nobody is interested in Cutler — and he may end up being forced into retirement as a result.

“I’ve had a lot of conversations with general managers or head coaches talking about where these quarterbacks are going to land and it is unbelievable that Cutler’s name rarely, if ever, comes up,” Rapoport said, via Kevin Patra of NFL.com.

Rapoport noted that quarterback-needy teams like the Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans simply have not shown any interest in the veteran.

“There’s really only a couple starting quarterback spots that are even available,” Rapoport noted. “The Browns would be one. I doesn’t seem like Cutler would be interested in going there. The Texans would be another. It doesn’t seem they have interest in him. So Cutler may face a similar situation, actually, to Tony Romo, which is to just chill, wait, and if something happens — some horrible camp injury, like what happened to Teddy Bridgewater last year — maybe Cutler’s name would be called. But I do know he’s talked to people that he knows pretty well about retirement being a possibility. He actually might have no choice.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard something like this. Cutler’s market is almost non-existent at this point, and there is no indication anything will change that anytime soon.

Kristin Cavallari shares photo of Jay Cutler in birthday suit on Instagram

Jay Cutler

Free agent quarterback Jay Cutler and his wife are vacationing in Mexico, and NFL teams who are curious to know if Cutler has been keeping his glutes in shape can thank the lovely Kristin Cavallari for providing them with an update.

On Tuesday, Cutler’s better half shared a photo on Instagram that showed the former Chicago Bears quarterback in his birthday suit overlooking the ocean. Sorry, we had to blur it out a bit:

“Good times, no tan lines,” Cavallari wrote, attributing the quote to former NFL tight end Tony Scheffler. “Let the sea set you free.”

In a follow-up post, Cavallari joked that she wanted to show her followers the “unobstructed view” in case her photo of Smokin’ Jay’s backside gets taken down.

In case my last post gets deleted, he's the unobstructed view #GonnaMissThisPlace

A post shared by Kristin Cavallari (@kristincavallari) on

Despite a troubling report we heard about his NFL future this week, Cutler appears to be living a worry-free lifestyle.

Report: ‘Strong belief’ Jay Cutler won’t play in 2017

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler has not received much interest from teams since the Chicago Bears released him earlier this month, and it is starting to look like it could stay that way.

Adam Hoge from WGN Radio said there is a “strong belief” at the NFL owners’ meetings this week that Cutler may not find a home for the 2017 season.

The only team that had been linked to Cutler previously was the New York Jets, and they decided to sign Josh McCown to likely fill the role Cutler would have been used in.

Cutler will turn 34 in about a month, and he is coming off a season in which he appeared in just five games due to injury. He has not exactly been the model of good health in recent years, and we all know about the gunslinger’s issues with protecting the football. Few teams are in need of a starting quarterback, and it is doubtful Cutler would be willing to accept a backup role.

If we were to guess, we’d assume this controversial quarterback would land a job before Cutler. Retirement is not out of the question for Smokin’ Jay.

Report: Jay Cutler likely to visit Jets

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler is reportedly likely to visit the New York Jets, and the two sides have at least touched base with each other.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Jets and Cutler are looking into the possibility of joining up together. It’s unclear how strong the interest is on both sides and how realistic the possibility is that Cutler will end up in New York in 2017.

We have heard previously that the two sides have mutual interest. It sounds like they’re headed in the direction of formalizing that interest and really looking into the possibility of Cutler in New York.

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