NFL player quit football because teammates caught him masturbating

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Imagine that someone’s NFL dreams all came to an end because his teammates caught him with his pants down. Literally. That’s the story of what happened with one player, according to FOX NFL reporter Jay Glazer.

Glazer was the subject of a profile for GQ (read it all here). It’s a good profile and talks about Glazer’s personality and how hard he works to get all his reporting scoops. Glazer only shares and reports a tiny fraction of all the information he has, which means a ton of stories he knows about never become public. But Glazer decided to share one great story in the GQ profile.

According to Glazer, one NFL player quit football because his teammates caught him masturbating.

Here’s the quote from the GQ piece.

“They have, like, a computer room where the guys can go study film. And somebody caught him. Pants right down, going to town. And I guess he caught wind that they were gonna make fun of him, and [snaps his fingers] gone. He quit football. Never went back. Man up, man! It’s not like nobody else does it!”

I’m not sure what’s worse: That a guy actually quit football because he was too embarrassed, or Glazer saying that other guys do the same thing (in the film room??!!)? I can’t imagine the player was very good, because good players wouldn’t just quit football because of that. Or at least I don’t think they would have. Still, that’s no way to go out. I mean how do you explain that to your friends and family? Uhhh I quit because they caught me jerking it. What do you say to them? Go Paul Finch and just say it was a film room incident? Guess so.

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Video: ‘Pretty Boy’ Matt Leinart MMA Training with FOX’s Jay Glazer

I first read about Matt Leinart doing MMA training with FOX NFL reporter and MMA announcer, Jay Glazer, last week at Pro Football Talk. I understood everything from Glazer’s angle — here he gets to assert himself as an alpha male and boss around a Heisman Trophy winner — that has to be a good ego boost. Plus, imagine all the breaking news stories he’ll get having Leinart in his back pocket. As for Matt, I still don’t get what the guy is doing. Spending his off-season doing MMA training shows me once again just how lost the guy is because he’s obviously more concerned with his image than his on-field play. Take a look at the training:

When I see this video I can’t help but think of Matt Leinart as a pledge in a fraternity just getting bossed and bitched around. I can almost feel the other guys in the video saying to themselves, “Check out what I’m going to make this NFL golden boy do. I ask him to fetch and he does.” I know Leinart’s trying to change his image, but rather than changing who he is maybe he should just be comfortable with what he is and just try to make the best of himself. I still don’t see how this will help him read defenses and target receivers and last time I checked, knees to the chest of the defender elicit 15-yard personal foul penalties.

(video via Shutdown Corner)

Spygate Tapes Like Girls Gone Wild Video

The infamous Jay Glazer who somehow procured a copy of the Spygate video tapes has been making the rounds lately to promote his participation in a Subway commercial. The NFL on FOX reporter did a little stop and chat with A.J. Daulerio of Deadspin on Thursday and spent most of his time reminding all of us how cool he is. But then he actually strayed from his regimen of self-aggrandizement to give us this nugget about the Spygate tapes:

The tapes go back and forth between… Well, the first part of the tape, the guy recording it , all he’s focusing in on are the butts of the Jet City Dancers. He’s going from chick, to chick, to chick, and then you see, like, Tom Brady step in and then he’ll [the dude taping it] hit the coaches a little bit, but when there’s a break? He goes into the stands and then focuses on T and A. It is classsssic. It is like Spygate meets “Girls Gone Wild.”

Yeah, so in that respect it’s just like any other camera guy shooting the “scenic” shots for a game. Glazer does go on to say however, that the tapes show the Pats were blatantly trying to steal signs in their taping. He also says he and his friends watch em when they come over for parties. I guess in that respect they’re also similar to GGW tapes. It will be interesting to see what comes about with Goodell’s meeting with Walsh next month. I’m guessing things will get ugly for the Patriots.