Florida WR Demarcus Robinson says on Twitter he wants new QB

Demarcus Robinson Twitter

Well this is awkward.

Florida sophomore wide receiver Demarcus Robinson appears to have voiced his opinion that the Gators need a new starting quarterback much in the same way that a fan would.

No, he didn’t post on a fan message board or call into talk radio, but he did retweet a tweet by GatorZone that posed a call to action, instructing followers to “retweet” if they want to “see a new face at QB” (screenshot at the top).

Robinson later undid the retweet so it doesn’t show up on his timeline. Apparently in response, he sent out this tweet saying he supports all his team’s quarterbacks.

Sure you do, Robinson. We know you feel just like Emmitt Smith on this subject. Don’t worry, the coaches will too before long.

Robinson does have 23 catches for 353 yards and 3 touchdowns on the season, but you know he cares more about having a good offense than good stats.

Helmet smack to Alligator Army

Emmitt Smith calls for Jeff Driskel to be benched

Jeff Driskel

Emmitt Smith was so frustrated watching quarterback Jeff Driskel stink it up for Florida in a 42-21 loss to Alabama on Saturday that he begged the Gators to bench the QB.

Here’s what Smith, a former Gators running back, tweeted during the game:

Though Driskel threw for a touchdown on the Gators’ third possession of the game to tie it at 7 and rushed for a TD in the third to tie the game at 21, his numbers were dreadful. Driskel went 9-of-28 for 93 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions. He did rush for 59 yards and a score.

After the game, Driskel didn’t seem to be aware of how poor his numbers were.

“We didn’t make the plays and they did,” Driskel said. “We didn’t get it done. It’s a matter of execution.

“It was a game of big plays. Alabama had a lot more than us.”

Bro, you only completed 32 percent of your passes and didn’t even throw for 100 yards. I think it was a lot more than just a matter of execution and big plays. Maybe Emmitt will eventually get his wish.

Jeff Driskel’s pants left little to the imagination

Jeff Driskel pants

Are they trying a new material for their pants over at Florida? If so, they’re definitely of the see-through variety. Check out how Jeff Driskel looked in the end zone after scoring on a 9-yard touchdown run in the first quarter of the Gators’ 21-16 loss to the Miami Hurricanes on Saturday. That’s either a jock strap that’s pretty visible under his pants, or the quarterback has been spending some time with Annie from “Bull Durham.”

It’s easy to see why Driskel’s pants were nominated on ESPN’s “C’Mon Man!”

What was worse: Driskel’s pants, or Jeff Backus of the Lions?

Jeff Driskel out two weeks after emergency appendectomy

Jeff DriskelFlorida Gators quarterback Jeff Driskel could be out two weeks after having emergency surgery to remove his appendix, the school announced on Tuesday.

“Jeff had acute appendicitis and fortunately the medical staff caught it very quickly,” UF coach Will Muschamp said in a news release. “His surgery went well and how long he is out will be determined by how his body responds, which could be two weeks.”

Driskel is entering his junior season with the Gators. He led Florida to a 10-2 record last season.

There was some initial concern when Driskel’s cheerleader girlfriend Tarin Moses sent an ominous tweet on Tuesday:

Hearing the news about Driskel’s appendix helps to explain the tweet. Driskel later thanked his Twitter followers for their wishes.

Florida opens its season on Aug. 31 at home against Toledo, so Driskel will have a month to recover before games begin.

Florida QB Jeff Driskel signs with Boston Red Sox

Florida Gators quarterback Jeff Driskel was unexpectedly drafted by the Boston Red Sox last month, and the junior now has a backup plan in case football doesn’t work out.

Driskel was selected in the 29th round by the Sox and confirmed over Twitter Thursday that he signed with the team:

Though Driskel’s mother told the Orlando Sentinel that her son hadn’t done anything since being drafted, his father confirmed to the paper that his son signed.

“Heck yeah he signed,” Jerry Driskel said. “If football doesn’t work out, he’ll play baseball, but he’s still playing football [at Florida next season].”

Driskel is a top athlete and helped lead Florida to an 11-2 season last year. He threw for 1,646 yards while rushing for 408. He accounted for 16 touchdowns (12 passing/four rushing).

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Jeff Driskel was bored, so Brent Pease sent him a great tweet

Florida Gators quarterback Jeff Driskel tweeted Saturday that he was bored, so his offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Brent Pease sent him a fantastic tweet in response:

Jeff DriskelMy guess is Driskel is either going to block Pease on Twitter, or reconsider tweeting anything about being bored in the future.

Driskel is entering his junior season for the Gators. He threw for 1,646 yards, 12 touchdowns, and five interceptions last season while leading Florida to an 11-2 record. He also rushed for 408 yards and four touchdowns. Pease is only in his second season at Florida after spending years at Boise State, Baylor, and Kentucky. It didn’t take him that long to feel comfortable teasing Driskel on Twitter.

This sort of ribbing between Pease and Driskel is actually nothing new. Driskel tweeted Friday that he was having Popeye’s chicken. Pease told him to watch the grease:

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