Jeff Ireland reportedly told by Dolphins that his job is safe

Jeff IrelandExactly one month ago, the Miami Dolphins lost their fifth game in six tries since starting out the season 3-0. It appeared their season was all but over, but a stretch of improved play and mediocrity across the AFC has breathed new life into the fish. Miami is 7-6 and very much alive in the playoff hunt. The Baltimore Ravens, also 7-6, currently hold the sixth and final spot in the AFC because they beat Miami head-to-head. Miami is seventh, ahead of the 6-7 San Diego Chargers and New York Jets.

After his team’s loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Nov. 11, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross supported head coach Joe Philbin by mentioning his name several times. He did not mention general manager Jeff Ireland’s name once. Despite that, Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reported on Monday that Ireland has been told his job is safe.

The man Dolphins fans see as the most likely casualty from the NFL scandal and poor performances earlier this season, Ireland, also is getting a new life.

According to an NFL source, he has received assurances from Ross that his job is safe.

And based on what we are seeing lately, that would be the right way for Ross to proceed.

Ireland has been mentioned at the center of the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin saga, with one report claiming Martin told the GM about the harassment and Ireland told Martin to punch Incognito in the face. The entire team’s perceived handling of the Incognito-Martin situation has been unfortunate, and Ireland is no exception. He has also been described as a “jerk” and a horrible GM by at least one former player.

As Salguero noted, a number of Ireland’s personnel moves have been panning out (Daniel Thomas, Brent Grimes, Charles Clay and Nolan Carroll, to name a few). Still, this is the same Ireland who is loathed by many Dolphins fans and once asked Dez Bryant is his mother was a prostitute. If Miami missed the postseason, his job should not be safe.

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Fire Ireland sign flies in Miami again

Fire Ireland sign

It’s become an annual tradition unlike any other.

Each year for the past three years, angry Miami Dolphins fans have protested GM Jeff Ireland holding his current position. Two years ago, the folks at finsnation.com hired an airplane to fly a “Fire Jeff Ireland” banner over Sun Life Stadium. Last offseason, fans gathered outside the team’s facility to protest Ireland having the GM job. This year, they did another flyover.

“Mr. Ross: We told you so 2 years ago #FireIreland” was the message on the banner this time.

What cemented this line of thinking? Oh nothing, maybe just that Ireland supposedly suggested Jonathan Martin punch Richie Incognito if he had bullying concerns. And maybe that he’s been the architect of this embarrassing Dolphins team.

Yeah, I’d say it’s about time they fired him. Only this time, based on how Stephen Ross handled his last press conference, it sounds like Ireland will finally be fired.

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Sage Rosenfels blasts Jeff Ireland

Jeff IrelandFormer NFL quarterback Sage Rosenfels went on a lengthy Twitter rant on Thursday morning, blasting Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland for being horrible at his job. Rosenfels spent more than three seasons with the Dolphins from 2002-2005. Ireland, as you know, has found himself at the center of a bullying scandal involving Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin. Rosenfels began with a personal story.

“I only spent two weeks on the Dolphins when Ireland was the GM,” he wrote. “In that short time he won the award for worst GM in my career. My reasons for my disdain for Ireland are a long story. It took about an hour to find out what everyone in that locker room thought of him.

“Two months after being put on Non Football Injury list with mono, I had gotten healthy and wanted to play. He wouldn’t let me off NFI because the Dolphins played the Raiders that week and he didn’t want them to sign me as I knew the Phins offense. Makes sense except the Raiders were the only NFL team that had 4 QBs on their roster. He waited until late Friday to release me figuring nobody would sign me that late in the week. Luckily, the Vikings cut McNabb and signed me that night. There is more but that is the basics of it.”

Rosenfels claimed Ireland was only making life difficult for him because he had the power to do so.

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Jeff Ireland reportedly advised Jonathan Martin to punch Richie Incognito

Jeff IrelandMiami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland suggested to Jonathan Martin’s agent that the second-year lineman should punch teammate Richie Incognito in response to being harassed, according to a report.

Pro Football Talk says that Martin’s agent, Rick Smith, called Ireland to complain about the way Incognito had been treating his client prior to Martin walking out on the team on Oct. 28. Ireland supposedly suggested that Martin physically confront Incognito and “punch” him.

Ireland’s suggestion clearly went against what Smith and Martin thought was the bright thing to do. Believing that the Dolphins were not going to handle the situation in a way that they thought was best, Martin walked out on the team.

Ireland’s suggestion that Martin respond to the harassment by fighting Incognito is no different from how many others have viewed the situation. Current lineman Tyson Clabo seemed to suggest the same thing when he said Martin should have stood up and been a man about it.

Whose side you’re on in this issue likely comes down to how you believe is the best way to respond to harassment/bullying. Though the NFL is a place where physical and mental toughness is needed, I fully believe you can be an effective player on the field without having to resort to fighting a teammate in the locker room in order to get that player off your back.

If it turns out that Ireland recommended Martin punch Incognito, there is little doubt he’ll lose his job. If that came true, it would be long overdue for many Dolphins fans who have protested against him. Keep in mind this is the same person who asked Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute.

And if it turns out that a Dolphins coach encouraged Incognito to call Martin to get him with the program, you could be looking at a complete change of leadership in Miami across the board.

Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland says he regrets calling fan an a-hole

Jeff Ireland has to be used to not being the most popular man in Miami by now. Dolphins fans have long been tired of the teams their general manager has assembled and the draft choices he has made, and many of them want him gone. Still, Ireland is a human and humans get frustrated. Not being able to control his frustration resulted in Ireland issuing an apology on Tuesday.

According to the Miami Herald, Ireland was walking through the concourse at Sun Life Stadium during halftime of the Dolphins’ game against the Raiders on Sunday when he stopped to chat with a few fans. One fan, who later called 790 The Ticket in Miami and revealed his identity as “Sean,” reportedly complained to Ireland about the way he has managed the team and told him he needs to fire himself. Ireland responded by calling Sean an “a**hole.”

“I don’t begrude the guy for not appreciating what I had to say,” Sean told The Ticket. “I can’t tell you I wouldn’t respond any differently if someone said I should fire myself. By the same token, I’m not the general manager of a professional football team. I feel like I expressed an opinion he probably needed to hear.”

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Dolphins fans protest outside team facility, call for Jeff Ireland to be fired (Pictures)

As expected, a number of Dolphins fans gathered to protest on Tuesday outside the team’s training facility in Davie, Fla. The brown paper bags were out and — unsurprisingly — general manager Jeff Ireland was the target of most of the criticism from the various signs and chants. As Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post shared with us on Twitter, some of the signs included “Toot to give Ireland the boot” and “Stop the circus, Ireland must go.” Some fans even took the opportunity to let the team know they have no interest in settling for Tim Tebow, as evidenced by a sign that simply read “No Tebow.” At the moment, it doesn’t appear anyone arranged for a “Fire Jeff Ireland” banner flyover. Here are a couple more pictures that Volin passed along:

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Dolphins fans reportedly organizing a ‘Fire Jeff Ireland’ protest against GM, owner

The 2012 offseason has not been kind to Dolphins fans. When Peyton Manning was released over a week ago, it was widely believed that Miami was the most likely destination for the four-time MVP. As the days passed and Manning visited the likes of the Broncos, Titans, and 49ers, it became evident that the Dolphins had fallen behind. They then turned their attention to Matt Flynn, who ended up signing with the Seahawks. Over the weekend, Miami was reportedly negotiating with an irritated Alex Smith, but now that the Niners have missed out on Manning Smith will likely return to San Francisco. On Monday, the Fins signed David Garrard to a one-year deal. Yeah.

According to Helmet2Helmet, WQAM in Miami reported on Monday night that Dolphins fans are planning to form a protest at the team’s spring training facility at around 1 p.m. Tuesday. The station plans to broadcast the protest live, which will call for GM Jeff Ireland to be fired and owner Stephen Ross to sell the team.

Various Twitter users have also changed their avatar to the “Fire Jeff Ireland” graphic that you see above. As you may remember, Dolphins fans also hired an airplane to fly a “Fire Jeff Ireland” banner over their stadium back in December, so their frustration is nothing new. Cue the brown paper bags. It’s going to be a long season in Miami.