Jen Bielema gets Twitter karma from Wisconsin fans after loss

Jen Bielema karma

Jen Bielema was bombarded on Twitter by Wisconsin fans eager to serve her some humble pie following Arkansas’ loss at Rutgers on Saturday.

Bielema, whose husband Bret left Wisconsin to become the coach at Arkansas this season, talked some crap about her former school following the Badgers’ loss to Arizona State last weekend. Wisconsin fans were eager to get back at her after the Razorbacks lost at Rutgers.

Keep in mind that this is the tweet Jen sent after Wisconsin’s loss to ASU:

Wisconsin fans were all over her, but the most notable tweet came from Jen Vrabel, the wife of Ohio State defensive line coach Mike Vrabel:

And here’s what Wisconsin fans peppered her with:

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Jen Bielema on Twitter: Wisconsin loss to Arizona State is karma

Bret Jen Bielema

Jen Bielema continues to receive notice for her Twitter actions.

Bielema was watching the end of the Wisconsin Badgers-Arizona State Sun Devils game on Saturday night, which had a controversial finish that left Wisconsin with a 32-30 loss. Bielema, whose husband Bret left Wisconsin for Arkansas after seven successful seasons leading the Badgers, termed the 32-30 loss “karma” for Wisconsin:

Wisconsin completely botched the final 18 seconds of the game, and so did the referees by not setting up the ball or calling a delay of game penalty on ASU. The Pac-12 later admitted the referees screwed up with the way they handled the ending.

But why was Jen calling the loss/referee screwup karma for Wisconsin?

Jen’s husband Bret decided to leave Wisconsin for Arkansas in search of the SEC payday. He left on his own, surprising most people tied to the Wisconsin program.

Did he leave because Wisconsin couldn’t give him and his coaching staff the kind of money he wanted? And would that be the type of karmic payback Jen was talking about? Or was she referring to ungrateful Wisconsin fans who sent her nasty messages because they were angry with Bret for leaving the program? Maybe it’s a touch of both.

Regardless, between this message and Jen starting the “Throw the A” trend at Arkansas, we know she is more than comfortable with her husband’s new home.

Jen Bielema has started Arkansas ‘throw the A’ trend


One of college football’s favorite wives has started a new social media trend. Jen Bielema, the better half of Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema, threw up an ‘A’ logo with her hubby at a Razorbacks practice last week. The photo went viral and has become a new thing among Arkansas fans.

Over the weekend, Jen Bielema retweeted several pictures of fans throwing up the A.

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Jen Bielema and her bikini seemed to enjoy Las Vegas


Bret Bielema has had himself a fantastic past year or so. Most of you likely know that Bielema was hired as the head coach of the Arkansas football team back in December. What many of you may not know is that he also got married last March to a lovely young lady who is now named Jen Bielema (formerly Jen Hielsberg). If Bret wins as much on the field as he has in his personal life, the Razorbacks will be just fine.

Outkick the Coverage’s Clay Travis shared the photo you see above with us on Tuesday, which features Jen Bielema ready to hit the pool in Las Vegas. Jen’s Twitter account indicated that she was spending the weekend in Vegas, but her Instagram account showed how lucky any dudes were who happened to be sitting next to her at the pool.

Travis also pointed out that Bret and Jen met at a blackjack table in Las Vegas, so this certainly wasn’t her first trip to Sin City. Then again, you probably could have guessed that by looking at the picture. And we thought this lovely lady was the hottest wife in college football? The competition just got a lot stiffer.



Photos via Twitter/Jen Bielema