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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Articles tagged: Jenn Sterger

Jenn Sterger took shot at Brett Favre during ESPYs

Remember Jenn Sterger? Sure you do. She’s the pretty little lady that became an internet sensation with her cowgirl hat and skimpy outfits at Florida State football games several years ago. She later accused Brett Favre of sexually harassing her, which is something Sterger likes to remind people about from time to time. On Wednesday…Read More

Jenn Sterger responsible for Oregon ‘no means no’ chant

Little-known fact about Jenn Sterger — she dabbles in stand-up comedy. The former face of the Florida State fan base is an aspiring comedian, and some of her material apparently went viral last week in the form of a cruel rape joke directed toward Jameis Winston. After Oregon defeated FSU in the Rose Bowl, a…Read More

Jenn Sterger returns to Florida State in cowgirl outfit, as promised

Former Florida State superfan Jenn Sterger hinted earlier this week that she would be returning to Tallahassee for the Seminoles’ big game against Florida, and she did not disappoint. Sterger, who became famous in 2005 when ESPN’s Brent Musburger drooled over her in her scantily-clad FSU getup, brought back the cowgirl hat and more (or,…Read More

Jenn Sterger returning for Florida State-Florida game

Jenn Sterger is planning to return to Tallahassee on Saturday in all of her glory. For those of you who are somehow unfamiliar with the legend, Sterger is a former Florida State student who became famous during a 2005 game against Miami. Why did she become famous? Because Sterger is the woman you see in…Read More

Jenn Sterger burns Brett Favre with Peyton Manning tweet

Lots of people had lots to say about Peyton Manning’s record-breaking 509th career touchdown pass thrown on Sunday night, but nobody topped Jenn Sterger. Here’s the tweet she sent: Hey Peyton, if that congratulatory text from "He who shall not be named" is an MMS… Prolly best to just delete that one. — Jenn Sterger…Read More

Jenn Sterger went through a WWE Diva training program

Jenn Sterger is a WWE Diva prospect and recently partook in a month-long training program. Sterger, in case you forgot, gained notoriety as one of the Florida State “Cowgirls” who was mentioned on TV by Brent Musburger during a 2005 Florida State football game. The attractive young lady parlayed the fame into some modeling work…Read More

Jenn Sterger’s Dad, Leo Sterger, Wants to Hurt Brett Favre

We already told you how we feel about the NFL’s decision to only slap Brett Favre with a fine and not suspend him for allegedly sexually harassing Jenn Sterger.  Whether you think she led him on or not, Roger Goodell would have suspended any other player if the situation were different.  Goodell normally isn’t tolerant…Read More

Brett Favre Fined for Jenn Sterger Texts, Not Suspended

Thanks to Roger Goodell, Brett Favre can have his rah-rah exit from football on his own terms. If he decides to not pull a Brett Favre and fake retirement once again, we fully expect Sunday’s game against the Lions to be Favre’s last in the NFL.  You think the NFL would suspend him for such…Read More

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