Jenn Sterger went through a WWE Diva training program

Jenn Sterger is a WWE Diva prospect and recently partook in a month-long training program.

Sterger, in case you forgot, gained notoriety as one of the Florida State “Cowgirls” who was mentioned on TV by Brent Musburger during a 2005 Florida State football game. The attractive young lady parlayed the fame into some modeling work and eventually TV hosting gigs, which led to her involvement in the Brett Favre sexting scandal.

Wrestling Inc. noted last week that Sterger is one of a group of prospects who trained in a WWE Diva developmental program. The program appeared to begin mid-February, and it seems to have ended last week, based on a tweet from model Olivia Karpinski, who was cut.

Sterger appears to be a wrestling fan, because she is one of the co-hosts on the new wrestling podcast Steel Chair Slamcast. Last week, Sterger even tweeted a photo of herself with the other Diva prospects after they were visited by Eve Torres:

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Jenn Sterger’s Dad, Leo Sterger, Wants to Hurt Brett Favre

We already told you how we feel about the NFL’s decision to only slap Brett Favre with a fine and not suspend him for allegedly sexually harassing Jenn Sterger.  Whether you think she led him on or not, Roger Goodell would have suspended any other player if the situation were different.  Goodell normally isn’t tolerant of this type of behavior regardless of the circumstances, but he’s obviously making an exception to give Favre an opportunity to start his final NFL game.

It sounds like we’re not the only ones who are unhappy about it.  As a matter of fact, we’ve got nothing on Jenn’s dad, Leo Sterger.  Leo told RadarOnline.com that “as a father (he’s) furious” and had “better not meet that guy walking down a dark alley.”  I think I speak for all of us when I say I hope those two cross paths in a dark alley someday.

In all seriousness, Leo needs to relax.  What does he expect?  If you hate Favre for the reasons everyone else hates him, I can understand how this situation would fuel the fire.  But his daughter is asking for it.  Go to Google Images and type in “Jenn Sterger Florida State” and see what you come up with.  This is a young lady who decided in college that she can handle being sexually harassed.  Don’t hate the player, Leo — hate the game.

Brett Favre Fined for Jenn Sterger Texts, Not Suspended

Thanks to Roger Goodell, Brett Favre can have his rah-rah exit from football on his own terms. If he decides to not pull a Brett Favre and fake retirement once again, we fully expect Sunday’s game against the Lions to be Favre’s last in the NFL.  You think the NFL would suspend him for such an event?  Not a chance.

According to Pro Football Talk, multiple reports indicate that Favre will be fined $50,000 or less for sexually harassing Jenn Sterger via text message while they both worked for the New York Jets.  If it were any other player in any other situation, they likely would have been suspended.

For whatever reason, the NFL loves Favre.  I can understand the media’s obsession in that he’s a constant dramatic production, but if I were Goodell I’d be sick of Favre making a mockery of retirement.  Clearly, Goodell has yet to grow tired of it and wants him to have his moment of glory before stepping away from the game.

Fortunately for Leslie Frazier, the Vikings aren’t in the hunt for the playoffs.  Otherwise, the interim coach would be faced with a major decision on who to start Sunday against the Lions.  Assuming Favre will be medically cleared to play, Frazier will obviously want him to be able to start his final game in the NFL.  However, Joe Webb looked like a seasoned veteran in a win over the Eagles on Tuesday night, so if the situation were any less unique he would be the obvious choice to start.  Stay tuned.

Jenn Sterger Meets With NFL, Could Be Bad News for Brett Favre

Bad news for Brett Favre today regarding the sexual harassment allegations against him, as the NY Post is reporting that Jenn Sterger met with the NFL on Thursday.  Sterger and her lawyer, Joseph Conway, and manager, Phil Reese, sat down with NFL security chief Milt Ahlerich and another league investigator and “cooperated fully by providing them with substantial materials,” according to Reese.

A few weeks back, it sounded like Sterger was open to accepting a payoff from the Favre camp.  Either no agreement was reached, or she changed her mind.  Not longer after that report surfaced, Favre decided to admit to leaving the voicemails on Sterger’s phone but deny sending her any explicit photos.  The intriguing thing about that claim is that Deadspin insists the phone calls, voicemails, and picture messages were all sent from the same phone number.  Guess someone stole Brett’s phone and decided to send inappropriate pictures of himself.

Now, Favre’s future essentially rests on what was discussed in that meeting.  We already know he tried to contact Sterger in a persistent manner, as the voicemails he admitted to leaving prove.  Sterger is the only first-hand source that can out Favre, and if she chose to on Thursday and claimed she felt she was being sexually harassed, the league would have no choice but to reprimand Favre for violating the personal conduct policy.  Unless some sort of agreement was reached on the side and Sterger had nothing but nice things to say about the Vikings’ quarterback, we could see No. 4’s consecutive games played streak could finally come crashing to a halt.

Jenn Sterger’s The Daily Line Show Reportedly Getting Axed by Versus

Some interesting news came down the twitter pipes Friday morning that has me surprised. Sports Business Journal says cable network Versus will dump The Daily Line for anemic ratings. The Daily Line of course is the show featuring Jenn Sterger as one of its four talk show hosts. I didn’t know that for certain because I’ve only seen the show once (and it was by accident), but that’s what it says on the Web site.

It’s hard to say Sterger is to blame for the poor ratings; if anything, Sterger’s new found fame should have helped raise the show’s profile. The problem is most people aren’t going to Versus for a sports talk show. We go to Versus to watch games and events like the NHL, WEC, and college football.

If you’re going to rag on Sterger for her show being canceled, it must also be mentioned that the T. Ocho Show featuring Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens is hardly pulling numbers either. Those are two extremely high-profile athletes, and if they’re not getting ratings that’s more on Versus than the actual shows.

Brett Favre Reportedly Admits to Voice Mails, Not Penis Pictures

Vikings quarterback Brett Favre met with an NFL investigator during the week to talk about his cyberstalking interactions with former Jets employee Jenn Sterger. Favre and his agent wisely avoided speaking with the media about the talk, but apparently FOX reporter Jay Glazer found out what was going on.

NFL on FOX (via Pro Football Talk) tweeted that “Favre admitted to leaving voicemails, but denied sending inappropriate pictures” to Sterger.

Of course he did.

After all the ridicule he took for those pictures, why the heck would he confess to them especially when there’s only one head in the pic, not two. Not only does this allow the “I’m much bigger than that” defense, but it also makes Favre less susceptible to sexual harassment charges.

We’ve maintained all along that Sterger is holding out for a payoff from Favre and that she likely won’t ever meet with the investigators. She’s hired a lawyer and is out for some big time cash. Favre should just pay the hush money and hope this all goes away.

Jenn Sterger Will Keep Quiet if Brett Favre Pays Her Off

I’m stunned.  Shocked, even.  How could something like this be true about such a nice girl?  If Brett Favre truly did sexually harass Jenn Sterger, wouldn’t we expect a wholesome young lady like her to seek the proper legal resolution and not just try to fatten up her bank account?  Wait, what am I saying?  Give me a break — it’s Saturday morning.

According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, via Pro Football Talk, Sterger will decline the NFL’s interview request if she reaches a settlement with Favre, a.k.a. he can pay her off.  In a stunning turn of events from this ongoing Saga, Sterger would appear to be completely admitting that it’s all about the money.

This kind of seems like a lose-lose for Favre, no?  I thought the idea of paying someone off on the side is to keep things on the down low.  If the mainstream media knows that Sterger is willing to reach a “settlement” with Favre, then everyone knows he’s guilty anyway.  Not only do people still think he’s a dirt bag, he’s also out millions of dollars.  I guess you could argue he’d spend a ton of money in lawyer fees anyway, but it seems dumb to me.  In any event, Favre can certainly afford to pay her off and it’s what we all expected would happen.