Jennette McCurdy lingerie pictures not leaked by Andre Drummond, says Drummond

Jennette McCurdy Andre Drummond

Sexy photos of actress/singer Jennette McCurdy in lingerie appeared online Monday, but Andre Drummond says he was not responsible for the “leaked” photos.

These tweets sent by McCurdy on Tuesday seem to hint that Drummond was the one who leaked the photos.

There’s actually been a bit of drama between the “iCarly” actress and Detroit Pistons star. The two dated for a week back in September after Drummond caught McCurdy’s attention over social media. McCurdy then dished about their fling on Pete Holmes’ podcast, saying among other things that they didn’t really have good chemistry and that their first kiss was bad.

Let’s review things here.

The photos leak a day after McCurdy embarrasses Drummond publicly. Drummond denies he was responsible for the leak. McCurdy makes it seem like Drummond did it. But for all we know, her team could have leaked the photos for publicity purposes. Think about how much attention and visibility she received thanks to the leak. Also: if McCurdy wasn’t really that into Drummond the way she claimed on the podcast, then would she send him sexy lingerie pictures? She has to be lying/misleading us in some capacity — either the photos didn’t come from Drummond, or she liked him more than she let on.

The photos are below if you haven’t seen them:

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Jennette McCurdy dishes on 1-week relationship with Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond Jennette McCurdy

Actress/singer Jennette McCurdy opened up about her short-lived relationship with Andre Drummond during a recent appearance on a podcast.

McCurdy is one of the stars of Nickelodeon show “iCarly,” and you may recall that she and Drummond got together after Drummond’s social media flirting paid off. Last year, Drummond listed McCurdy as his “woman crush Wednesday” on Instagram a few weeks in a row. Thanks to his #WCW persistence and some pressure from his followers, he received a response from her, and the two ended up getting together. He was giving hope to desperate men everywhere!

But in an appearances on Pete Holmes’ “You Made it Weird” podcast, McCurdy explained how the week-long relationship unfolded and ultimately came to an end.

According to McCurdy, she began following Drummond after the #WCW stuff. Drummond wasted no time making a move and direct messaged her saying they should get to know each other. He sent her his phone number, which she thought was a little weird at first, but she texted him anyway. They began texting to get to know each other, but McCurdy says she could tell pretty quickly that the chemistry was lacking. Still, she said she was just kind of going with it because she was in Las Vegas at the time and feeling good.

Texting led to phone calls which led to Facetiming, and before long Drummond made plans to come to LA for some business but mostly to spend time with her.

McCurdy said her friends couldn’t believe it because Drummond was not the type of guy she usually would go for, but that didn’t stop her. When he came to LA, they saw each other all but two of the days he was in town. They did things like play laser tag, visit Disneyland, and hang out at The Grove — a beautiful shopping center — where he dropped down on a knee, gave her a necklace, and asked her to be his girlfriend. But we’ll get to that story.

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Andre Drummond dating Nickelodeon’s Jennette McCurdy after Twitter flirting


Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond appears to have a new girlfriend, and the couple met the same way a lot of couples who are in their early 20s first connect. Last month, Drummond began participating in a social media trend called “#WCW,” which stands for “Women Crush Wednesday.” His target was Nickelodeon’s Jennette McCurdy, who played Sam on “iCarly” and plays the same character on another show now.

As the Detroit Free Press pointed out, Drummond posted a picture of the 21-year-old on his Twitter and Instagram accounts each Wednesday and it appeared he began sending her gifts.

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