NESN says Jenny Dell is free to pursue other opportunities

Jenny Dell Will Middlebrooks

Less than a month after NESN sideline reporter Jenny Dell was taken off Red Sox games, it appears she is leaving the network altogether. Red Sox chairman Tom Werner, who oversees NESN’s on-air operations, told reporters on Thursday morning that Dell is free to pursue other opportunities.

“I think that we talked about it internally because I think Jenny is a terrific reporter,” Werner said, per Mike Petraglia of WEEI.com. “I think we came to the conclusion, and Jenny came to the same conclusion, that it would be a distraction for her to be a reporter. So, she’s moving on.”

While Werner did not make it sound like Dell had been forced to leave, he said that she is free of any contractual obligations even though she has been offered other positions with NESN.

“It wasn’t sort of a black-and-white decision because [she could] divorce her personal life from being a professional,” he said. “But we decided that in the end it would be better to move on and not have it be a distraction. She’s looking for other opportunities. Nothing’s been set but I think she’s looking for other opportunities. We’ve offered her other positions at NESN, whether she wanted to be an anchor or on an evening show or do other stuff.”

In other words, NESN would have retained Dell if she was willing to be demoted. The decision to pull her off Red Sox games almost certainly had to do with her now-public relationship with third baseman Will Middlebrooks.

Given her popularity, it makes sense that Dell would search for work elsewhere. While she may want to remain close to Middlebrooks, you would have to think Jenny can easily land another solid sideline reporter job.

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Jenny Dell off Red Sox games, likely because of Will Middlebrooks relationship

Jenny Dell Will Middlebrooks

Popular Red Sox sideline reporter Jenny Dell has been reassigned by NESN and will no longer be doing Red Sox games, likely because of her relationship with third baseman Will Middlebrooks.

Dell and Middlebrooks were long rumored to be dating, but the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship was not confirmed until December. In an article about Dell receiving an extension from NESN, The Boston Globe mentioned that she and Middlebrooks were dating and living together.

On Thursday the Boston Herald said that Dell had been reassigned in a move that was mutually agreed upon by both parties.

“NESN has an active search for a Red Sox sideline reporter,” spokesman Gary Roy told The Herald. “Jenny Dell, a multi-talented on-air personality, is anchoring ‘NESN Sports Today’ and handling other assignments for NESN.”

The Herald says Dell and Middlebrooks have been dating for nearly a year.

The Red Sox sideline reporter job for NESN is an excellent job and career launching point of sorts. Prior to Dell, Heidi Watney, Tina Cervasio and Hazel Mae all held the position and have gone on to land other great TV jobs.

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Will Middlebrooks’ girlfriend is Red Sox sideline reporter Jenny Dell

Jenny-DellRumors about Boston Red Sox sideline reporters dating players are nothing new. Just ask former NESN reporter Heidi Watney, who was long linked to former Sox catcher Jason Varitek and a couple of other players. Current NESN sideline reporter Jenny Dell is rumored to have been dating third basemen Will Middlebrooks for quite some time now. Apparently that piece of gossip is more than just a rumor.

On Sunday, the Boston Globe reported that Dell and Middlebrooks are indeed dating and in fact live together. The Globe was actually reporting that Dell had been offered a contract extension from NESN, but the paper mentioned in passing that she lives with Middlebrooks.

Good for you, Will. Jenny seems like a nice girl, and she has done a great job of continuing the Red Sox’s tradition of having extremely attractive sideline reporters. For those of you who need confirmation of that, here are some photos.



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