Jeremy Shockey Fights with Drew Brees, Ends Up in Dog House

Jeremy Shockey isn’t exactly the most well-liked guy in the league. He pretty much ran his way out of the Giants and became a controversial figure in the playoffs because he was out with a broken leg and there were questions whether or not he’d be there to support his team during their games. The Saints traded what seemed like was too much to acquire him in the off-season and have been rewarded with, well, nothing. Kevin Boss is completely outplaying him, and what’s worse, Shockey’s supposedly already hated on his own team. It’s gotten so bad that Shockey was even benched in the 4th quarter against the Falcons on Sunday for missing an assignment earlier in the game:

Facing third-and-10 from the Saints’ 37-yard line and still within two touchdowns, Shockey failed to pick up a rushing Falcons defender, forcing Brees to unload a quick dump-off pass to him in the left flat to avoid a sack.

Not only did Shockey miss the block, he missed the ball, dropping it with a half-hearted effort that spurred Brees to sprint toward him and emotionally voice his frustration. The animated discussion continued on the Saints’ sideline.

Shockey took the blame for missing the assignment and really took some verbal abuse from Brees after the play. It was kinda cool to see a badass like Shockey get undressed by a cool customer like Brees — it shows who has the respect and who runs the team. It’s unfortunate that Shockey has been so useless for them when he was supposed to be another offensive weapon. Now he’s just another talented player that isn’t performing. Too bad there aren’t any pictures or videos available because that was awesome.

Justin Tuck Has Jeremy Shockey’s Back

A big topic over the last month of the season that spilled into the offseason was the Giants and their relationship with tight end Jeremy Shockey. Shockey broke his leg in the third to last game, one which the Giants lost to the Redskins. The Giants then beat Buffalo without him, and put up 35 points in a three-point loss to the Patriots in the final week of the season without him. And what the Giants did in the playoffs — all without Shockey — you don’t need me to refresh. So the talks began to stir up that Eli and the Giants were better off without Shockey, and there was a lot of speculation that Shockey resented the success his team had without him on the field. Well, regardless of what the media wants to drum up, Giants defensive end Jason Tuck, who was one of the best players in the Super Bowl, had Shockey’s back in some comments made on The Monty Show on Sporting News Radio:

For me, he’s a great teammate. [He's] a guy who loves to win and he loves to get the football — for good reasons. He’s probably a top three, four, five tight end in this league right now. I think what happens is he’s frustrated when we’re losing and he lets it show, and I think people take it the wrong way. I haven’t had anything negative to say about him ever, and won’t because he’s a great teammate. He’s the type of person you love to have on your team and you hate to have him against you because he goes out there and plays 100% every play.

There you go, so can we close the book on this issue now? I hope so. As for Tuck’s comments, true, Shockey can be one of the top few tight ends in the league. That doesn’t necessarily mean the Giants are better off with him, however. Without him in there, Eli clearly had more confidence, and he also targeted Amani Toomer a lot more. So no, Kevin Boss is not a better player than Jeremy Shockey, but for the Giants, Boss was a better fit. End of story.

Shockey is a True Viking

Alright, so the guy you love to hate, in the lineup one week, out the next, hyped up, calling out coaches, making gay jokes about Bill Parcells etc. is out of the playoffs. But dammit, he didn’t exit without putting up a fight – cough – Kansas City – cough – if you know what I mean.

Did you see his freakin play early in the game when he caught a pass from Eli (as shocking as that actually is) and got his helmet popped off like a clay pigeon? Dude kept burying ahead like Tom Arnold going through Roseanne. And that’s when it struck me – Shockey’s more Viking than he is Giant. Ya know? A blast from the past…and don’t tell me there isn’t some family resemblance!

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