Jerry Jones Thought David Nelson Giving Ball to Girflriend was Romantic

When David Nelson jogged over to his girlfriend — Cowboys cheerleader Kelsi Reich — and gave her his touchdown ball last Sunday, he drew a mixed reaction from fans.  The Twitter universe immediately exploded with people ranting about why he would do something like that while the Bills were getting blown out.  Some people thought it was a nice gesture and commended Nelson for not going over the top.  Others even wondered if the maneuver would get Reich in trouble, since her job is to cheer for the Cowboys.  As it turns out, reprimanding Reich was the furthest thing from Jerry Jones’ mind.

“I thought it was a neat as a pin,” Jones told KRLD-FM on Tuesday. “Frankly, our cheerleaders get the recognition that they get. I know it was a surprise to her, but I sure enjoyed looking at the highlights on ESPN and coverage like that to focus on that part of it. There’s a lot about sports. A little romance thrown in from time to time is another big plus.”

Wait a minute — Jerruh has a romantic side?  I thought the only love he felt was toward money.  Go figure.  Jones laughed when he was asked if the exchange put Reich’s job in jeopardy, saying that he hadn’t spoken with her but, “the last thing that occurred to me was to be upset about anything.”  He may be a tough boss to work for when it comes to being a coach or player but it sounds like Jones can be considered a cheerleader’s owner.

Deion Sanders: Jerry Jones Gives Cowboys Fans False Hope Every Year

The Dallas Cowboys are no longer the Cowboys of 1990s.  We all know that.  Even the younger players on the team know that.  As long as Tony Romo continues to find ways to lose games and the Cowboys prove they lack toughness, they will not return to the top of the football universe.

Yet Dallas continues to attract the same amount of attention and has as rabid a fan base as ever.  Despite the fact that his team has not advanced beyond the Divisional round of the playoffs since it won the Super Bowl in 1996, Jerry Jones continues to rake in the cash.  According to Deion Sanders, he has done so by setting false expectations for the team year after year.

“You got to give your hats off to Jerry Jones,” Sanders said Wednesday on his NFL Network show. “He creates this persona, this image that this team has a chance. They’re going to win it all every year. And that says a lot from the ownership position. But I don’t think they think about, ‘Hey, we’re going to the Super Bowl.’ It’s not like that. ‘We just got to get in the playoffs and anything can happen.’ So the expectations has lessened.”

In other words, Sanders thinks ownership is convincing the fans of something that even they don’t believe in.  Romo and company have done some reassuring as well, but it’s tough to tell if Deion is saying this as a back-handed compliment.  Whether Jones believes he has assembled a Super Bowl contender or not, it’s his job to make sure the fan base thinks he has.  The expectation has not lessened in Big D — only the results have.

Jerry Jones: Jets Game Was One of Tony Romo’s Best Ever

Now it all makes sense. When we saw Tony Romo smiling after his Cowboys put together a horrific meltdown against the Jets on Sunday night, we wondered what it was all about. Why would a quarterback be smiling after his team just blew a 24-10 lead and he was personally responsible for a lot of it? Because he played lights out, of course.

Speaking with KRLD-FM in Dallas on Tuesday, Jerry Jones not only came to the defense of his quarterback but praised his performance.  In fact, he went a step further.

“This may draw a little criticism, but I thought Tony played one of the best games I’ve ever seen him play,” Jones told KRLD via Shutdown Corner. “You can make a big case that the way he played for three quarters was how we got there at the end and looked like for sure we were going to get the win. He played outstanding.”

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Pee-wee Herman at Dallas Cowboys Camp with Tony Romo, Jerry Jones (Pictures)

Is there an odder combo than Pee-wee Herman and Tony Romo? Aside from Pee-wee and Jerry Jones, I really don’t think so.

Pee-wee reportedly is in San Antonio to film something and stopped by Dallas Cowboys practice to take some pictures. The sad thing is that many of the players were unfamiliar with him.

“The problem is I think there were only three guys in the huddle who knew who he was,” tight end Jason Witten told reporters. “It’s just the old guys who knew who Pee-wee Herman is. I think [20-year-old rookie] Tyron Smith looked at me like, ‘Who is that?’ Gosh, I’m showing my age a little bit to those guys. I used to be the young guy.”

Here are some more pictures of Pee-wee Herman at Dallas Cowboys camp, including one with Jerry Jones:

Photo Credit: San Antonio Express-News, Destony Rose, Pee-wee Herman

Patricia Gavin Suing Jerry Jones for $500 Million, Alleging Sexual Assault

When you’re rich and famous, you become a public target. Sometimes it’s for good reasons, other times it’s for bad ones. This is one of the bad ones. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is being sued by a woman, Patricia Gavin, who is alleging sexual assault in a lawsuit full of wackiness. As Out of Bounds points out, Gavin is acting as her own attorney. If you gritted through a few pages of her suit, as I did, you’ll quickly realize that she should have dropped a couple hundred to get someone to proofread and make sense of the darn thing. I’ve honestly read more coherent papers from third graders.

If you can actually bare through the suit, you can make out that Gavin is saying Jerruh sexually assaulted her by the women’s bathroom at a restaurant the night Jerruh was caught on camera dissing Bill Parcells. She also alleges that Jerruh stole her purse, took her home in his limo, pulled out a couple of hundred thinking she was a prostitute, and then a bunch of other jibberish that doesn’t make much sense. Honestly, the suit jumps around more than a Quentin Tarantino film.

DMagazine got the gist of the whole thing and sums up all the allegations “She also claims that she’s an art dealer; that on the night in question, someone stole her purse, which contained a check for $2 million (British sterling); and that, in an effort to cover this whole thing up, Jones’ financial advisors dosed her with GHB. Oh, also? Somebody got an STD from an assault in the bathroom at Al Biernat’s.” Fittingly, this woman was hit with a restraining order that keeps her from having contact with Jerry Jones. She seems that crazy.

Brian Billick: Jerry Jones Should Coach Dallas Cowboys

Former Ravens head coach and current NFL analyst Brian Billick had an interesting idea for Dallas Cowboys owner and GM, Jerry Jones. Serving as a guest on FOX Sports Radio, Billick was asked which NFL head coaching job is the best. Billick responded by saying it depends on the ownership, stressing that the owner has to be good. At that point Billick started talking about different owners and mentioned that Jerry Jones was an “outstanding” owner, but that seemed like the buttering up part before he truly ripped in. What initially seemed to be an item of praise for Jerry started to sound more like a challenge:

“My one complaint or observation for Jerry is at some point that authority that the head coach represents has to manifest itself for the players. Just go down to the sidelines Jerry, be a head coach. Slot ‘HC’ on one of these slash titles you have.

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A Little Truth Serum for Jerry Jones?

At first I saw this video and said, “No way, that’s too blurry.  It’d be way too easy if that was actually Jerry Jones.”  Come to find out Jerry actually called Parcells to discuss the video and try to clear the air between the two.  In case you can’t make out what’s being said in the video, Jones probably had a little explaining to do after he was caught on camera (below) telling a fan, “Bill’s not worth a s***.”  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, as Jones has shown us so many times in the past that he’s not exactly a stand-up act.  Imagine being the fans who videotaped this?  Would you believe one of your friends if they called you up and told you they just videotaped Cowboys owner Jerry Jones hammered ragging on Bill Parcells and Tim Tebow?  Good for these guys for capturing it.  Check out the video of Jerry Jones talking rag time, via Deadspin from YouTube:

Slurring Jerry Jones Bad-Mouths Bill Parcells, Tim Tebow [Deadspin]
Jones, Parcells talk over video [ESPN]