Manny Pacquiao Gives Jerry Jones the Escaped Bottle of Wine from St. Elmo

Last week, Peter King of SI shared a humorous story about Saints coach Sean Payton lifting the metaphorical middle finger towards Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Jones had called ahead and reserved a special bottle of wine for an upcoming dinner at St. Elmo steakhouse in Indianapolis — home of the combine. Unfortunately for Jones, several Saints staffers were dining at St. Elmo the prior night and requested the same bottle of wine. The New Orleans group downed the wine and Payton left the following note for Jerruh:

World Champions XLIV
Sean Payton

The story got a ton of publicity around NFL circles and even made its way to the Manny Pacquiao camp. How do we know? Because Pacquiao arrived in Texas this week to prepare for his Saturday fight at Cowboys Stadium against Joshua Clottey and brought a special present. Todd Archer of The Dallas Morning News shared with us that Pacquiao presented Jerry Jones with an autographed bottle of Caymus Special Selection wine prior to his workout Tuesday — the exact same bottle the Saints drank in Indy. Clearly Pacquiao’s doing what he can to get on Jerruh’s good side. After the gate numbers are in Saturday, I’m guessing it’s Jerruh who will be lavishing Pacman with gifts.

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Jerry Jones, Ripping Off Fans in Every Way Possible

So Jerry Jones is responsible for the construction of a $1.2 billion state-of-the-art home for the Dallas Cowboys. He puts in the world’s largest HDTV but it backfires when it’s found out that the TV is in the way of punts and damn near every fan’s view. And to help finance that ridiculous stadium, they’re charging over $50 for pizzas and more than that for parking. As if that’s not enough, for some fans, it doesn’t really matter how obtrusive the video screen is — you can buy seats with no view of the game! Check it out via Shutdown Corner:

Well, at least it’s a nice view of the end zone. I wonder if the seat is 30% off the face value considering you can only see 30% of the damn field. Can I just ask something? How the heck is a seat with that poor sight lines even constructed? Who are we kidding — it’s not as if the Cowboys put in a lot of detail into constructing their facilities.

Stubborn Jerry Jones Doesn’t Want to Raise the Video Board


So you get a rich team complemented by a wealthy, egotistical owner who wants to make a statement by building a state-of-the-art facility, blowing everyone away. They spend $1.2 billion constructing the Cowboys’ new temple, charging fans upwards of $50 to park and just as much for a pie. It’s beautiful, luxurious, opulent, and whoops! we left a video board hanging so low that it gets hit by a punt in the first game at the stadium!

So A.J. Trapasso’s second claim to fame outside of running a perfect fake punt against the Bills in the Hall of Fame game, is that he hit the Cowboys monstrous video board — during the first game there — with one of his punts (video below). Trapasso and fellow Titans punter Craig Hentrich were hitting the video board with regularity during warmups. Jeff Fisher has already said the competition committee needs to address the low-hanging board. Stubborn, proud, and egotistical owner Jerry Jones doesn’t want to move it. In all fairness, he probably doesn’t want to pay the millions it will cost to move it.

But here’s my biggest issue with the video board. It’s not even that they have engineers measuring out the stadium structure down to every degree yet they couldn’t factor in for punts, but it’s that this video board was conceived and constructed in the first place. The whole point of going to a game is to actually watch the action live on the field. If you want to watch a screen, then you just stay at home or watch the game at a bar. Having a giant video screen hanging in the middle of the stadium just screams out for your attention — it’s like having a massive pop-up ad covering your computer screen; it’s impossible not to look. A $1.2 billion stadium with a giant ass, obscene, obnoxious video board in the middle of it. Might as well paint the Mona Lisa while she has a fat zit on her face.

(video of the punt below)

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