Umpire Jerry Meals costs Red Sox run with missed call (Video)

The Tampa Bay Rays have been the hottest team in baseball lately, and they took first place in the AL East on Monday thanks to a blown call by umpire Jerry Meals.

Daniel Nava was called out at home for an inning-ending double play in the bottom of the eighth when he was trying to tag up and score on a fly ball to left field. Boston Red Sox third baseman Brandon Snyder drove a fly ball to left-center with one out and men on second and third, and Nava, who was pinch-running, appeared to beat Sam Fuld’s throw home. Replays showed that Nava’s foot touched the plate before catcher Jose Molina applied a tag, but Meals missed the call.

Instead of Nava being credited with the tying run, the Sox remained down 2-1 and lost by that score.

After the game, Meals saw a replay and admitted his mistake.

“What I saw was: Molina blocked the plate and Nava’s foot lifted,” Meals said, via MLB.com. “But in the replays, you could clearly see Nava’s foot got under for a split second and then lifted, so I was wrong on my decision. From the angle I had, I did not see his foot get under Molina’s shin guard.”

Do we need any more reason for instant replay? I doubt Meals’ admission will be much of a consolation for Sox manager John Farrell, who was ejected for arguing the call.

The Rays have now won 18 of their last 21 and are in first in the division by a half-game over the Red Sox.

Here’s a close-up look at the play that shows Nava beat the tag:

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Umpire Jerry Meals badly blows Mark Teixeira call at first (Picture)

The Yankees-Orioles game ended in controversy Saturday thanks to a badly blown call by umpire Jerry Meals that cost the Yankees the game.

Mark Teixeira was up in the 9th inning with one out and the Yankees trailing the Orioles 5-4. Teixeira grounded a ball to second with men on the corners, and the Orioles attempted to turn two. They got Nick Swisher out with a force at second, and then J.J. Hardy threw to first to try and get Teixeira on the double play. Even though Teixeira clearly beat the throw, he was called out by Jerry Meals to end the game.

Had Teixeira rightfully been called safe, Chris Dickerson crossing home would have counted as a run to tie the game at 5. The Yankees would have had Alex Rodriguez up with two outs, a man on first, and the game tied 5-5. Even if A-Rod made the last out of the inning, the game would still have continued to the bottom of the 9th tied.

Below is a video of the play:

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Umpire Jerry Meals Screws Over Pirates Because He Wanted to Go Home

If there’s one thing I know about umpires, it’s that we shouldn’t know their names. As long as they’re doing their job well there’s no reason to know anything about them.

Unfortunately Jerry Meals no longer falls into that category.

Meals made one of the worst calls of the season Tuesday night, sending the Braves home with a win over the Pirates in the bottom of the 19th inning. Check out the video to see the play:

What was Meals’ excuse after the game? This was his explanation:

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