Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Jason Alexander filming at Tom’s Restaurant

Tom's Restaurant

Excuse me for a second while I try to contain my excitement, because I’m pretty stoked about this development.

Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander and Larry David were at Tom’s Restaurant in New York — the restaurant called Monk’s in “Seinfeld” — filming on Monday. Reports have said they were either filming a Super Bowl commercial or episode for Jerry’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” web show.

If they are filming for the Super Bowl, isn’t it a little late for that? I mean the Super Bowl is in less than three weeks.

I don’t know. There is a big part of me that secretly hopes Jerry and LD are working on a project that will blow everyone’s mind. Maybe a movie. Or even better — a TV show. Dammit I miss them. I need another “Clear History.” Or give me a season of Curb. For goodness sake, I just want a TV camera following Jerry and LD around for like five minutes showing me what they’re talking about. That’s all I ask for. Is that too much?

Jerry Seinfeld rips New York Mets fans for booing during All-Star Game

Jerry-Seinfeld-Mets-Game-Lady-GagaJerry Seinfeld was not just a big New York Mets fan in “Seinfeld.” The actor/comedian loves the Mets in real life, and he was not in a joking mood after the events that took place at the All-Star Game at Citi Field on Tuesday night.

Seinfeld, who actually named his dog after a former Mets player, ripped Mets fans in an interview with WFAN (via the NY Post) on Wednesday night for booing opposing players during the Midsummer Classic.

“This is one of the lowest moments of my lifetime of Mets fandom, when the Citi Field crowd was booing (players) that they see as rivals to their Mets team,” Seinfeld said. “And I’m standing there, I was in shock. I was embarrassed. I thought it was horrible manners.

“These are the best players, in the game you love, that have come here to put on a show for you, and we’re booing them like 5-year-olds. As if there’s some sort of real animosity. The American League is not the Taliban. What are we booing Miguel Cabrera (for)? … So I was very embarrassed by that.”

We understand where Jerry is coming from, but Mets fans aren’t the first ones to boo opponents during the All-Star Game. It’s all part of the experience and I highly doubt the players are offended. You think Boston Red Sox fans were cheering New York Yankees players when the All-Star Game was at Fenway Park and vice-versa? Of course not, and those were players on their own team for the evening.

Of course, Seinfeld was impressed by the warm reception Mariano Rivera was given in his final All-Star Game.

“I felt redeemed by the reception that we gave Mariano Rivera and that brilliantly staged farewell,” he said.

Mets fans have done some incredibly stupid things over the years, but I’ll give them a pass on the booing. It was all in good fun.

Here is Jerry Seinfeld’s Dog, Jose Reyes (Video)

Last week, we told you about how badly Jerry Seinfeld wants the Mets to keep Jose Reyes — so badly he bought a dog and named him after Jose.  This way, the Seinfeld family can still keep a Jose Reyes around if the Mets let him sign elsewhere.  On Tuesday while he was co-hosting “Live! With Kelly” with Kelly Ripa, Seinfeld introduced his dog, which he described as an “impulse buy,” to the audience.  Here is the newest addition to Jerry Seinfeld’s family:

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Jerry Seinfeld Named New Dog Jose so He Would Still Have One After Reyes Leaves

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld joked about the Mets losing free agent Jose Reyes in a way that only he can. During an appearance on Late Show with David Letterman Wednesday, Seinfeld said he named his family’s new dachshund Jose after the Mets shortstop.

“You want to know why the dog is named Jose?” Seinfeld asked Letterman. “The dog is named Jose because I feel like we may lose Jose Reyes, and we’re trying to keep a Jose. Because I’m a Met fan. It’s actually my wife’s idea, which is why I love my wife — she comes up with ideas like this. That’s a marriage right there, a wife that says, ‘Let’s name a dog after the Mets’ outgoing shortstop.’ That keeps the love alive.”

Ooph, way to rub that one in, huh? Things must not be too great for Seinfeld and the Mets. Not only does he lose Keith Hernandez to Elaine, but now he’s seeing the team’s payroll decrease and the impending loss of their best player. Only another Lady Gaga sighting would make matters worse for Jerry.

Jerry Seinfeld Does Not Approve of Lady Gaga’s Behavior

When Lady Gaga decided to run amuck at the New York Mets game after photographers turned around to take pictures of her, the Citi Field staff kindly escorted her away from her field box seats to a more private luxury box.  I had no idea that the luxury box she was seated in — which she proceeded to flip the photographers off from — was that of long-time Mets fan Jerry Seinfeld.  Needless to say, the comedian was none too pleased about her being taken to his luxury box so she could enjoy the game.  Here’s what Seinfeld told WFAN about Lady Gaga’s behavior at the game, courtesy of The Big Lead:

You take one ‘a’ off that, you’ve got gag … this woman is a jerk. I hate her. I can’t believe they put her in my box, which I paid for … you give people the finger and you get upgraded? Is that the world we’re living in now? It’s pathetic … why is she giving the finger? How old is the finger? How’d it even get to be the finger? … Get an act. Rhinestone bikinis and giving people the finger. She is talented, I don’t know why she’s doing this stuff … wake me when its over.”

I’m with you, Jerry.  It’ll be interesting to see if he addresses this topic again when he calls the Mets game with Keith Hernandez.  If I remember correctly, the last time my friend flipped someone off at a Red Sox game he got thrown out.  In case you don’t know what Seinfeld’s ragging on her for, here are some pictures of Lady Gaga at the Mets and Yankees games:


Jerry Seinfeld is Not a Huge Lady Gaga Fan [The Big Lead]

Jerry Seinfeld and ‘Pretty Boy’ Hernandez to Reunite in Press Box

Any devoted Seinfeld fan knows that Jerry Seinfeld and Keith Hernandez have a history together. In 1992, the former Mets first baseman and “Game 6” hero guest starred in the classic Seinfeld episode, “The Boyfriend,” playing Jerry’s “man crush” who eventually pursues Elaine. On Wednesday, Seinfeld will join Hernandez and play-by-play announcer Gary Cohen in the broadcast booth as a guest analyst when the Mets face the Detroit Tigers at Citi Field. One can only assume that the reunion will produce entertainment genius equal to the “second spitter” routine.

Well, probably not, but at least Jerry is doing something other than The Marriage Ref. It’s also good to see that these two are still getting along after that love triangle between Keith, Jerry, and Elaine. And hopefully Keith will be able to stay awake for this ballgame.

So while it’s not quite the Seinfeld reunion so many have waited for, if the fans are not satisfied with how the game is called, this will offer followers of both Seinfeld and the Mets a glorious and always welcome opportunity to scream “Nice game, pretty boy!” from the cheap seats.

Seinfeld reunion: Jerry Seinfeld to call game with Keith Hernandez [Game On!]

So A-Rod, Madonna, and Jerry Seinfeld All Walk Into a Bar …

Could it be true? Is Jerry Seinfeld playing matchmaker in the A-Rod/Madonna love triangle? It appears as if the comedian’s home in the Hamptons served as a sly rendezvous for Madonna and A-Rod not long ago. From Page Six via Ben Maller:

Our spies say the clandestine East End meeting between soon-to-be-divorced Madge and freshly single A-Rod occurred on Oct. 21. A chopper carrying the Yankee slugger was seen landing in East Hampton, where he was picked up in a white Porsche 911 matching the description of Jessica’s [Seinfeld] car.

Less than 40 minutes later, another helicopter that took off from Chelsea Piers with Madonna aboard landed at the same airstrip.

“A dark SUV and Jerry in another Porsche both pulled up and picked up Madonna and they headed back to Jerry’s place,” a witness told us. “When they arrived at the Seinfeld home, Madonna poked her head out the window and could be clearly seen.”

Much like the Yankees playoff hopes this season, A-Rod was in-and-out, leaving Seinfeld’s mansion four hours later apparently. Hmm, I wonder what they were doing for four hours? A marathon kabbalah session? I’m sure that has to be it! I don’t believe things could possibly get more weird nor disgusting.