Lou Amundson signed by Pelicans, didn’t have last name on jersey

Lou Amundson jersey

Lou Amundson was signed by the New Orleans Pelicans on Tuesday and was immediately pressed into action for the team’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers the same day. Since he was only on the team for a few hours before playing in his first game, the equipment staff didn’t have time to stitch his last name onto the back of his jersey. He ended up playing with no name on his back.

I guess that’s one way to ensure your players are playing for the name on the front of the jersey.

Amundson actually works out in LA — I’ve seen him practicing in the offseason at UCLA many times — so he had no trouble joining the Pelicans at Staples Center for the contest. It actually worked out quite well.

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Elliott Fry is the best kicker on South Carolin

Elliott Fry Carolin jersey

One game into the college football season and we already have our first jersey mistake of the year. This one came in the season opener between North Carolina and South Carolina when Gamecocks kicker Elliott Fry’s jersey was missing a letter and said “Carolin” on the front instead of Carolina.

Fry kicked a 37-yard field goal and two extra points in the first quarter as South Carolina was getting its rout on.

Here’s another look at the mistake:

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Brewers manager Ron Roenicke has throwback jersey misspelled


The Milwaukee Brewers and Miami Marlins paid tribute to the Negro Leagues on Saturday night by wearing throwback uniforms. Mostly everything went smoothly for the Brewers at Miller Park as they honored former Negro League players George Altman and Lonnie Harris in a pregame ceremony, but there was one minor issue.

Milwaukee (notice the spelling there?) manager Ron Roenicke was wearing a jersey that was slightly different from the rest of the team’s. As you can see, his was spelled “Milwakuee,” but Roenicke proudly rocked it anyway.

Most of the jersey errors we have showed you over the years like this and this involve misspelled names on the back. Roenicke’s was a bit more embarrassing for the team.

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Chris Colabello wore wrong Twins jersey during pinch hit at-bat (Video)


Minnesota Twins rookie Chris Colabello has had only 11 at-bats in his Major League career, so he is not yet fully familiar with how things work at the MLB level. In the big leagues, all of the games are televised. That means if you wear the wrong uniform, someone is going to notice.

Colabello was called upon to pinch hit in the 9th inning of the Twins’ win over the Milwaukee Brewers on Tuesday night. He reached on an error, but when the 29-year-old got to first base the Brewers announcers noticed something different about him. His jersey said “Twins” while the rest of his teammates’ said “Minnesota.”

Video below:

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Zack Greinke had last name misspelled on back of jersey (Picture)

Zack Greinke pitched the first several innings of Sunday’s Angels-Rangers game with his last name misspelled on the back of his jersey.

As you can see in the screen shot above provided by Mock Session, Greinke’s last name was misspelled “Grienke.” After the mistake was pointed out, the Angels fixed things and Greinke returned with a jersey that had his last name spelled properly, but he still pitched for about an hour before that issue was solved prior to the bottom of the 5th inning.

The jersey may have brought him some bad luck. Greinke had his worst outing in five weeks, allowing four runs over the first three innings after going seven consecutive starts without allowing more than two runs. When it was pointed out that the Rangers scored all their runs off Greinke when his jersey had his name misspelled, he had a funny response.

“That’s right,” Greinke said according to Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Reigster. “We’d have won much easier if it wasn’t for him.”

How did he end up wearing a jersey with his name misspelled?

“I didn’t notice. I didn’t care,” said Greinke, who admitted it probably his fault because he reached into his locker for his second jersey rather than wearing the one hanging in front for him, Plunkett reports.

It was that sort of mistake that resulted in Greinke having a wardrobe malfunction with the Brewers last year.

Believe it or not, this sort of mistake actually happens quite frequently.

Pirates rookie Brock Holt’s number on wrong side of jersey (Picture)

Brock Holt was playing in just his third major league game on Monday when he got the rookie treatment … from the clubhouse equipment manager. The rookie second baseman’s number was placed on the wrong side of the front of his jersey. The stats for the former Rice product through three games: two hits, one walk, one RBI, and one jersey fail.

We’ve seen players with misspelled last names, or even no name on the back of the jersey, but I believe this is the first time we’ve seen a misplaced number.

The Pirates didn’t find it at all amusing:

Phew, good thing they determined the mistake was made by humans. I was worried some jersey-altering ferrets had gotten loose in the Pirates’ clubhouse.

Travis Wood’s batting helmet had a horribly misplaced Cubs logo (Pictures)

When I first saw a picture of pitcher Travis Wood’s batting helmet on Monday night, I suspected it may have been a fake. I mean look at that thing. That’s not a “C” — it’s a “U.” The Cubs logo is spun around, upside down, and generally looks like a horseshoe. We’ve seen the last name on a player’s jersey gets misspelled all the time, but the logo on a helmet being that messed up? That’s a rare occasion.

It looks like the wind may have blown the logo off, because if you look carefully on the helmet, you can see an adhesive substance where the decal is supposed to be.

Fittingly, it happened to a player on the inept Cubs, which have the worst record in MLB. The good news for Wood is he didn’t let it bother him; he pitched 7 innings of shutout ball and the Cubs won 6-1.

Here are more pictures of the misplaced Cubs logo:

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