Jessica Dorrell and Josh Morgan got married despite Bobby Petrino scandal

Jessica Dorrell Bobby Petrino

Jessica Dorrell and Josh Morgan ended up getting married despite the cheating scandal involving Bobby Petrino.

5 News Online reports that Dorrell and Morgan were married on Feb. 9. They obtained a marriage license through Richland County in South Carolina.

5 News notes that Dorrell is listed on the South Carolina Association of School Administrators website as assistant coordinator of marketing and business partnerships. Her husband, Morgan, is a strength coach at the University of South Carolina.

Petrino was fired as the head football coach at Arkansas last year because of the scandal. Petrino was involved in a motorcycle crash and lied about being alone on the bike when it turns out Dorrell was riding with him. It was later revealed that the two were having a sexual affair and that Petrino hired Dorrell for a position within the athletic department, choosing her over more than 100 other qualified candidates.

While Petrino was fired, Dorrell reached a financial settlement with the school.

It’s not too susprising to hear that Dorrell and Morgan got married; we knew a year ago that they were still engaged and headed to South Carolina together.

Of course we must conclude this post in the best way possible — with the greatest GIF created by @LSUFreek:

Bobby Petrino, Jessica Dorrell costumes are popular this Halloween (Pictures)

Arkansas fans are missing Bobby Petrino now that the football team is 3-4 without him as the head coach, but at least they’re able to have some laughs about the scandal that cost him his job. Above is a picture of an Arkansas couple who dressed up as Bobby Petrino and his motorcycle mistress, Jessica Dorrell, for a recent Halloween party.

The lady in the picture is Bridgette Walter, and she says she and her husband, Joey, dressed up as Petrino and Dorrell for what is sure to be a Halloween costume trend in Arkansas. They really nailed it perfectly, too.

Bridgette is rocking the blond wig to resemble Dorrell, and Joey has the neck brace, Arkansas hat with a curved bill, and Arkansas pullover like Petrino. The bruised and scraped face just completes the look perfectly.

Walter tells us her husband also dressed up as Petrino last Halloween, and she dressed as a referee to complement him. She says they decided to follow up on the Petrino costume this year.

Here’s what the real Petrino and Dorrell look like for comparison:

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Jessica Dorrell reportedly still with fiance Josh Morgan, now headed to South Carolina

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Jessica Dorrell, but we finally have an update from the former Arkansas seductress.

According to Fitsnews.com, Dorrell, who had an affair with former Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino, is still together with fiance Josh Morgan. Fitsnews reported and received confirmation from South Carolina that Morgan has been hired as the school’s strength and conditioning coach for the men’s and women’s swimming teams. Morgan was the operations director for Arkansas’ swimming and diving program.

Dorrell and Morgan were set to be married on June 9, but that plan was changed after it was revealed Dorrell was having an affair with Petrino. Dorrell resigned from her job in the Arkansas athletic department in April, and there has been little word from her since. You may recall that she used some of the money Bobby Petrino gave her to plan the couple’s wedding.

It’s hard to imagine that Morgan would stay with Dorrell after the scandal, but it looks like that’s the case.

Jessica Dorrell’s football job is now being advertised by Arkansas

Interested in the on-campus recruiting position Jessica Dorrell once held with the Arkansas football program? Well today’s you’re lucky day. Arkansas Sports 360 points out that Dorrell’s former job with the Razorbacks was posted online by the school on Friday:

According to Arkansas Sports 360, there have been some changes to the job description:

Changes in the job posting include more specific language about the need for prior NFL or Division I football experience, plus a desire the employee have a “working knowledge of recruiting software.”

Duties have also been adjusted for the position. There are three fewer listed. No longer listed as parts of the job: working as a football liaison with academics and oversight of the football camp website.

I just wonder if Benjamin Wilkerson and Tiffany Fields are going to have the desire to reapply. Outside of the sexual shenanigans, it is a pretty good job.

Jessica Dorrell used some of the $20,000 from Bobby Petrino on wedding expenses

The whole affair between Jessica Dorrell and Bobby Petrino is so messy, there are so many dirty angles to dissect. One item I missed when the notes of Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long were released last week was that Dorrell, who was having an affair with Petrino despite being engaged to be married, used some of her $20,000 gift from the football coach on wedding expenses.

According to the Associated Press, she used the money on a car, wedding expenses, and a vacation.

How disgusting is that? The woman was sleeping with Petrino while planning a wedding with another man, and she used that money for the wedding.

Additionally, Dorrell told Long that they were intimate “four to six times” since September and that their last “encounter” was around National Signing Day on February 1.

I guess Petrino really scored big that day.

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Jessica Dorrell agreed not to sue Arkansas

It was natural to figure that when Jessica Dorrell agreed to a $14,000 settlement with the University of Arkansas for her role in the Bobby Petrino scandal, she was surrendering her right to sue the school. Turns out that was the case.

Dorrell’s resignation agreement is 14 pages long and specifically states that she cannot sue the school, and that she must speak positively about the breakup between the two parties.

Here is the exact language from the agreement, according to Arkansas News:

The agreement says there is a “convenant [sic] not to sue” and Arkansas is not responsible for paying Dorrell’s legal fees.

“In the even [sic] Ms. Dorrell is asked about her employment and resignation at the University, Ms. Dorrell covenants and agrees to state that any and all disputes were resolved amicably or words of a similar effect,” the agreement says.

“Ms. Dorrell covenants and agrees not to undertake any activity to profit off the events relating to or leading to her employment and resignation from the University of Arkansas or the events giving rise to this Agreement.”

This is a significant detail concerning the scandal because Dorrell has a legitimate sexual harassment claim she could make against the school. Thinking outside the box for a second, the agreement wouldn’t prevent Dorrell from suing Petrino individually. However, it seems like Dorrell is hoping this will go away so she can get her life back, so a lawsuit wouldn’t really make sense for her.

On the downside, so much for the book deal and Playboy spread everyone was envisioning.

Jessica Dorrell-Bobby Petrino relationship became physical in October when she asked ‘Are you going to kiss me?’

A timeline of the relationship between Jessica Dorrell and Bobby Petrino indicates that the relationship between the two became physical when they kissed last October, and ended when they decided to remain just friends in February.

The timeline became public thanks to notes compiled by Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long that were released to The Associated Press via the Freedom of Information Act. According to Long’s notes, phone records show the two began exchanging and text messages last April or May. They exchanged over 2,000 texts in both September and October, which is when the relationship became physical, according to what was told to Long.

According to Long’s notes, the coach and employee shared their first kiss at Dorrell’s urging. Petrino and Dorrell reportedly were sitting in a car, eating lunch and talking and “she said are you going to kiss me.”

Below is a chart detailing the phone contact between Petrino and Dorrell (via Chris Bahn):

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