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Saturday, September 22, 2018

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Syracuse extends Jim Boeheim after Mike Hopkins leaves for Washington

Jim Boeheim

Maybe that article last month questioning Jim Boeheim’s retirement plan was accurate all along.

Syracuse announced on Sunday evening that they have extended the contract of head basketball coach Jim Boeheim beyond the 2017-2018 season. The news comes hours after head coach in waiting Mike Hopkins left to take the job at Washington.

Syracuse announced in June 2015 that Boeheim would be stepping down following the 2017-2018 season, with longtime assistant Hopkins in line to take his position. That announcement seemed to be part of Syracuse’s way to show they were policing themselves following punishment from the NCAA. But as that final season approached, there were more and more signs that Boeheim would not want to leave. That’s likely why Hopkins left for the Huskies, where he got a six-year deal.

In addition to Boeheim, Syracuse also extended the contracts of assistants Adrian Autry and Gerry McNamara.

This whole thing shows once again that the whole “coach in waiting” notion is a much better idea in theory than practice.

Jim Boeheim shaded by Greensboro on Twitter over ACC tournament jab

Jim Boeheim

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim doesn’t want the ACC tournament to return to Greensboro, N.C. It turns out whoever’s running the city’s Twitter account isn’t having that.

Boeheim’s team was eliminated in the opening round of the tournament, currently held in Brooklyn. The Syracuse coach wants the event to stay there and not return to its traditional site in Greensboro.

“There’s no reason to play in Greensboro,” Boeheim said, via Dana O’Neil of ESPN. “The only reason they play there is because the league offices are there, it’s always been there and there are like 150 people who like to have meetings. It should not be there.

“The media centers, the recruiting centers are Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and New York. How many good players are in Greensboro? New York made the Big East.”

The folks running the city of Greensboro’s Twitter account couldn’t help but respond.

Boeheim is used to the vitriol and taunts. He’ll be alright, but ouch.

Jim Boeheim’s son commits to play basketball at Cornell

Jim Boeheim

Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim may get to coach against his son next season, thanks to Jimmy’s college choice.

On Tuesday, the younger Boeheim announced via his Twitter account he will be attending Cornell University to continue playing basketball.

During his final season at Jamesville-DeWitt High School, Jimmy Boeheim averaged just over 23 points per game for a team that finished 15-8 overall, according to Syracuse.com.

In addition to facing Ivy League competition next season, Boeheim could have the opportunity to take the floor in a game played against his father’s team. As Syracuse broadcaster Matt Park points out, Cornell is no stranger to making the trip to the Carrier Dome to face the Orange.

Next season’s game between the two schools would likely be an emotional one for the Boeheim family, but should provide a few cool moments as well.

H/T The Spun

Jim Boeheim rips article questioning his retirement plan

Jim Boeheim

Jim Boeheim had a harsh reaction to an article questioning whether he will stick to his announced retirement plan.

Syracuse announced in March, 2015 that Boeheim would coach for three more seasons before turning the program over to assistant Mike Hopkins. That move was announced seemingly as a way to please the NCAA as the school was being penalized for violations.

In an article published by SI Tuesday, Pete Thamel speculated about the future of Boeheim, Coach K, Roy Williams and Rick Pitino. In his section on Boeheim, Thamel said the longtime coach wants to stop coaching on his terms — not when Syracuse announced in 2015 that he would — which might complicate his exit.

Boeheim ripped the article in a response provided to Syracuse.com’s Bud Poliquin.

“The only thing he got right in that story is the spelling of my name,” Boeheim told Syracuse.com in response. “It’s all speculation. Pure speculation. There’s nothing in that story that is remotely, in any way, true.”

That sure is a way to shoot down some speculation.

Boeheim has previously said that his philosophy is you stop coaching when you stop winning. That would lend to the theory that he’s not planning to adhere to the Mike Hopkins 2018 takeover, despite his denial.

H/T The Spun

Jim Boeheim: Carmelo Anthony is ‘unlikely to win an NBA title’


Carmelo Anthony is one of the best players Jim Boeheim has ever coached, and the man in charge of the Syracuse basketball program has always been more than willing to share his thoughts on Anthony’s NBA career — even if they can sound quite harsh.

Boeheim said earlier this week that Anthony winning his third gold medal at the Olympics proves he is worthy of a place in basketball history. One of the reasons the Olympic success is so important, according to Boeheim, is that Carmelo is unlikely ever win an NBA championship.

“He’s unlikely to win an NBA title,” Boeheim said, via Mike Waters of Syracuse.com. “He’s never been on a team that even had a remote chance of winning an NBA title. As a player, all you can do is try to make your team better and every team he’s been on he’s made them a lot better. Denver hadn’t done anything prior to him getting there and he took them into the playoffs. They weren’t going to beat the Lakers or the Spurs. In those years, they won the championship most of the time.

“But he’s always made his team better. It’s obvious. You look back on your total basketball experience and he had a great high school team, he won the NCAA championship and he’s won three gold medals in the Olympics. That’s a pretty good resume.”

Anthony recently turned 32. He probably only has a few good seasons left, and very few people believe the Knicks are in position to contend with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the East, let alone the Golden State Warriors or San Antonio Spurs in the West.

Boeheim’s opinion isn’t exactly surprising, especially if you read some of the things he has said about the Knicks in the past. The 71-year-old seems to believe Anthony is loyal to a fault.

H/T Pro Basketball Talk

Jim Boeheim calls Kyle Lowry ‘the best team player’ on USA Basketball

Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry is one of the more underappreciated talents in the NBA, but he earned his stripes playing for USA Basketball this summer in the eyes of Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim.

In an interview with Michael Rosenberg of Sports Illustrated after Team USA won the gold medal on Sunday, Boeheim, an assistant on the team, had high praise for the Raptors point guard.

“[Lowry] was the best team player out of everybody,” Boeheim said. “He just really bought in and was a great leader and gave everything he had every time he went out there. That was important for our team.”

The 30-year-old Lowry was used in a bench role in Rio but was one of the few players on the team who moved the ball well and effectively initiated offense for others. While it may have helped that Lowry was the only true point guard on the roster, the two-time All-Star definitely blossomed in his first Olympic Games and proved why he was a worthy selection to the team.

Hopefully, Lowry and backcourt partner DeMar DeRozan use their Olympic experience to help Toronto take the next step in 2016-17 after coming within just two wins of the NBA Finals last postseason. Maybe they picked up a handy decompression technique or two in Rio as well.

H/T theScore

Jim Boeheim gets very emotional over death of Pearl Washington


Jim Boeheim is known for his arrogance and tough-guy attitude, but we saw a much different side of the longtime Syracuse coach on Wednesday when he was discussing the passing of one of his former players.

Dwayne “Pearl” Washington died this week after being diagnosed with a brain tumor last year. He was 52. Boeheim fought back tears as he was telling reporters what Washington meant to the program.

“He was a really humble guy. He helped make our program,” Boeheim said. “He helped make the Big East and he helped make college basketball.”

That’s a much different Boeheim the guy we are used to seeing snap at reporters.

Washington was the nation’s top recruit in 1983, and he ended up picking Syracuse. In the book “Color Him Orange: The Jim Boeheim Story,” Boeheim credited Washington for putting Syracuse on the map.

“I can’t underscore how big a moment that was for our program,” he said. “I believe at that point we officially went from being an Eastern program to a national program. Everybody knew who the Pearl was. I’d get off of a plane in L.A. and somebody would say, ‘There’s Pearl’s coach.’ He was the guy who opened the door for us and enabled us to land recruits not just from the East Coast or the Midwest but from the entire country.”

Boeheim also sent some tweets about Washington on Wednesday:

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