Report: Jim Harbaugh and some of Niners’ brass ‘barely speaking’

Jim-Harbaugh-Baseball-Press-ConferenceSan Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York has publicly denied the most bizarre rumor you will hear during the NFL offseason — that the Niners nearly traded head coach Jim Harbaugh to the Cleveland Browns for draft picks. Assuming the initial report had to come from somewhere, you have to wonder what is going on behind closed doors within the Niners’ organization.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam confirmed that a trade for Harbaugh was discussed. The 49ers have enjoyed nothing but success since Harbaugh took over, so why all the alleged hostility? According to CBSSport.com’s Jason La Canfora, Harbaugh’s relationship with the team’s front office is deteriorating.

More specifically, La Canfora reports that Harbaugh and GM Trent Baalke are “barely speaking” and that the organization may eventually have to choose between the two. Harbaugh has also supposedly had issues with team president Paraag Marathe. La Canfora believes the tension between Harbaugh and the Niners’ brass is the main reason he has not gotten a contract extension. He has two years left on his current deal.

Other teams could try to explore trade possibilities with the 49ers if it appears certain that Harbaugh is not going to be with the team beyond his current deal in 2015. On the surface, it would appear that the former Stanford coach has been a perfect fit in San Francisco. Perhaps his personality, which can be overbearing at times, has created an uncomfortable situation that the public is just now hearing about.

49ers’ Jed York denies Jim Harbaugh trade rumor in great way

jim harbaugh fitSan Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York denied the report that the team nearly traded Jim Harbaugh to the Cleveland Browns in a great way.

On Friday afternoon, Pro Football Talk reported that the Niners nearly traded Harbaugh to Cleveland. They say Harbaugh decided to stay with San Francisco and that’s why the trade wasn’t made.

In response, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport tweeted that two high-ranking 49ers officials denied the trade report. What’s interesting is that the Browns did not deny the report when issuing a statement on the matter.

Mike Florio, who reported the news for PFT, told Rapoport that his source was lying.

He then asked why the 49ers weren’t denying the trade report on the record.

That’s when York chimed in:

Game. Over.

P.S. I still believe Florio’s report that the Browns attempted to acquire Harbaugh despite York’s denial, I just don’t think they got as close to making the trade as Mike says.

49ers deny trying to trade Jim Harbaugh to Browns

Jim Harbaugh layers fat

San Francisco 49ers sources deny that they had a trade in place to send Jim Harbaugh to the Cleveland Browns, according to a report.

On Friday, Pro Football Talk reported that the Browns nearly pulled off a trade for Harbaugh that would have seen the team send San Francisco multiple draft picks in exchange for the coach. Mike Florio said the deal was in place but Harbaugh decided not to leave the team.

In response to the report, a Browns PR spokesman sent out this statement, which is vague and does not deny an attempt to lure Harbaugh.

“That search produced an outstanding head coach in Mike Pettine and we’re excited about his future with the club. The team conducted an extensive coaching search, and explored several options.”

However, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport tweeted the following, which shows he received a strong denial.

Rapoport later said he received denials from two 49ers sources.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen added some more context and background to the story.

The two reporters said on “NFL Live” that after firing Rob Chudzinski, the Browns started to think outside the box for their next hire. That led them to explore the possibility of trading for Harbaugh, whose favorite team growing up supposedly was the Cleveland Browns. They said it was a scenario that was discussed but never went very far and that the team didn’t even know if the commissioner would approve such a trade.

I can believe that the Browns explored this possibility, but I’m guessing PFT characterizing the deal as being close and “nearly” happening is a stretch.

Think about it: why wouldn’t the Browns want Harbaugh? Knowing that Harbaugh hadn’t signed an extension with San Francisco, they probably figured it was an option worth exploring.

Brandon Jacobs: Jim Harbaugh is a ‘bitch,’ has never won anything

Brandon-Jacobs-NinersBrandon Jacobs did not enjoy his brief tenure with the San Francisco 49ers. That has never really been a secret, as he felt that he was misled about what his role would be with the team. On Thursday, Jacobs was more vocal about his hatred for Jim Harbaugh than he has ever been.

During an interview with our friends Boomer and Carton on WFAN, Jacobs called the Niners coach a “bitch” several times. Toward the end of the interview, he was asked to clarify.

“It’s not was (a bitch), he is a bitch,” Jacobs said convincingly. “And that’s why he has never won anything.”

Jacobs appeared in just two games with the Niners in 2012, rushing five times for seven yards. At one point, he tweeted about hating his boss but later insisted the tweets were not directed toward the 49ers. We now find that almost impossible to believe.

“I have one regret in my career, and that’s going to the 49ers when I could have stayed in New York,” Jacobs said earlier in the interview. “I just wanted to see what stuff was like with another team and it didn’t work out.

“It is what it is. I’ve got two rings. Harbaugh, though, he’s a b—-. So it doesn’t matter.”

My guess is Harbaugh and the Niners feel the same way about Jacobs, though they would never say it publicly. It’s not as if they brought him to San Francisco just to make him look bad. Harbaugh obviously thought Jacobs could play a useful role, and there’s a reason he never did. I’m sure there’s more to it than Harbaugh being a bitch.

Jim Harbaugh has great reaction to personal foul penalty (GIF)

Jim Harbaugh flipped out after the San Francisco 49ers were flagged for a personal foul penalty right before halftime of the NFC Championship Game in Seattle on Sunday, and it was hilarious.

The Seahawks were facing a 4th-and-6 with under 30 seconds left in the first half and threw an incompletion, but Carlos Rogers was flagged for pushing Golden Tate in the back after the pass. The penalty pushed the Niners back 15 yards and they kneeled down to end the half, so it really didn’t have an effect on the game, except for giving us a great GIF of Harbaugh melting down.

Jim Harbaugh reaction

GIFs via @cjzero 1, 2

Jim Harbaugh loves the Colin Kaepernick Beats by Dre commercial

Colin Kaepernick has become well known for his Beats by Dre headphones recently, and his head coach is a big fan of the commercial.

“I love it. I absolutely love it,” Jim Harbaugh said of Kaepernick’s commercial this week.

Colin Kaepernick headphonesThe commercial, which was uploaded to YouTube on Dec. 8, shows Kaepernick getting heckled by opposing fans on his way to the stadium. But the San Francisco 49ers quarterback is in a good mental state and able to block out the noise thanks to his headphones, the story goes.

“It’s somewhat like that,” Harbaugh said of the rowdy road environment. “Yeah, definitely. You’re riding in and the fans are all out there. Sometimes they’re that way that they are in the video.”

Between his Dockers khaki pants and plugs for the Beats by Dre headphones, it sure seems like Harbaugh is angling for a new endorsement deal. We know that Kaepernick is certainly staying loyal to his brand.

Kaepernick has been seen with his headphones around his neck almost every time he’s met with the media recently. He was even criticized by an NFL reporter for looking unprofessional with the headphones and backwards hat. But if his coach is a fan of them, then how can anyone complain about the endorsement deal, or the commercial?

Dockers sends Jim Harbaugh a package of clothes; NFL says he can’t wear them


Jim Harbaugh’s wife Sarah has called a lot of attention to the San Francisco 49ers head coach’s wardrobe this week. During a radio interview, Sarah said that she has asked Jim to get rid of his $8 Walmart pants that he keeps wearing during games. On Friday, Dockers tweeted a photo of a clothing package they were sending Harbaugh.

The Dockers brand is made by Levi’s, which now owns the $220 million naming rights to the new 49ers stadium in Santa Clara. So naturally, Levi’s founder Levi Strauss would like to see Harbaugh wearing a pair of Dockers. However, the San Jose Mercury News pointed out that NFL rules prevent Harbaugh or any NFL players from wearing any brand other than Nike, New Era or other brands sponsored by the NFL during gametime. The 49ers confirmed that on Friday.

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