Jim Leyland smoked a cigarette in dugout during Game 3 delay

Jim LeylandDetroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland made good use of a 17-minute delay at Comerica Park during Game 3 of the ALCS on Monday by lighting up a cigarette and smoking in the dugout.

FOX, which was televising the game, put Erin Andrews on air for a report about the delay. Andrews chuckled as she began her report, explaining that she was looking at Leyland smoking.

“And I’m laughing because I’m looking at (Jim) Leyland smoking in the dugout …” Andrews began.

Andrews explained that a sub station went down, taking out the power to the lights in right field. There was a delay that lasted 17 minutes until they powered the lights back on.

Leyland is a well known smoker, so the report should not surprise you. But it is pretty funny to hear about how he spends his breaks between action. And he’s not the first manager we’ve seen light up in the dugout. Remember this?

Jim Leyland cries, does awesome dance during celebration (Video)

Jim Leyland gave us a few memorable moments on Wednesday after his Detroit Tigers topped the Minnesota Twins 1-0 to clinch the AL Central for the third straight year.

Leyland began crying during an interview with FOX Sports Detroit, and he profusely thanked the fans for their support. As he was breaking down, veteran outfielder Torii Hunter, who is in his first season with the team, busted in to hug the manager. Hunter picked up Leyland and carried him into the main locker area to celebrate with the team. That’s when Leyland busted out a dance for the ages.

Jimmy Leyland began moonwalking and breaking out the finger guns. It was priceless. GIF below:

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Jim Leyland ejected in Tigers-White Sox bench-clearing brawl (Video)

Jim Leyland was ejected after going pretty nuts on the umpires during a bench-clearing brawl between the Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox on Thursday at Comerica Park.

The issues between the teams began in the bottom of the fifth when Sox pitcher Chris Sale threw at Prince Fielder following a Miguel Cabrera home run that made it 3-1 Detroit. Unless Sale is a really good actor, his body language indicated that he missed his target on the pitch. The next inning, rookie catcher Josh Phegly hit a grand slam to give the White Sox a 5-3 lead. Tigers reliever Luke Putkonen responded by throwing behind Chicago shortstop Alexei Ramirez two batters later.

Jim Leyland Chad FairchildAn angered Ramirez took a few steps towards the mound and pointed at Putkonen for throwing behind him, leading to the benches clearing. Leyland came out of the dugout, raged on the umpires, and was ejected. After initially going to the clubhouse, he came back out to complain that he and Putkonen were tossed while no White Sox were — namely Ramirez.

Alexei ended up getting a single in his at-bat. I’ve never seen Leyland get so heated. Did he run out of cigarettes this morning or something?

Jim Leyland is competing with Manny Machado for doubles lead

jim-leylandDetroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland is one of the most entertaining managers in baseball, mainly because he is so old school. People lose their filter as they get older and are willing to say whatever is on their mind. Leyland is worse.

On Monday, the 68-year-old two-time Manager of the Year was asked how his team is prepared to handle Baltimore Orioles star Manny Machado. The 20-year-old third baseman is off to a phenomenal start this season, batting .324 with five homers and 37 RBI. He also leads Major League Baseball in doubles with 33 — 10 more than the next closest player. That’s fine with Leyland, because he’s leading the majors in his own category. Via Hardball Talk:

Would you expect anything less from the guy who wears the same underwear during winning streaks and kisses his pitchers on camera? You probably don’t do that stuff without doubling down on the vodka and scotch.

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Jim Leyland nearly in tears after Tigers lost World Series (Video)

Tigers manager Jim Leyland was as classy and respectful in defeat as one can be. Though he was extraordinarily disappointed that his team was swept in the World Series by the San Francisco Giants — and nearly in tears during his postgame interview — he praised the Giants.

“I want to first start by congratulating the Giants,” Leyland told FOX’s Ken Rosenthal. “There was nothing fluky about it. They beat us. They swept us. They were the better team. … They deserved to be the world champs. It really turned out to be no contest.”

Leyland ultimately concluded that making the World Series “was pretty darn good” despite the finish.

Though we were disappointed the team only scored six runs in four World Series games, we have to agree. It was a solid run for Detroit, and an even better run for San Francisco.

Miguel Cabrera takes ‘Fire Leyland’ sign away from a fan (Video)

The Detroit Tigers are one of several teams across professional baseball that have fallen well short of expectations this season. As a result, Jim Leyland is one of several managers with whom fans are frustrated. After adding Prince Fielder to an already solid roster, the Tigers were expected to cruise through the AL Central. Fortunately for them, they are only a game out of first because the rest of the division is mediocre. Fans like Justin Spiro still want Leyland gone.

According to Detroit Sports Rag, Spiro was sitting in the front row behind the visitor’s dugout (Detroit was on the road at Chicago) holding a “Fire Leyland” sign on Wednesday and for two games before that. As you can see from the video above, Cabrera took the sign from him when he was signing autographs for fans before the game and went about his business. He supposedly folded it up and put a crease in it but did eventually give it back to the fan. Spiro was ejected three times from US Cellular Field throughout the series, most likely for giving it to Leyland and the Tigers.

Leyland may say some dumb things and do some things that make you scratch your head, but I’m not sure he deserves to be fired just yet. And I certainly don’t have a problem with Cabrera sticking up for his manager, especially the way in which he went about it.

H/T It’s Always Sunny in Detroit via Hot Clicks

Jim Leyland: Miguel Cabrera deserves MVP over ‘Wonderboy’ Mike Trout

Miguel Cabrera is having an outstanding season for the Tigers. It’s the type of season we have come to expect from the 29-year-old over his 13-year career. Cabrera has 29 homers to go along with 95 RBI. His batting average is an impressive .322 and his on-base percentage is a solid .384. There is still a lot of baseball left to be played, but Cabrera is a definite American League MVP contender. The only problem is a 21-year-old named Mike Trout could stand in his way.

As his manager, Jim Leyland is obviously pulling for Cabrera to win the award. However, the logic he used to support his third baseman during an interview with WXYT 97.1 Radio in Detroit on Thursday was puzzling.

“I mean this respectfully,” Leyland said according to ESPN.com. “I don’t mean this disrespectfully — I think what could be a little problem for Miggy is in my opinion Miggy is the MVP. Now we have time left, if the voting was today Miggy is the MVP. However, he could run into one of the wonder boy stories. You know, young kid, 20 years old. Everyone gets excited about that. Everybody loves that, has a nice ring to it.”

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