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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Jim Nantz

Jim Nantz and wife Courtney have baby girl

Jim Nantz and his new wife Courtney said hello to a new friend this week. Nantz, the top announcer for CBS, typically calls the Big Ten tournament, but he’s not this week because he was with his wife, Courtney, who gave birth to the couple’s first child. CBS Sports Network shared the photo seen above…Read More

Jim Nantz butchers ending of Jets-Patriots game (Video)

CBS announcer Jim Nantz loves to script his endings, and in this case, it looks like the practice backfired on him. Nantz completely butchered his call for the ending of the New England Patriots-New York Jets game on Sunday, saying not once, but twice that the Jets had won. The Jets, in fact, lost 29-26…Read More

Jim Nantz wore beads for the Final Four in New Orleans (Picture)

There’s only two ways to have beads in New Orleans: You either bought them at the store so you could distribute, or you lifted up your top and exposed your chest for the reward. Let’s just hope for everyone’s sake the former was the case for CBS announcer Jim Nantz. H/T Jimmy Traina

Jim Nantz Criticized for Walker, Texas Ranger Line about Kemba

CBS announcer Jim Nantz was criticized pretty heavily by viewers Monday evening for his reference to the TV show Walker, Texas Ranger. As the UConn-Butler game was going to commercial with 5:49 left, Nantz said “We have a break in the action. UConn, 5:49 from the title perhaps. They have defended. They have protected. They…Read More

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