Jimbo Fisher: Jameis Winston dressing for game result of ‘miscommunication’

One of the more humorous moments from Florida State’s overtime win over Clemson on Saturday night was when Jameis Winston came out fully dressed in pads and went through pregame warm-ups with his Seminoles.

Apparently Winston didn’t get the memo that he was suspended for the ENTIRE game and thought it would be a good idea to prepare like he was actually going to play. In an embarrassing moment, coach Jimbo Fisher pulled Winston aside and told the reigning Heisman Trophy winner to change out of his pads. And that’s what Winston did.

On Monday, Fisher explained the nature of the “miscommunication” that resulted in Winston dressing for the game.

Jimbo Fisher Jameis Winston

“That was a miscommunication between us and the locker room because, with the late-night (full-game) suspension, he was scheduled to dress [Saturday] and the stuff was put out in the locker room when he went in to dress,” Fisher said Monday. “He assumed he was going to dress and do warm-ups and went out, and I never saw it. It got miscommunicated.

“[The equipment staff] probably should have never had it in the locker, and that’s exactly what happened. When we saw it, corrected it. He was great about it, went in and came back out and did what he was asked to do.

“That was our fault internally. We were making adjustments, moving around, and that was one part that slipped through the cracks,” Fisher said via ESPN’s Jared Shanker.

Is that really what happened? I think this is a case of Fisher covering for Winston by pinning the blame on the equipment staff. In the end, it really doesn’t matter. It was pretty silly of a player suspended for a full game to prepare like he was going to play … I’m not sure how else that needs to be interpreted.

Jameis Winston dresses for game; Jimbo Fisher tells him to change (Video)

Jameis-Winston-uniformJameis Winston was suspended for Florida State’s game against Clemson on Saturday night. That meant the Heisman Trophy winner wasn’t going to touch the field at all, regardless of how his team performed. Perhaps Winston didn’t understand that.

Prior to FSU’s overtime win, Winston dressed in his full uniform and pads and took the field for warmups. This seemed to irritate head coach Jimbo Fisher, who sent Winston back to the locker room and made him change.

Winston was initially suspended for one half for standing on an FSU campus table and yelling an incredibly immature phrase. The school later increased the punishment to a full game when it was determined that Winston was not entirely truthful when giving his account of what happened.

You can see why Fisher was angry. Winston just doesn’t seem to get it. While he might have thought dressing in full uniform showed support for his teammates, some would look at it as Winston wondering if there’s a chance he gets in the game. Players who are suspended and have no shot at playing don’t need to wear pads.

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Nike wants Jimbo Fisher to not let his son wear Under Armour


Jimbo Fisher and his son shared a great moment back in November after Florida State came away with a huge win over Miami. You would have to be cold-hearted to not crack a smile watching 9-year-old Ethan sprint into his dad’s arms. The folks at Nike were frowning.

The Wall Street Journal has uncovered an email exchange that took place between a Nike official and Florida State administrators hours after the Seminoles’ Nov. 2 victory. After congratulating FSU on their big win and thanking them for “everything you all do for us,” Nike assistant director of football sports marketing Mark Dupes had an interesting favor to ask.

“Hey got a text from the USA Director of Sports Marketing last night telling me of how good things look w FSU and our players and sideline staff, exposure for the Brand was exceptional. Then 5 min later I rec a new message…Said ABC cameras were on Jimbo and his Son ad end of the game…His son was Wearing Under Armour FSU sweatshirt! Ouch. Can we please ask Jimbo to eliminate that from the son’s wardrobe in the future! Let me know if I can help w anything. Thx guys. MD”

Yes, Nike was concerned about a 9-year-old wearing an Under Armour sweatshirt. The Wall Street Journal asked FSU’s senior associate athletics director Monk Bonasorte about the request, and he said FSU administrators interpreted it as a “joke.”

“What am I going to do, go to coach and say, ‘Hey can you take that shirt off him?'” Bonasorte said. “I’m not going to call Jimbo Fisher and tell him what his son can wear.”

Nike said in a statement that its relationship with FSU athletics does not extend to the coach’s family and Fisher declined to comment. For what it’s worth, Ethan was shown wearing Nike brand apparel during and after subsequent games — including when the Seminoles defeated Auburn in the BCS National Championship Game.

We know Nike is protective of its powerful brand, but that seems like a bit much.

Jimbo Fisher and family caught a huge shark while fishing


Jimbo Fisher just seems to be winning at everything these days. The Florida State head coach is probably still high on his team’s BCS National Championship win back in January, and he brought some of that good karma with him on a family fishing trip earlier this week.

Fisher’s wife Candi tweeted the photo you see above on Tuesday evening, which shows a shark that is at least 6 or 7 feet in length. Since the Fishers were able to get the beast onto the boat, we can’t quite call it as awesome of a catch as that fish Mike Trout and company caught last year.

And yes, I thought about making a “Fisher” joke and decided that would be just too easy.

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Jimbo Fisher: Auburn stole Florida State’s signs

Jimbo FisherDid Auburn get out to a dominating start against Florida State on Monday night because they had the Seminoles’ signals? Jimbo Fisher seems to believe that is the case.

In a press conference with reporters on Tuesday, the Florida State coach said he had his staff protect signals with a towel in the second half of the game because he believed Auburn had their signs at points in the game.

“They had a couple of our signals a couple times and were getting to them,” Fisher said via AL.com. “That happens, people do it, and that’s our fault.”

Florida State made an adjustment, and it may have paid off.

After being held to 10 points and two scoring drives in the first half, the Noles put together 17 points and three scoring drives on offense in the second half. They were down 21-10 at halftime and won 34-31.

Whether sign stealing was a factor in the game or not, Fisher isn’t bothered by the possibility of Auburn jacking them.

“That’s part of the game,” Fisher said. “I don’t have a problem with that.”

Jimbo Fisher and Jameis Winston embrace after winning national championship

Jimbo Fisher Jameis Winston

Jimbo Fisher and Jameis Winston shared a beautiful embrace after Florida State won the BCS National Championship on Monday night by beating Auburn 34-31.

The game was a thriller, with the lead changing three times in the final five minutes. Florida State proved to be the best team in the country by pulling out the victory, and this image may be the best one from the outstanding game.

Photo via @cjzero