Manny Pacquiao on Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

Boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday evening and talked shop with the affable host. Pac Man was promoting his CD “Sometimes when we touch” featuring Dan Hill, as well as his upcoming May 7th fight with Shane Mosley. Here’s a video of Manny Pacquiao on Jimmy Kimmel Live in case you missed it:

Pacquiao explained that his visit was mostly because he wanted to continue a good superstition. Part of his pre-fight routine is appearing on Kimmel’s show which he did last year while debuting his singing skills. Pacquiao actually sang Sometimes When we Touch last year and that led to his pairing with Hill for the CD.

The best part of the interview was when Kimmel busted Manny’s chops about his cologne. Pacquiao had a cologne called “MP7″ which represented the amount of weight classes where Manny held a title. Kimmel asked Pac Man what he’d do if he won a title in another weight class, and Manny said they’d come out with MP8. Sure enough, Manny won another title and they released an MP8 cologne.

The interview was light-hearted and enjoyable, and it was another opportunity for Manny to promote his album. Now about his singing skills … I’ll let you judge that for yourself.

Jets All-Pro DE Schmoolie Jackson on the Jets Schedule Conflicting with Holidays

So not long ago when the NFL schedule was released, the Jets caused a fuss because two of their home games coincided with two of the holiest Jewish holidays. They complained to the league office and got one of their games bumped up from a 4:15pm ET start on Sunday to 1:00pm ET. From what I understand, the league office was moved by an impassioned speech by Jets All-Pro DE Schmoolie Jackson. Check it out:

He had me at Bubby. Gotta feel for a guy who had to miss his cousin’s bar mitzvah, you know? Thanks to my Uncle Al for passing that hilarious Jimmy Kimmel clip along. By the way, I’ve heard that Jackson wasn’t too happy when the Jets brought on Mangini and switched to the 3-4 defense since the 4-3 fit his style much better.