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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Articles tagged: Joba Chamberlain

Joba Chamberlain sticks tongue out at Derek Jeter, hits him (Video)

Joba Chamberlain playfully stuck his tongue out at his former teammate Derek Jeter during Tuesday night’s game between the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees. In hindsight, Chamberlain probably wishes he didn’t do that. Why? Because now he looks bad. A couple of pitches after Chamberlain stuck his tongue out at Jeter, he ran a…Read More

The Detroit Tigers wore Zubaz pants bought by Joba Chamberlain

If you’ve ever wanted to see Victor Martinez, Joba Chamberlain, Bryan Holaday, Rajai Davis, and Torii Hunter in Zubaz pants, you can thank Chamberlain for the above picture. The former Yankees pitcher bought some of the pants regularly seen during the early ’90s for his teammates and you can see why they’re best left in…Read More

Joba Chamberlain turned Tommy John scar into happy face tattoo

And the award for most creative use of a Tommy John scar goes to … Joba Chamberlain: What we noticed when we saw this picture of Joba Chamberlain pitching today. #Tigers14 — Freep Sports (@freepsports) February 27, 2014 I was dying in tears for a few minutes after seeing that. Too darn funny. On…Read More

Joba Chamberlain has lost weight, is pumped he can rock a beard

Joba Chamberlain was once one of the most effective relievers in baseball. At one point, people were even speculating that he could be the heir to the Mariano Rivera throne for the New York Yankees. A combination of injuries and ineffectiveness has put a stop to that talk, and the Detroit Tigers are now hoping…Read More

Joba Chamberlain knocked out of game by flying broken bat (Video)

Your browser does not support iframes. Joba Chamberlain left Game 4 of the ALDS between the Yankees and Orioles in the 12th inning after being hit on the elbow by a broken bat. The Yankees reliever rolled in his first inning of work and was looking to pitch a second inning when he was hit….Read More

Yankees hopeful Joba Chamberlain can return to pitching this season

After Joba Chamberlain‘s trampoline injury to trump all trampoline injuries, there was much doubt as to whether the Yankees pitcher would be able to pitch this season or even again in his career. Chamberlain suffered an open dislocation and torn ligaments in his right ankle while playing with his son. And while examinations revealed no…Read More

Joba Chamberlain Impersonator Ryan Ward Arrested by Cops

I don’t know what’s up with people and their fascination with impersonations. Why can’t they just be themselves? Ryan Ward couldn’t help himself from posing as Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain once Joba became famous in the Big Apple. It all started when people kept mistaking Ward for Chamberlain, until Ward decided to not only embrace…Read More

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