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Friday, March 27, 2015

Articles tagged: Joe Flacco

Joe Flacco rips Ravens for using wildcat offense

The Baltimore Ravens signed Joe Flacco to a six-year, $120 million contract this past offseason. When you give a quarterback that type of money, it typically means you want the ball in his hands as much possible. That was not the case on Sunday, as the Ravens ran 12 plays from the wildcat formation in…Read More

Radio host Vic Lombardi vandalizes Joe Flacco poster in Denver

Earlier this week, the NFL put up posters and billboards around Sports Authority Field and downtown Denver to promote the regular season opener between the Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos. As you might expect, Broncos fans are not pleased about it. The Ravens are the team that put an end to the Broncos’ Super Bowl…Read More

Joe Flacco: Ray Lewis’ speeches didn’t make sense

Joe Flacco loved Ray Lewis as a teammate, but forgive him if he was left baffled by the soon-to-be Hall of Fame linebacker’s speeches at times. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback said in March that sometimes he didn’t even know what Lewis meant in his speeches, but he liked the way the messages were conveyed; just…Read More

Ravens owner wants Joe Flacco to be leader with Ray Lewis gone

The Baltimore Ravens have lost several of their leaders to free agency, trade and retirement this offseason. Ray Lewis has been the clear-cut leader of the team for over a decade, and Baltimore’s locker room is sure to be much quieter with guys like him and Ed Reed no longer ¬†around. That’s why Ravens owner…Read More

LeSean McCoy ranks Tony Romo and Matt Ryan over Joe Flacco

LeSean McCoy may play for the Philadelphia Eagles and dislike the Dallas Cowboys, but that does not mean he’s not a fan of some of their players. The Eagles running back provided some analysis of NFL Network’s annual Top 100 players, and that’s when he expressed his support for Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. NFL Network…Read More

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