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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Articles tagged: Joe Morgan

Joe Morgan Shows Us How Not to Take the High Road

Look, it’s pretty difficult for anyone to go through getting fired from their job much less having to talk about it. I get that. But Joe Morgan’s response to being removed from ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball coverage is, well, exactly why we all wanted him gone. SbB Live shared with us Morgan’s response to losing…Read More

Joe Morgan Lies Again When Clarifying Previous Lie on Sunday Night Baseball

Something must be done to stop this ghastly man! Seriously, for anyone who said it was “mean-spirited” to create a website called Fire Joe Morgan, you’ve never watched Sunday Night Baseball otherwise you would understand why it was launched. And clearly after lies three years in a row, ESPN isn’t getting the message so it’s…Read More

Joe Morgan Tells Yet Another Lie on Sunday Night Baseball

This is almost becoming a habit for Joe Morgan and no longer a surprise. Two years ago, Morgan lied during a Sunday night game, saying he contributed to the Phillies blowing a big lead down the stretch of the ’64 season as a rookie with Houston. A few problems: Morgan made his rookie debut in…Read More

Joe Morgan Making Up Facts Once Again

I didn’t really mean to post this up, but when there’s a guy broadcasting on a large stage like Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN just filling the airwaves with nonsense, he needs to be called out for it. Such is the story with Joe Morgan, who continues to prove once again why he needs to…Read More

How to Improve Sports Broadcasts

It’s so simple, so basic, so easy, I can’t believe it’s never come up before. I can’t believe I never before thought of this. I can’t believe no companies have actually done it! How many times have you had to press the mute button on your TV because a play-by-play guy or analyst was ruining…Read More

Joe Morgan Corrects Himself on Sunday Night Baseball (Audio)

I noted recently that Joe Morgan was caught making a mistake (also known as a lie) while telling a story on Sunday Night Baseball. He said that he helped the Phillies continue their notable 10 game losing streak with an RBI single in his major league debut back in 1964. Problem was, Morgan made his…Read More

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