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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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Joe Paterno Likely Did Not Know in 2002 What We Know About Jerry Sandusky Now

Now that more and more details about Jerry Sandusky’s sexually abusive past are being revealed, people are becoming more and more upset. They’re getting angry. They’re getting outraged. And their blind rage is causing them to become irrational. When people get as upset as they are now, they often look for scapegoats. Joe Paterno, because…Read More

Video: Joe Paterno Speaks with Adoring Fans at His House

Lest ye figured the old fans of Penn State University would leave Joe Paterno for the lions, we have video proving otherwise. The legendary coach addressed the legions of fans who were outside his home Tuesday to support him. Ben Jones reports he said “No matter what happens to some people I’m proud of you.”…Read More

Joe Paterno: I’m a Cheerleader

Joe Paterno has said some pretty funny things in his day, but I’m not sure anything is funnier than what he said on Tuesday. As The Wiz of Odds pointed out to us, Paterno downplayed his role in the Penn State offense during his weekly press conference. “I don’t do much play calling anymore,” Paterno…Read More

Joe Paterno Injured in Practice After Being Blindsided by Player

Joe Paterno is 84 years old but has no intention of leaving the game of college football, even if it presents a danger to his health. While most coaches struggle with the stress of the game, JoePa seems to have issues avoiding contact on the field. The Penn State coach needed knee surgery after one…Read More

Joe Paterno Used Skype to Chat with Recruit Noah Spence

Joe Paterno is old. Very old. He’s 84 and people have called for him to step down at Penn State at various points over the past 10 years. I thought he should have stepped down after the team went 3-9 and 4-7 in back-to-back seasons in ’03 and ’04, but he stayed on and the…Read More

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