Joe Paterno Has No Time for Your Local Story Angles, Reporters

Tuesday news conferences for college football coaches are just what the name suggests — there for newspaper reporters. They use the Q&A session to ask the coach about information from either the previous game or the upcoming game, depending on what kind of story they’re working on. Often times you get the usual suspects which include the beat reporters who are familiar with the coach’s tendencies and habits and who know the routine. But you also get random reporters from the opponent’s city, and they’re often looking for a more local story angle. That’s exactly what happened on Tuesday in Joe Paterno’s news conference when he was asked by a local Deerfield, Illinois reporter about fullback Joe Suhey. Keep in mind that the Suhey’s are considered the first family of Penn State football, having family members from several generations play at the school. Joe Pa then gets off this classic quote:

You think the Illinois fans are going to be holding up tooth brushes on the sidelines? That’s what I would be doing. Classic Joe Pa. At least he’s still good for something.

Joe Paterno: When I Grew Up, Basketball Was a Jewish Game

Once again, we find ourselves with a prominent sports figure who has no filter. At some point the excuse that he’s 97-years-old won’t fly anymore. Here’s Penn State football coach Joe Paterno doing a short guest segment on ESPN’s telecast of the N.I.T. semifinals between Penn St and Notre Dame. Believe me, this is Joe Pa at his finest:

“I grew up in the playgrounds of New York, I tell everybody they all talk about how it’s a black man’s game. When I grew up, it was a Jewish game.” Fair enough, Joe. Maybe he’d also like to inform us on whose game baseball, hockey, and boxing are. American history by Joe Paterno. When will this guy finally step down? I think it’s pretty evident that he’s useless.

Story via HHR, video via AA

That’s Why Paterno Is Still Coaching

He’s a cheap date. Err coach. Apparently he wasn’t joking when he said he doesn’t pay attention to the money he earns. Unlike some of the hot shot coaches around the country making multi-millions — the Sabans, Tressels, Stoops, Meyers of the world, Joe Pa is content just scraping by. The Patriot-News reports that Paterno’s making just over $500,000 in salary this year — $512,664 to be exact.

While that number seems small for a big-name coach, and it is, Paterno could be pulling more from sponsorship deals, and/or media work. Still, it isn’t exactly a whole lot. Recently the Pac-10 football coach salaries were revealed. At its base level, Joe Pa would be 9th in salary out of the 10 coaches. That’s pretty low. I’m guessing his assistants and coordinators, who also carry most of the actual coaching load, get paid a good amount. So in case you were wondering why Paterno hasn’t been fired, aside from his reputation and legacy at Penn St., it’s probably because he’s not costing them a whole lot anyway. I guess we’re bringing new meaning to the term “figurehead.”