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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Joe Torre

Joe Torre Has a Blog

I was going pretty crazy when I saw Joe Torre’s State Farm Commercial. It’s a humorous spot that features Torre surfing, doing yoga, walking with a lap dog in Beverly Hills, and pretty much everything else that’s considered trendy in LA. Seeing how Torre’s already embracing the LA culture, why not go the max and…Read More

Joe Torre Surfs, Does Yoga in State Farm Commercial

I knew that Joe Torre got a ton of press because, well, let’s face it — he was the manager of the Yankees during their superb run from ’96-’03. But I didn’t know he was much of a pitchman, unlike say, Greg Oden. Even though the last time Torre appeared in a commercial was 1985,…Read More

Sick of the Overhyped Managerial Jobs

When told over the weekend that the Patriots/Colts game received a ridiculous amount of media hype during the week, I was skeptical. I couldn’t pinpoint the reason why, but I didn’t feel like I got the full, Super-Bowl caliber dose of Pats/Colts all week. Then I figured it out: there was so much attention given…Read More

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