Joel Embiid sends great tweet about naked selfies from girls

Joel Embiid draft

Joel Embiid has plenty of time on his hands as he recovers from foot surgery, and the guy has been making great use of it.

Embiid, the No. 3 overall pick of the Philadelphia 76ers in the draft (they have a thing for injured players), has been asserting himself as one of the best athletes on social media. He sent this gem on Tuesday night:

Shortly after sending that beaut, Embiid announced he would be taking a break from Twitter.

That’s how it goes for him — he pushes the limits of social acceptability, gets some negative feedback, and takes a mini break. But he always returns with better jokes than the last time. He’s like a young Gilbert Arenas, hopefully without the golden gun incident.

Oh, and that is exactly the reaction we have when receiving an unexpected nudie pic.

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Joel Embiid still going hard after Rihanna with new avatar


Joel Embiid is not ready to give Rihanna the Kim Kardashian treatment just yet. After all of his tweets about Kim K. were ignored, Embiid has moved on to courting the R&B singer. The Philadelphia 76ers rookie went on a fictional date with Rihanna last week and has even changed his Twitter avatar to make it look like they had dinner together.

Embiid continued his path toward making “Johanna” a reality on Thursday night by sharing some hilarious photoshops of him and his fake girlfriend.

The former Kansas star then must have gotten frustrated with some of the feedback he was getting, because he threatened to get off Twitter.

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Joel Embiid’s date with Rihanna looked like a lot of fun

Rihanna Joel Embiid jersey

Joel Embiid moved on from Kim Kardashian and has been pursuing Rihanna over Twitter lately. It’s a win-win situation for Embiid. If he gets a positive response, he could end up going out on a date with Rihanna. If he doesn’t, at least he’s building a following with some funny tweets.

Take for instance this tweet/photo he sent on Thursday night. This was taken during Embiid’s “date” with Rihanna:

Seriously, how can you not root for the “Johanna” union after seeing that?

Embiid did manage to score a Twitter follow from Rihanna, so the guy is definitely winning for now. He did send some more tweets about his pursuit of Ri-Ri:

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Joel Embiid hilariously puts the Twitter moves on Rihanna

Joel EmbiidJoel Embiid won’t play enough next season to make a run at NBA Rookie of the Year, but the guy already has NBA Twitter MVP locked down.

The Philadelphia 76ers draft pick made some noise earlier this month by trying to recruit free agent LeBron James to Philly. Then a few weeks ago he turned his attention to recruiting Kim Kardashian, though that was for more personal reasons.

After having no luck with Kim, Embiid moved on to Rihanna. He sent these tweets Tuesday:

How awesome is it that he set dinner plans for them?

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Joel Embiid is trying to get LeBron James to join the Sixers

joel-embiid-draft-1With NBA free agency underway, it’s time for those currently without a contract to be on the receiving end of pitches and presentations from prospective teams.

Familiar names like Carmelo Anthony, Pau Gasol, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Kyle Lowry, and Lance Stephenson are available to the highest bidder and competition for their signatures has begun.

The big fish, of course, is LeBron James who opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat. While no one knows for sure what King James will do, a return to Miami certainly can’t be ruled out. In the event that doesn’t happen, there’s no shortage of players who would love to have James on their team.

Newly drafted Philadelphia 76ers big man Joel Embiid is among them and reached out to James via Twitter on Tuesday.

The number of of mentions James receives is astronomical so it’s not out of the question that he didn’t see Embiid’s tweet. So, the third overall pick in last month’s draft decided to politely remind James he had not yet heard back.

Sometimes, persistence pays off. In this case, it will probably take a bit more than that for us to see LeBron James in a Sixers uniform.

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Joel Embiid burned by tape delay on his draft reaction (Video)

First impressions are everything and, in the case of Joel Embiid, everyone is going to always think that the former Kansas center did not want to play for the Philadelphia 76ers.

When ESPN flashed to Embiid for his reaction to being drafted third overall by Philly Thursday, Embiid gave his best McKayla Maroney not impressed face.

Joel Embiid Sixers draft

The problem is ESPN was showing how he looked prior to being drafted. Yes, he actually had a smile on his face when he was drafted, as tape delay showed:

Joel Embiid draft

In an effort to straighten out public perception, the Sixers tweeted this:

Likely story, Philly. We all know that Embiid really just wanted to go to Boston or the Lakers instead. Even he tried to clear things up too though:

Report: Joel Embiid has more issues than foot, back

Joel Embiid KansasJoel Embiid may be the biggest wild card heading into the NBA Draft on Thursday night, and that is because of his rapidly growing injury history. Embiid is recovering from a broken foot that could scare teams away because of the devastating impact the injury has had on players in the past. He also missed the NCAA Tournament because of a back injury, but are there health concerns beyond his back and foot?

On Thursday morning, ESPN’s Chad Ford told “Mike and Mike in the Morning” that some teams are concerned about other undisclosed health issues.

“The feedback that I’ve gotten (from team sources) is it’s not just the foot,” Ford said, via 97.5 The Fanatic. “That’s the most serious thing, and it’s not just the back. There’s other things coming out of those medical reports that in totality have scared them away.”

We don’t know what Ford is referring to, but it gives you an idea of just how risky a pick the former Kansas Star might be. Everyone is thinking Greg Oden, and you can understand why.

Even with the back, foot and whatever else Embiid has going on, Ford said the only team he believes that has truly red-flagged him because of injury concerns is the Milwaukee Bucks at pick No. 2. While he doesn’t believe the Cleveland Cavaliers will draft Embiid at No. 1, Ford doesn’t necessarily think they have red-flagged him because they are exploring the possibility of trading down and then taking him.

While we wouldn’t draft Embiid in the top 10, I have a funny feeling he’ll be going earlier than some expected.