Joey Chestnut wishes Kobayashi would come back

Joey-Chestnut-Nathans-Hot-Dog-Eating-ChampionshipThe best hot dog eater in the world misses being challenged. Joey Chestnut has won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest seven years in a row. The last time Takeru Kobayashi won was in 2006, when he edged out Chestnut by just 1 1/2 hot dogs. Chestnut and Kobayashi had some epic battles for three years after that, but Chestnut hasn’t really been challenged since Kobayashi bowed out.

While not having to compete against Kobayashi makes Chestnut’s job easier, he wishes the Japanese legend would return to give him a push.

“I hope he does (come back),” Chestnut told TMZ earlier this week. “He’s a great competitor and if he learned how to go back to the drawing board after losing instead of just, I don’t know, finding a reason not to eat.

“I miss competing against him.”

Kobayashi has had issues with Major League Eating that have resulted in his decision to not compete in the annual 4th of July contest, but Chestnut seemed to imply that his rival got tired of losing. In recent years, Chestnut has basically been competing against himself and trying to set records.

Maybe those fightin’ words will light a fire under Kobayashi.

Joey Chestnut considers himself an athlete, competitive eating a spot

People love to debate until they are blue in the face about whether or not cheerleading is considered a sport, but what about competitive eating? Some say anything that involves competition is a sport, but McDonald’s and Burger King compete with each other constantly and they aren’t exactly playing racquetball. World hot dog eating champion Joey Chestnut recently tied his world record when he ate 68 hot dogs at the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. The act of seeing how much you can eat, he says, is definitely a sport.

“I consider myself an athlete,” Chestnut said during an interview with Josh and Charod on XX Sports Radio in San Diego. “I consider it a sport. But I can see that there’s arguments from people who say it’s not a sport. … There’s people who can pick things apart if they try, but if you actually look at competitive eating and watch the contests, you’ll see that we’re pushing each other and you see the competition among the people on stage.

“It’s obvious it’s a sport. We didn’t just wake up in the morning and say, ‘I feel like eating 68 hot dogs.’ I trained for that contest for weeks and weeks and weeks and I tried to peak on the day of the event.”

Some people may not be willing to call eating nearly six dozen hot dogs a sport, but you have to respect the mental and physical dedication it entails. Chestnut also said his body is telling him to stop every day, and that once you pass the 30-hot dog mark things start to get difficult. Try eating six hot dogs and you’ll appreciate the type of work that goes into eating 68 — or 69 supposedly if you’re Kobayshi. If Chestnut says it’s a sport, I’m willing to call it a sport.

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Kobayashi Reportedly Beat Joey Chestnut by Eating 69 Hot Dogs (Video)

Kobayashi is involved in the holdout of the century after refusing to sign an exclusive deal with Major League Eating. Because of his holdout, he was unable to compete in the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island for the second straight year. Last year Kobayashi rushed the stage at Coney Island in protest and ended up jailed. This year he decided to compete with the eaters via satellite TV. Check out Kobayashi downing 69 hot dogs from across town at 230 Fifth in Manhattan:

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Kobayashi reportedly beat competition winner Joey Chestnut by downing 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes (Chestnut won by eating 62). Major League Eating won’t recognize Kobayashi’s accomplishment as a record (Chestnut has the record with 68), but what do you think? Should it be recognized?

Video via Bob’s Blitz

Competitive Eater Joey Chestnut Loses to Blogger in Beer Chug

And here I was, thinking that Joey Chestnut was some sort of a badass. At a time when America was losing ground in athletic competitions to the rest of the world, at least we had Joey Chestnut to step up and show everyone that there is something America can still do well — pig out. He beat Kobayashi in the hot dog eating competition and brought back respectability to our nation. Anyway, though he might be the top eater in the country, he somehow couldn’t beat Yardbarker blogger master Dewey Hammond at a beer chug. Check it:

I dunno, that looked pretty legit to me. Maybe Dewey just has the ability to open up his throat and guzzle like a champ. And where I come from, opening up your throat to max capacity isn’t exactly a gift for a male. Nonetheless, pretty impressive on Dewey’s part.

Joey Chestnut Would Do Well in Jail

And if you can’t figure that one out after watching the video, then you need to raise your hand so I can come by and hit you over the head with a tack hammer because you are a moron. Anywhoo, as you probably know right now, because it is more popular of a sporting event than actual real sports on July 4th, Joey Chestnut defeated Kobayashi by three wieners to win the World Hot-Dog-Eating Championship. Nicely done Joey, nicely done. Oh yeah, and for all the complaints that Kobayashi had jaw issues, the 63 dogs were his most ever. Exactly.

Joey Chestnut Breaks Kobayashi’s Hot Dog Eating Record

He didn’t just break it; he shattered it. Joey Chesnut devoured Kobayshi’s 53 3/4 hot dog record like he was munching on ramen noodles. But oh no, Chestnut did not stop there; the San Jose native tacked on an additional six-pack of dogs for good measure. And this Chestnut cat is no porker either — the kid’s in pretty good shape.

With that, I would like you to meet your newest pig competitive eating slob hot dog champion, Joey Chestnut. A world record 59 1/2 hot dogs in 12 minutes:

Thanks to my man John Fricke for bringing this story to my attention, and big ups to Ballhype for coming through with the footage!