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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Articles tagged: John Daly

Video: John Daly Goes Tin Cup at Australian Open

John Daly went Tin Cup at the Australian Open Thursday, hitting seven balls into the water before walking off the course after running out of balls. The meltdown was similar to Daly’s experience at Bay Hill in 1998 when he hit six balls into the water and took an 18 on the sixth hole. Daly…Read More

John Daly Providing Wacky Clothing for Tennessee Vols

Get ready to puke because the orange for Tennessee will now have a new meaning. The Wiz of Odds shares the news that John Daly’s clothing company, Loudmouth Golf, has a contract with Tennessee to provide clothing for the university. The Knoxville News Sentinel has more details on the deal, saying Loudmouth will provide “check-pants,…Read More

News Flash: John Daly Loves to Party

If you remember, John Daly got off one of his legendary quotes recently, saying he doesn’t work out because it makes him throw up. The money shot … why work out to throw up when you can drink and throw up just the same? Daly at his finest. Well, this just into the LBS newsdesk,…Read More

John Daly on Throwing Up

You couldn’t possibly find more polar opposites on the golf course than John Daly and Tiger Woods. Woods is athletic, hard-working, and meticulous. Daly is carefree, out-of-shape, and sloppy. Woods gives golfers a good name in the athletic world. Daly single-handedly undoes 10 years of progress in the way golfers are viewed. So when Tiger…Read More

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