John Elway’s son Jack reportedly arrested for domestic violence

Jack-ElwayJohn Elway III, the son of Denver Broncos legend John Elway, was reportedly arrested over the weekend for domestic violence. According to CBS 4 in Denver, Elway III — or Jack, as he is called — was held on charges of assault and disturbing the peace and later released on $550 bond.

Jack allegedly pushed a 23-year-old woman out of a moving car on Friday. Sources told CBS 4 that the woman showed no visible injuries, though it is unknown if she suffered any.

Jack Elway, 24, played football at Arizona State but quit the program in 2009. He graduated from ASU in 2011 after studying business, according to his Facebook page. Elway’s laywer declined to comment on the case.

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John Elway still not over any of his Super Bowl losses

John ElwayJohn Elway lost three Super Bowls as quarterback of the Denver Broncos before winning back-to-back ones in the 1997 and 1998 seasons. He just lost a fourth Super Bowl after watching his team get defeated by the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday.

Though Elway lost his Super Bowls as a player in the late ’80s, he’s still not over them.

Asked at his season-ending press conference Tuesday how long it took him to get over his Super Bowl losses, Elway answered bluntly.

“I’m not over them yet. And we just added this one.”

Damn, someobody get this man some Prozac.

So that’s what you have to look forward to, Broncos players. Never getting over your Super Bowl loss.

If you’re wondering where Elway gets his drive from, look no further than this answer. He was also pretty fired up at the press conference, as you can see:

Peyton Manning: John Elway ripped Broncos after preseason loss to Seahawks

John ElwayThe Denver Broncos got demolished the last time they faced the Seattle Seahawks. Fortunately, the 40-10 loss came in preseason play. The team that lost to Seattle in August is far different from the one that will take the field in the Super Bowl on Sunday. The preseason game may have been meaningless, but Peyton Manning says John Elway took it very seriously.

“John pretty much laid it on us after that game — that was a butt kicking,” Manning told reporters this week, via Pro Football Talk. “He talked about what he thought our potential could be and didn’t want to see that wasted. I think guys got the message.”

Manning was in midseason form during the loss, completing 11 of 16 passes for 163 yards and a touchdown. But the Broncos were pretty awful on defense and special teams. They allowed a 107-yard kickoff return for a touchdown and watched a fumble get taken 106 yards the other way for a score.

“He might have been giving a message to coaches as well as the players and everybody in the room got the message,” Manning added. “It was the first time he had addressed the team and when he had something to say it was important.”

Elway probably has not been angry with his team many times since. What he can provide this week is Super Bowl insight from someone who appeared in five Super Bowls and lost three of them. The Broncos would be wise to listen as carefully as they did more than five months ago.

John Elway rocking leather jacket on Stanford sidelines

John Elway leather jacket

John Elway was on the sidelines to watch his alma mater Stanford play at Army on Saturday and, woo boy, was he rocking an outfit or what? Elway was just looking like a boss with his leather jacket and sunglasses. I’m not sure if he was auditioning for a part in Top Gun 2 or the newest Ghost Rider, but he was rolling hard. Lots of straps and buckles there. You cannot handle Elway’s heat.

Elway’s Denver Broncos are facing the New York Giants at the Meadowlands on Sunday, which explains why Elway was in town and able to go to West Point for Stanford’s game. And he had to teach the Cardinal a fashion less or two while he was at it.

John Elway, not Peyton Manning, threw 7 touchdowns against Ravens

Peyton Manning BroncosThe Denver Broncos blew the doors off the Baltimore Ravens to kick off the NFL season on Thursday night. A game that started out slow after a weather delay turned into a gong show, as Peyton Manning and his new offense put on a show. Or wait, was that John Elway?

A look at the box score might tell you that Manning tied an NFL record by throwing an incredible seven touchdown passes in his 2013 debut. Peyton did not turn the ball over and had his way with the defending Super Bowl champions, but The Columbus Dispatch decided to give all the credit to the most beloved quarterback in Broncos history.

It looks like the Ravens aren’t the only ones who have some work to do before they reach midseason form. Manning is hoping to give Denver fans what Elway gave them, but don’t expect to see him tuck the ball down and dive into the end zone.

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Bill Walsh considered trading Joe Montana for John Elway

John Elway Joe Montana

Joe Montana won four Super Bowls and is considered by many to be the greatest quarterback of all time. John Elway won two Super Bowls and is considered to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Can you believe that the coach who had so much success with Montana, Bill Walsh, seriously thought about trading him for Elway even after winning a Super Bowl with the Notre Dame product? That was one of many intriguing details brought to light in ESPN’s 30 for 30 special on the 1983 NFL Draft.

This week, I finally got around to watching “Elway to Marino,” even though the film first aired on ESPN on April 23. The outstanding documentary chronicled the historic 1983 draft from the perspective of agent Marvin Demoff, who represented eventual Hall of Fame quarterbacks John Elway and Dan Marino, who were both first-round selections that year. Demoff maintained a diary on his daily affairs from that time so that he would be able to accurately relay all his business conversations with the Elways. Demoff was able to reconstruct history for the documentary by referring back to his notes.

The big controversy surrounding the draft was that Elway, who was coming off a record-breaking career at Stanford, did not want to go to the Baltimore Colts. The Colts were coming off an 0-8-1 season, and the Elways did not like the team’s head coach, Frank Kush. They also felt the franchise was unstable, which proved to be correct when the team moved from Baltimore to Indianapolis overnight prior to the 1984 season.

The Elways spent the months leading up to the draft saying that John would not play for the Baltimore Colts. They even used the multi-talented athlete’s baseball career — he was drafted and played a season for the New York Yankees minor leagues — as leverage in negotiations. Many teams tried trading with the Colts in order to get Elway, but most of the teams failed in their efforts. Colts GM Ernie Accorsi had a high price tag for Elway, which many teams could not meet. Plus, team owner Robert Irsay frequently dealt with teams on his own, which complicated the process.

But Demoff, in the documentary, dropped one bombshell.

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John Elway: Tim Tebow would need the ‘right situation’ to play in the NFL

Tim Tebow has thrived throughout his football career despite very few people having confidence in him, but it seems as though the odds are stacked against him today more than they have ever been. After a wasted season with the New York Jets, it remains to be seen if there is an NFL team out there willing to give the former Florida star a chance to play.

Denver Broncos vice president of football operations John Elway always has good things to say about Tebow. However, he traded him for a reason. Most people feel as though Tebow is not an NFL starting quarterback. Elway told the “Boomer and Carton” show on Thursday that Tebow would need a unique situation to become a full-time starter again.

“In the right situation, I think it’s a possibility,” Elway said. “He’s got to be in the right situation. … He’s a good kid and he works his tail off.”

In other words, he just doesn’t have the skill set. Another NFL quarterback legend recently expressed a similar opinion about Tebow, saying that it will be difficult for him to ever be a starting quarterback in the NFL again. Tebow supporters will point to the fact that Tebow won more playoff games in his first season as Denver’s starting quarterback than Peyton Manning did, but you would have to be incredibly naive to argue that Tebow is a better quarterback than Manning.

As we said before, Tebow’s only hope is that a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars gives him a shot because of his marketability. What he did with the Broncos a season ago was impressive, but it’s important to remember that the team made the playoffs with an 8-8 record. Had they missed the postseason (which most 8-8 teams do), there would be even fewer people who feel Tebow is a viable NFL starting quarterback.

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