John Farrell goes nuts after ejection (Video)

John-Farrell-ejectedBoston Red Sox manager John Farrell was ejected during the fourth inning of his team’s 3-2 loss to the New York Yankees on Sunday night. The ejection came after Farrell was livid that a play went to instant replay and was overturned.

It initially appeared that the Red Sox got out of a jam when Francisco Cervelli grounded into a double-play, but Yankees manager Joe Girardi challenged the call at first base. He thought Cervelli beat the throw, and he ended up being right. Farrell did not see it that way, and he let the umpiring crew hear about it.

Here are a few angles of the play in question.

As the broadcasting team pointed out, arguing a play that has gone under video review is an automatic ejection. It wouldn’t have mattered, because I’m pretty sure telling an umpire to “shove it up your f—ing ass” is an automatic ejection regardless. At least Farrell got his money’s worth.

John Farrell ejected after controversial call on Daniel Nava (Video)

Daniel-Nava-catchBoston Red Sox right fielder Daniel Nava made a crucial error in a top of the eighth inning in a 4-4 game against the Detroit Tigers on Sunday. Tigers outfielder Avisail Garcia hit a routine fly to the warning track and it appeared Nava made the catch for the first out of the inning. However, he dropped the ball on the transfer and second base umpire Mike DiMuro called the runner safe at second.

The controversial call led to John Farrell’s first ejection as manager of the Red Sox. It also turned what should have been the first out of the inning into a crucial three-run frame for the Tigers, who went on to win 7-5. After the game, crew chief Ted Barrett supported DiMuro’s call.

“To have a catch, you have to have complete control and voluntary release,” Barrett said, according to the Boston Herald. “Mike had him with control, but did not have the voluntary release. When he flipped the ball out of his glove, he never got it into his hand. That’s not voluntary release.”

It certainly looked like Nava made the catch, but the ball may not have fully settled in his glove. Farrell stuck with his opinion of the call being blown in his postgame press conference, arguing that it should have been the first-base umpire’s call to make.

“Clearly, the call was missed,” Farrell said. “Whether or not (first base umpire) Scott Barry even saw the play happen, I couldn’t tell you that. That’s probably a question that’s better directed at them.”

Like the blown call we saw in the Brewers-Phillies game earlier this month, the ruling may have cost Boston the game. It’s hard to say if the right call was made after watching the replay, but you can certainly understand why Farrell was so animated.

Alfredo Aceves reportedly acts like a baby during bullpen session, annoys John Farrell

Boston Red Sox pitcher Alfredo Aceves has a reputation for having somewhat of a whacky personality. Last season, the team suspended him for three games after he threw a fit when then-manager Bobby Valentine opted not to use him in the closer’s role of a 4-3 game. At the time, it would have been easy to toss the incident under the umbrella of Valentine not having control over his team. Now, it looks like it may not be that simple.

On Sunday, Aceves reportedly acted like a child during his live batting practice session at Red Sox spring training. Rather than throwing close to full speed like pitchers are supposed to during a live BP session, the right-hander was simply lobbing the ball toward home plate.

“Alfredo, are you OK?” Boston manager John Farrell yelled out, according to ESPNBoston.com.

Aceves nodded and said that he was fine, and Red Sox pitching coach Juan Nieves later walked out to the mound and had a conversation with him in Spanish. After that, Aceves began throwing the way he should be. Farrell had a talk with him after the workout.

“The one thing I’ll say about that is, he didn’t go through the drill as intended and we’ve addressed it,” Farrell explained. “His session on the mound didn’t go as intended. He’s healthy. It’s been addressed.”

When asked about the incident by reporters, Aceves simply said that it was a team matter. ESPNBoston.com’s Joe McDonald reported that Aceves was apparently upset because he was scheduled to throw at 10:45 a.m., but John Lackey filled that time slot instead.

“There are 25 individuals on this team, but there are certain things that are going to be accepted and I think those are normal in any kind of clubhouse, or team setting,” Farrell said. “If someone strays out of that, that’s our job, or my job, to make it clear on what’s expected.”

Farrell has no intention of letting things get out of hand in Boston the way Valentine did, but Aceves’ antics remind us that not everything that happened last year was Bobby V.’s fault. He may still be taking the blame for a lot of it, but some players are just immature and difficult to work with.

Red Sox reportedly interested in John Farrell, Mike Scioscia for manager

The Red Sox will almost certainly fire Bobby Valentine after the season and be in the market for a new manager. When he’s gone — which is expected to be when the season ends — whom will they target?

USA Today’s Bob Nightengale reports that Blue Jays manager John Farrell is at the top of their list, and that Angels manager Mike Scioscia is also high on their list. Here are Nightengale’s exact words:

They already have their top choice to replace Valentine in John Farrell, according to a high-ranking official who requested anonymity because the Toronto Blue Jays manager is under contract. Farrell is beloved by the organization after serving as pitching coach from 2007 to 2010.

If they can’t pry away Farrell, who’ll be the focus of attention at Fenway Park today as the Blue Jays open a three-game series there, look for the Red Sox to turn to Mike Scioscia if he is fired by the Los Angeles Angels.

Would Farrell leave the Blue Jays for the Red Sox? If he feels it’s a better situation — which based on payrolls, it probably is — then he might. But he’s signed by Toronto through 2013, so I’m not sure how he’d escape the final year of his contract. And now that the Angels are playing well, Scioscia is less likely to be available. The only way he would be fired is if the Angels tank down the stretch. I could see him taking a year off if he does get canned, so I’d be surprised to see either man managing the Red Sox next year. But at least the report confirms what we suspected — Bobby Valentine won’t be back after the season.

Rima Fakih Questions John Farrell for Pulling Ricky Romero

Earlier this week we let you know that Miss USA Rima Fakih and Blue Jays pitcher Ricky Romero were dating. I have no idea how the two ended up together because it seems like an odd combination, but maybe it has to do with Fakih’s knowledge of the game. No joke.

On Thursday afternoon, Fakih spent part of the day tweeting about watching the Blue Jays on MLB TV on her iPad. Romero was making his second start of the season for Toronto and was throwing a great game against the A’s, shutting them out through seven innings.

Fakih tossed out comments about how Ricky was keeping his pitch count low, and then she got all media reporter on everyone after Romero was pulled in the 8th. “Yes 57 pitches 5 strikeouts…I mean who does that?! LOL he shoulda stayed in the game…come’on Farell,” Fakih tweeted.

She was obviously upset because after Romero was pulled, the 1-0 lead he had went away after Jason Frasor let two runs score and the Jays lost 2-1. Romero had thrown 93 pitches over seven and a third, so he easily could have gone longer but maybe manager John Farrell didn’t think his second start of the season was the time to stretch him.

I don’t know John, maybe next time you should listen to Miss USA and leave your ace in there to clean up his own mess. Just a thought.