Comparing the Lane Kiffin firing to the John Robinson botched firing

Lane KiffinUSC made some major waves in the college football world by firing Lane Kiffin hours after the team got swatted by Arizona State 62-41 on the road. The firing made all sorts of news for a number of reasons. One, Kiffin is a despised figure in the sports world, so many were happy to see him served a dose of karma. Two, few saw the firing coming since athletic director Pat Haden continuously stood by his football coach. And three, the manner in which they terminated Kiffin was something to behold. Kiffin was called off the team bus and fired at a terminal in LAX upon returning to LA. Deadspin said the firing was done in “the most cold-blooded way.” Few would disagree with their phrasing.

But the thing is USC has been in a similar situation before when it came to a firing. That was when they fired John Robinson in 1997.

First, let’s rehash exactly what happened with Kiffin, because the story is sublime.

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