Impostor John Sullivan crashes Braves alumni weekend celebration

This past weekend, the Braves hosted an alumni weekend celebration event at Turner Field for former players and coaches. John Sullivan, a former bullpen coach who was with the team for two seasons in the 1980s, was on the guest list. He never got his invitation. An unidentified impostor received Sullivan’s invitation in the mail, and rather than do what your everyday honest citizen might do, he decided to play along. The fake John Sullivan accepted the invitation, grabbed a No. 8 Braves jersey and headed out to the ballpark for the experience of a lifetime

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the impostor enjoyed a weekend of free hotel, drinks, food and fun. During the alumni softball game, former Braves reliever Jose Alvarez estimated that “Sullivan’s” bat speed was no quicker than 30 mph. Not wanting to be rude, Alvarez and some other former players and coaches kept quiet and assumed Sullivan was dealing with some health issues.

The fake Sullivan claimed to be a former player. Alvarez says former Braves manager Bobby Cox was embarrassed he didn’t recognize the impostor because he never forgets a former player. When Cox finally asked someone who the gentleman was and was told it was John Sullivan, he knew something was up.

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